Snowbird Season

Boogie boarders-Lana and Calli

Boogie boarders-Lana and Calli

February and March were busy months here.  Dad and Annette came in early February and left last Thursday.  And Erin and her gang were here for a week in early March.  Ryan and Ellyse were with us for a couple days, too.  It was wonderful but, oh my, I am well aware that it is time to slow down.

I continue to be amazed at how well my dad is doing.  He’s 92 and so sharp and full of life, interested in everything and everyone.  How does he do it?  He can beat me at Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

It’s summer here.  We’re in the pool every day.  The water in the Gulf is 74.  The kids were in the water all the time when they were here.  I can’t remember a more perfect Spring Break.

Jerry and I are heading to Houston next Sunday for my four month checkup.  Fingers crossed that all goes well.  I really believe it will be fine. I’ve been feeling fine and getting stronger every day.  I’ve been thinking of talking to my oncologist about having my checkups here in Venice from now on.  If anything weird showed up, I’d be in the first plane to Houston but let’s face it, a CT scan is a CT scan and blood work is blood work.  I’ll see what he says.

We’re going to Los Angeles to see Sean after our quick trip to Houston.  I’m starting a list of “things to do” in LA.  We packed a lot in last time.  Maybe we’ll “pace ourselves” this time around but there are lots of things we still want to see and do.  And we need to see if they want any help with wedding plans.  The day will be here before we know it.

Some good books…Being Mortal by Atul Gawande.  Oh my!  I can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s about the end of our days…first section is about caring for aging parents, what needs to happen with our assisted living and nursing homes.  The rest is about dying…lots about incurable cancer and what to do about it, about hospice, about when to keep trying new treatments and when to let go.

I know, I know…sounds a bit depressing.  But it WASN’T. Mary Anne’s daughter also read it.  She said that she found it “empowering”.  Good word.  I loved it.  (Speaking of Mary Anne, she’s back in Venice and doing really well!  And we are so glad to have her back)

And I read All I Love and Know by Judith Frank.  Liked it a lot. It’s about a guy who is named guardian for his brother’s kids.  His brother and his wife are killed in a cafe bombing in Israel.  The guy brings the kids home to Northampton, MA to live with him and his partner.  This gay couple has lots of things to deal with as they create a family.  Great story and obviously I love local stories.  The little girl went to Jackson Street School.

And, finally, The Love Song of Miss Queen Hennessey by Rachel Joyce.  If you liked The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, you’ll like this one.

Enough said.  Slow week ahead.  Just what we both need!

Dad and Annette

Dad and Annette

Cousins...Lana, Calli, Declan and Ellyse

Cousins…Lana, Calli, Declan and Ellyse

Dad and Annette

Dad and Annette


11 thoughts on “Snowbird Season

  1. A sequel to Harold Frye? I can’t wait!


  2. Just finished Cutting for Stone. Now I’m reading Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the end of the Lane. So far good, but creepy.

    Heading to Indiana tomorrow for IUs admitted student day. Trying to make those final college decisions. Little miss Maddie got into every school she applied to. Thought UDell was the winner for sure, as she pined for that acceptance for months. But alas it seems that Temple U has won her heart with all the diversity, urban excitement and grit she’s been longing for. And Tyler, their art school is one of the country’s best. She’ll definitely be a little fish in that pond but I think that’s the real appeal 🙂



  3. Guess you have been very busy but it had to be awesome! The kids are really growing…they’re so cute! Your Dad certainly is an inspiration!
    Good idea checking to see if you can have your checkups done here…Houston’s a long way to go! But then, you get to visit California…nice reward! Have a wonderful trip!
    I miss you but we’ll be back on the beach bright and early soon! Will be thinking about you, Pam

  4. Great pics! Enjoy your trip to California,

  5. you are correct…your dad looks fabulous…now we know where you got your guts!  Up for coffee after yoga tomorrow?

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

  6. Great photos, and thanks for the book recommendations, Mary! And take it easy; you deserve a little rest.

  7. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Your season sounds like it has been full and wonderful. Soon, you will have Venice back to its sleepy summer self. I’m with you–about having your check-ups in Venice. I had a terrific oncologist (female) do my check-ups at the cancer center on 41 around the curve from the hospital. Your dad looks amazing. What a joy that he is doing so well at 92. I gather Annette is able to keep up with him. Safe trip to Houston…in every way! Love, Wendie


  8. Just read Being Mortal and I agree. Very thought provoking. I love books that make you think differently about the important things in life.

  9. Looks like paradise to me!! Especially because we still have snow on the ground here in MA! So glad you are enjoying time with family, and I must say, your Dad doesn’t look a day over 70!

  10. The kids are really starting to look like ‘themselves’ instead of like mom or dad. I think they’ve changed quite a bit. And learning about who they are at the same time.

  11. Have a great trip! Love the pictures of your grandchildren ! They brim with vitality! Keep in touch.

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