On the Other Side

Japanese Garden at the Huntington Library-San Marino

Japanese Garden at the Huntington Library-San Marino

Jerry had surgery yesterday.  He’s had problems for years with poor circulation in his legs.  The surgeon did one of the legs yesterday…a bit like angioplasty with some stents inserted.  It was pretty straightforward and he came through it with flying colors but honestly, it was WAY too stressful for me.  I was fine until the time had passed (they said it would be a little over two hours) and every minute after the two hours, I just concentrated on slow breathing (because I was holding my breath) and jumped every time the phone rang in the visitor waiting room.  My mind went to every possible worst case scenario…Hard to be on the other side of the fence…Poor Jerry, how did he ever get through last year as calmly as he did?

Jerry’s doing great.  He spent the night at the hospital and came home today.  He’s a bit sore and exhausted.  We all know how little sleep you get in the hospital.  (I didn’t sleep all that well either…felt weird being alone in the house.  He slept off and on this afternoon and seems pretty good tonight.  He’s not ready to mow the lawn and isn’t allowed to play golf for a few weeks but all things considered it went really well.  He has to have the other leg done as soon as this one heals and then he should be ready for some long, long walks.  Can’t wait.

Jerry and the Hollywood sign

Jerry and the Hollywood sign

At least things will slow down for awhile.  We had a house full of people for most of February and March and then went to Houston and then Los Angeles.  Los Angeles is a madhouse.  Forget about snowbird traffic.  LA has us beat by thousands.  Jerry did  a fine job driving in that crazy place.  I did a good job of navigating (aka setting up the GPS).  We went to the Griffith Observatory and took multiple photos of the Hollywood sign.  We went to Pasadena to the Huntington Gardens (gorgeous) and to Manhattan Beach to watch the surfers.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach

We went to the Hammer Museum (remember when the Armand Hammer exhibit came to Holyoke?) and to Marina Del Rey for breakfast.  And we loved having some time with Sean and Carly.  Wedding plans are coming along just fine.  It’s going to be gorgeous.

And what did I read with all that traveling?  Crow Lake by Mary Lawson…loved it.  It’s about a family in a small farming community in Canada.  The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer…about a schizophrenic young man whose brother dies when they are children. Small Mercies…about a Statan Island family ten years after 9/11…they lost a son/brother who was a firefighter.  The Whites by Richard Price…reads like a Law and Order drama (turns out Price wrote TV crime scripts) about a NY city detective.  All were good books…well worth reading…and very different from each other. Crow Lake was my favorite but I liked them all.

Father of the Bride House-Pasadena

Father of the Bride House-Pasadena


11 thoughts on “On the Other Side

  1. Pixie Holbrook

    Now on to your Bucket List, Jerry!

  2. Give my best to Jerry. And thanks for the reading suggestions!

  3. Nurse Ratchet here would have been happy to come sit with you & slap some sense into you during Jerry’s surgery…next time I’ll come offer diversion. Can I bring him anything tomorrow?

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  4. Sorry about Jerry’s surgery, but glad the first part of it is done. Happy and speedy healing Jerry. We never know what the next day will bring, but just accept and move forward.
    Love the CA pictures – Sean, Carly, Jerry, and scenery. I never need to drive while in CA – Jane and Joe know the best routes and times of day to travel. There are so many interesting places to visit and the landscaping is lush and gorgeous. Enjoy the slower paced days before wedding festivities begin. So many good things happening in your lives!!!

  5. Loved hearing from you Mary. Praying for you Jerry as you recover and face getting the other leg done. You and Mary will be good as new— like two 40 year olds!! sounds like the wedding is coming quickly. Wishing both of you continued good health, happiness and great blessings, love Jane and Joe xox
    ps. You’re always welcome here!

  6. I’m so sorry you had to go through all that. So glad Jerry came through with flying colors!

  7. We send our wishes to Jerry for a quick and complete recovery. Stay strong, Mary, as we know you will. Long walks await…

  8. Best wishes to Jerry.. It’s no fun when the legs aren’t cooperating. Glad to hear things went well. Sounds like pay back time
    to me!! (wink, wink)

  9. Irene Callahan

    Glad to hear jerry is well and that things are settling down. I have been in Los Angeles many times with Alyson and the girls. If they had an audition at 11 we would leave at 9 and hope we got there on time. I bet some wonderful actors have missed being cast in the part of their dreams because they are sitting on the freeway. I used to think it couldn’t be worse than New York bit, indeed, it is. Now that we both have houses free of guests I hope we can get together soon.

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  10. Please give our best to jerry! We hope he heals quickly and gets the other leg done so he can be good to go. Love to you all 💗

  11. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-I hope Jerry is feeling much better after his surgery. It’s always something. The wedding plans sound like they are coming together. How did Sean find his way to CA, he from MA? Sounds like you are having a grand time…Keep it up, girl! Wendie


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