Come Back in Six Months

I posted as we were leaving Anderson this morning.  I expected the news to be good but it’s always wonderful to hear “Looks good.” and “We’ll see you in six months.”  I did ask about having my check ups in Venice.  They weren’t too thrilled with the idea.  They like their machines  They like having a baseline they can work from.  They really weren’t enthused about changing it all.  They did say that if it really was a problem, we could work it out but they’d rather work around my schedule and have me come there, etc. etc.  So I said, okay, we’ll keep coming back.

It is an expense…even with a place to stay.   And it does take a big chunk of time.   And we do so much traveling that it would be nice to NOT have to do this too.  But, you know, they saved my life and they’ve done a good job…may as well stay with the guys that brought me this far.

We left Anderson and wandered around Rice Village for awhile…neat little enclave with restaurants and shops.  My niece, Jill, met us for lunch.  So good to see her.  We would have loved to see Chris and Jackie, too. We just didn’t get ourselves organized soon enough to plan it.   Next time…And we didn’t see Anne and Clark. They were away on a cruise through the Panama Canal…We’ll see them in July at Sean and Carly’s wedding.

It is absolutely incredible to think that at this time last year I was getting ready for surgery.   I was also get lots of good news as one test after another showed no evidence of cancer.  I imagine I would have gotten the same results if I had stayed home but honestly, I am so glad we made the trip out here and went through treatment here.  It worked!

Two books…Reading The Descent by Tim Johnston.  I think I heard about it on NPR but I’m not sure.  Well done…but horrifying.  A girl goes missing story…why do I read such weird stuff?

And The Whites by Richard Price…liking it a lot.  Another NPR book, I think.  NYC cop story really well written.  I feel as if I know the characters.

On we go to Los Angeles…lots of things to do, places to go on our list.  Home again right after Easter!



16 thoughts on “Come Back in Six Months

  1. I would have made the same decision as you. Safe travels!

  2. Wendie Highsmith

    Such good news! Maybe when you’re a little farther out, MDA folks will be a little agreeable to your getting checked in Venice. Enjoy your travels!! Wendie


    • I am so glad. You must have total confidence in your team and you do. Don’t change it if it works.

      Have fun!

  3. You are seasoned travelers. You’ll do fine. Besides, you write more when you are gone. Meanwhile people back here in Venice continue to remark about your WONDERFUL letter to the editor written to the students facing tests and test scores. So glad the “turtles” made it into this version!
    See you soon.

  4. Awesome news! 

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

  5. That news never gets old.

    And Maddie will be a Hoosier next year :). Gonna set those stupid Indiana lawmakers straight (pun intended)


  6. Fabulous news! Enjoy your trip to CA and I’ll be in touch soon.

  7. Such good news. Enjoy California……

  8. You have much to rejoice for this Easter season! All of us do!!!

  9. Congratulations, Mary! Happy Easter!

  10. Fabulous news!! And what a battle you had but you are a survivor! Keep traveling. Go visit Anderson. They love you too and just want to see you! Enjoy LA. Maybe after the 12th we can have lunch? We are heading north on May 3. Where has the time gone? Living life lovingly. Love to you, my special friend.


  11. Can you hear the cheers from Vemice ! Your friends are delighted!

  12. Congrats, now get back to the art of living!!!!! You are free…

  13. Mary it couldn’t be better news! Safe travels my friend…

  14. Carol Connery

    Wonderful news!!! Am so happy for you, and here’s to many, many, many more years of health and happiness!!! Happy Easter!

  15. I am so happy…congrats on the great results! Have a fun, safe trip. See you soon on the beach!

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