Houston Again!

Well, we’re back again.  Flew into Houston this evening and plan to leave on Tuesday afternoon after the doctor tells me I’m just fine.  He will tell me that, right?

Uneventful flight except it was FREEZING on the plane.  Lucky me…I had a shawl with me that I use when I’m going out to dinner and it’s chilly (thanks, Kate) and Jerry and I looked like two old people (we aren’t old, are we?) with the shawl across our laps.  There was something wrong with the plane’s heating/cooling system.  The flight attendants came around with tea and coffee to warm people up.  Then the heat kicked in and they asked us all to turn on our little blower things…good thing everyone was in a good mood.  They welcomed us to Houston and told us they hoped we’d enjoy the weather here more than the weather on the plane.

We’re heading over to Anderson bright and early tomorrow for blood work and a CT scan.  And then, on Tuesday for a meeting with the doctor.  And then we’ll go see Sean and Carly….yay.

I was reading The Goldfinch on the plane (rereading, actually)  It’s our book club selection for April.  I read it awhile ago…loved the beginning, hated the middle, liked the ending.  Thought it was entirely too long.  Guess I’ll get through the beginning again (I’m remembering why I loved it) and skip the middle and read the end (not enough time to reread the whole thing…too many other books on my Kindle at the moment)  And I’m listening to The Whites….a new NYC crime novel that I heard about on NPR…just started it…not sure I like it but so far, so good.

By the time Jerry and I get back to Florida, the streets will seem deserted.  Snowbird season is coming to an end.  I can already see a dramatic difference on the roads.  I went to Costco in Sarasota last week and there was NO TRAFFIC going or coming home.  Couldn’t believe it.  While I love seeing fewer cars and being able to find a parking space at the beach and at the grocery store and getting into a restaurant without waiting for hours, I have mixed feelings about the season ending.  I have lots of friends who are heading north…and won’t see again until next winter.  Hard to say goodbye…Thank heavens for email!

Love to all of you…Fingers crossed.  Looking for a NEC (no evidence of cancer) yet again!



16 thoughts on “Houston Again!

  1. We’re with you!

  2. NEC!! Thinking of you. All the best Ps I loved “The goldfinch” On your recommendation finished “Man named Ove” enjoyed it very much Got “All the light we can not see” just started Some of us snow birds are waiting till end of April, hope to see you before we go back.

    Fingers crossed

    Sent from my iPad Joy Kennedy


  3. Wendie Highsmith

    NEC…Fingers crossed!!!!! Love, Wendie


  4. Mary, Every time you have tests the thought is there. But you are here for a reason, maybe more than one reason, so fear not and go in faith. Sounds like you are living life to the fullest. This year almost done and one to go. Cannot wait to join the leisure club. Mary


  5. Laura O'Connor

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers today. I know everything will be fine.

  6. Lots of prayers coming your way! Happy Easter!

  7. Dorothy Cresswell

    Holding you in hope! I see another NEC in your future 🙂
    Love, Dorothy

  8. Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way! Keep thinking of seeing Sean and Carly, and your beautiful grandchildren!

  9. Best of luck! I’m sure the report will be NEC again. Hoping you can do future follow-ups in Venice. Enjoy your time with Sean and Carly! You are always in my thoughts and prayers, my friend!

  10. Karen Rafferty

    I am sure you will have NEC! Love! and Enjoy your Easter xo

  11. He will……and no, you’re not.

  12. Sending positive “NEC” thoughts your way! Good luck and just enjoy your time with Sean and Carly.HI! to Jerry.

  13. You are in my thoughts and will remain so until I hear what I no doubt expect–NEC. Coincidentally, I have my yearly cancer screening next week. My bloodwork has been drawn and results to follow at my appointment in Boston. I may have to schedule a yearly body scan, but the bloodwork has sensitive markers that might allow me to skip a year. I too believe I am fine. She will tell me that, right?

  14. Can’t wait to hear your good news.

  15. Saying prayers for tomorrow! I think there’s still a ton of traffic…they can all go home and hopefully soon! Sorry you froze on the plane…did they have all the windows closed?!😃 be safe and hurry home

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