Still Alice


Saw Still Alice this weekend.  Oh my that was painful.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a movie I “enjoyed” but I didn’t expect to sit there frozen and tense throughout the whole thing. It almost physically hurt to watch it.   It was beautifully done.  It’s a great movie.  And I’m not sorry I saw it.  BUT saying it was hard to watch is an understatement.  And ever since I saw it, every time I can’t remember where I put my phone or what I need to pick up at the store or the name of the person I met at yoga last week, I take a deep breath and think, “Well, maybe…”.

I remember saying to Jerry after I read the book“I’d rather have cancer than Alzheimer’s” and I would still say that.  Of course, having one isn’t a guarantee that you won’t have the other.  Greg O’Brien (On Pluto  Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s)  has Alzheimier’s AND prostate cancer.  Now there’s an incredible guy.  Count your blessings, folks.

I guess we need to start seriously funding research so that our KIDS don’t get it.  That came through in the movie.  Evidently IF you have the gene, your kids have a 100% chance of getting it.  Now that’s terrifying.

Okay, on to happier thoughts.  The weather here is slowly creeping up to normal Florida.  I don’t need quite so many layers when I go to yoga on the beach.  And it’s actually HOT sitting in the sun out on the lanai in the afternoon.  The beaches are packed.  Couldn’t find a parking space down at our beach  this afternoon.  No surprise…weekend and best beach day we’ve had in about three weeks.

The children’s librarian at the local library asked if I’d lead a discussion this week with the “tween” book club.  They meet once a month and having read a book, watch the movie and then discuss the two.   The librarian has another commitment this week and asked if I’d do it for her.  So I reread Hoot  (good book, read it with my fifth graders) and I’m ready with a few questions.    I’m hoping they’re a vocal group with lots of opinions and no hesitation in sharing them  (kind of like our adult book club but maybe they’ll be better about taking turns) It probably won’t be as easy as it was in my own classroom where they knew me and I knew them.  We’ll see.

I found a new author…Camilla Lackberg.  She’s Swedish and she’s written a good mystery series.They’re easy reads but well done.  I like them.  I like the setting…somewhere on the coast in Sweden.  And I like the characters…nice people….a young couple–wife is a mystery writer, husband is a detective for the local police. So if you want something that you can just sit back and enjoy, give her a try.

Yoga tomorrow.  And then a training session at Selah Freedom, the group in Sarasota that’s working with young women and girls who have been victims of human trafficking.  We may love it here but there are some pretty nasty things going on in our backyard.  Takes my breath away.

And finally, the best news of the week is that our good friends, Linda and Rich Morassi are buying a house in Venice. Linda and I met when we were getting National Board Teacher Certification back in 2000 and we’ve been friends ever since.  I have learned so much from her over the years…can’t believe she’ll be right around the corner soon. Lucky us.






5 thoughts on “Still Alice

  1. We recently read “Tuck Everlasting” with our 4th graders and had some very interesting discussions as to whether living forever would be a curse or a blessing. After finishing the book, we saw one of the films based on the book and had them compare and contrast the two. The class was very engaged in the whole process… was fun to see.

  2. Do I dare see Still Alice myself? Read the book and really liked it but the movie might push me over the edge. It’s a little too fresh with my Dad’s passing from dementia last April. I am always questioning whether the gene has been passed on to me every time I am confused, (which is quite often lately).
    You sound like you are doing well. I am so happy for you.

  3. I haven’t seen Still Alice yet, but I will. I liked the book although not as well as her other book, Left Neglected. I did see Boyhood. It was long (2 hours, 45 minutes) but it was so interesting that it definitely held my attention. I was glad Patricia Arquette won the Oscar as she was wonderful in the movie.

    There was a good article in the newspaper the other day regarding normal memory loss or confusion and the “real deal” when you need to be worried. For example, misplacing your keys is normal. Consistently finding them in odd places like the freezer is not. Taking a wrong turn when going someplace familiar is normal. Arriving somewhere and having no idea how you got there is not. We all have those scary moments when we wonder if we’re losing it but we are so busy and multi-tasking it’s no wonder we sometimes forget why we walked into a room!

  4. My Mother followed the path of the book. It was really emotional for me to read that book. I am not too sure that I can actually see it happening again. It took my mom 17 years to die after her diagnosis of Alzheimers at VA Med School. It is not a pretty sight and a heart breaking one.

    Just read a good book…The Nazi’s Officer’s Wife by Edith Hahn.

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