Busy Days

Dad and Annette arrived in early February and I must say the weather has been less than dazzling.  I suppose that compared to what they would have faced if they were in Massachusetts, it’s been just fine, but I wish we were getting warmer weather.  We still go out for walks almost every day and sit by the pool to read in the afternoon until the lanai is totally in the shade.  Annette has been to yoga with me.  We’ve all been out to breakfast, lunch and dinner…hitting all the restaurants they’ve enjoyed through the years of coming down here.

The news from Mary Anne is good.  She has one more chemo at Sloan in NYC and then she’ll be heading home.  They did a CT scan and her tumor is less than half the size it was in November.  And she’s gained weight.  (I think it’s only cancer patients who celebrate when they gain weight!)  So things are looking good.  Thanks for the prayers.  Keep them coming.  She still has a long road ahead, including “maintenance chemo” every three weeks for the rest of her life.

Has anyone (besides Susie and Kim) read Being Mortal?  My dad just finished it and says everyone should read it.  Kim told me the same thing when I was talking to her on the weekend.  It’s next on my list to read.  Right now, I’m reading I’ll Give You the Sun (thanks, Sara).  Nice book.  And a group of us are going to Still Alice on Friday.  Sean saw it, said it was great and it did NOT remind him of his mother who has trouble with word retrieval and assorted other memory things.  Whew!

We went to The Fishery in Placida today for lunch. It’s one of Dad’s favorites.  Unfortunately about a hundred (I’m exaggerating) boaters arrived just before us and the service was unbelievably SLOW.  And it was incredibly LOUD.  I doubt if Dad will ever want to go back but honestly, the food was fabulous and plentiful.  My seafood linguini would feed a small country.  We brought home enough to take care of everyone for the rest of the week!

Snowbird season brings its challenges.  The traffic is miserable and it’s hard to get seated in a restaurant BUT we get to see so many good friends that we haven’t seen in ages.  Last week, it was Dorothy and Dusty from Belchertown and Nina and Billy from the Cape.  We connected with Nina and Billy at the Botanical Gardens in Naples and bumped into Jerry’s niece, Sara with her husband and friends.

Today, Karen Rafferty met me for yoga, a walk on the beach and breakfast.  Life will slow down…each season has a rhythm all its own…and I love them all…yes even the summer when you can barely breathe, the air is so heavy.

Mary and Nina at Naples Botanical Gardens

Mary and Nina at Naples Botanical Gardens

Jerry, Sara and Mary at the Botanical Gardens

Jerry, Sara and Mary at the Botanical Gardens




10 thoughts on “Busy Days

  1. Hi Mary,
    Right now I am reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. If you have not read it yet I highly recommend it. Beautifully written and engrossing. I have had plenty of time to read since it is always either snowing or bone chillingly cold or both!

    All my best,

  2. Funny, I was just thinking about The Fishery last night. When we first moved to this coast we lived in Cape Haze and went there often. Thought it would be nice to revisit an old haunt.
    Sorry about the cooler weather for your Dad and Annette but definitely better than Mass.!

  3. LOVED seeing you!!💓 wish I were staying longer…you look fabulous xoxox

  4. I’ve read part of Being Mortal and really liked what I’ve read. Yes, everyone should read it. SO glad to hear Mary Ann’s good news – healing thoughts and wishes. It’s wonderful to see you looking so good, in pix, in person. And yes! I want warmer weather – get us back to normal here!

  5. I can’t wait to see Still Alice. I read the book and loved it!

  6. flaithimh@aol.com

    There is a movie of Still Alice!? I finished History of the Rain, loved it, and am now on to The Goldfinch, which I really am liking a lot. In the car, Starburst by Robin Pilcher (like a lot also, as well as his other I listened to a while ago). Read “& Sons” by ?Gilbert, and like it also. This is as far as memory goes at the moment, while waiting for supper to be ready! It is cold here (way more than very, lately) and as snowy as they say it is, BUT it feels like Feb. school vacation (which it also is) with spring about to start up! In fact, it even SMELLS, TODAY, like spring is around the corner. Well, back to real life and checking on the condition of what I am cooking. Think of our lady, Louise from Yesteryear, and the fact that tomorrow we “go out into the desert”…..I never liked this and STILL DO NOT! SO, happy Mardi Gras and please , swallow NO MEDALS IF YOU SERVE YUR dAD AND Annette MASHED POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the Light To: flaithimh Sent: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 3:21 pm Subject: [New post] Busy Days

  7. Being back north has its assets (grandchildren) and liabilities (cold and snow)and we’re glad to be here. I finally got to see the kds yesterday. We got back Thursday and had bitterly cold and snow. I was delighted to drive kn yesterday a d even stole one of the kids to bring back to Holyoke children’s museum. his favorite place here. Tomorrow his sister and brot her arrive with their driver (daddy) and we all go to see The Harlem Globetrotters.
    The snow has caused untold havoc…plowed-over mailboxes , burst pipes, leaky roofs, broken bones..etc. etc. Your dad and Annette are in as good place. Way better than New England right noe

  8. It was such a treat to spend the day with you and Jerry and we look forward to reconnecting again soon. It may have been years since we walked side be side but our connection is so strong, it cannot be erased by time.

  9. Dorothy Cresswell

    Yes! Dusty is reading “being Mortal” now and can’t wait for me to read it next. Lots of people are talking about it, so go for it! It was great to see you and Linda!!!

  10. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-You are one busy woman. Glad to hear Mary Anne is doing well. What an ordeal! Love the photos! How was Still Alice? We’re headed for some snow and single digit temps this weekend. As a friend said the other day, we have 2 seasons a week in Colorado. Love to you, Wendie


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