A Man Called Ove

10887480_10205880490436223_2300195883609056783_oOkay, I know I read a lot.  And a lot of what I read is really good stuff.  To me, if a book makes me laugh or makes me cry or makes me think, it’s a good book.  And if it does two out of the three, it’s really good book. And if it does all three, it’s a GREAT book.

I just finished listening to A Man Called Ove (pronounce it Ooo-vuh) by Fredrik Backman.  (A million thanks, Gerry Moriarty…I loved this book)  It’s translated from the Swedish and is about an old guy—well he’s really not that old, only 59 when the story opens but he SOUNDS old and he IS cranky (but he’s been that way almost all his life)  He is definitely lacking in the social skills department.  Anyway, he’s lonely.  His wife (who I want to be when I grow up) died about a year before the story opens and he has decided to commit suicide and join her.  (Why am I into suicide and death books these days???)  Except every time he tries to end it all, someone interrupts him and he has to put the suicide on hold while he helps them out.

Yes, it made me laugh…right out loud.  And yes, it made me cry…I finished it this morning and was glad no one was in the car with me watching the tears rolling down my cheeks.  And yes, it made me think.  And I loved the characters.  I especially loved Parvana, his next-door neighbor and Sonia, his wife and yes, even Ove.  And I can’t imagine anyone not loving this book. (except maybe someone who won’t read anything that isn’t National Book Award quality…you know who you are)

This is the second book that I have finished listening to and gone back immediately to listen to it again.  The first was The Book Thief.  It’s as if I can’t let the characters go.

Chilly week (okay, I know you northerners are rolling your eyes) but a good week.  I got it into my head to clean my Keurig yesterday.   Read that every six months you should clean it with vinegar.  So I did it.  And sent it through a couple rinses and then this morning when I got up, made myself a cup of coffee that, unfortunately, tasted like vinegar.  I dumped the coffee…ran about ten more cups of rinse water (which woke Jerry who wondered why I was making so much coffee)  He came out just as I was sipping a new cup of coffee.  “Don’t ask,” I told him.  “There was a problem but it’s solved.  Everything is fine.”  He was a little nervous but his coffee tasted fine.  And we have a clean Keurig, I guess.

Photos are from a photo shoot at Thanksgiving at Erin’s…don’t think I ever shared them, don’t think I ever had them.  Erin just posted them on Facebook.  I forgot how nice my hair was when it first grew it.  It’s back to being straight as a stick with no body.  Oh well…it was fun while it lasted.



15 thoughts on “A Man Called Ove

  1. Love the pictures, Mary . . . so glad you posted them, and think I’ll download the book on my Kindle. Sounds like a good one.
    Love, Barb

  2. Put A MAN CALLED OVE on my queue yesterday and it is already waiting for me, can’t wait. Just started EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU this afternoon and it is reminding me of SONGS FOR THE MISSING by O’Nan…families torn apart by the death of a teenager. Hard to read.
    Erin’s photos are wonderful, you all look great.

  3. Loved my “post chemo” hair too. Curls for about a year. That’s it 😦


  4. Excellent pics with the grands. Will u be at Jims tomorrow?

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  5. Mary, beautiful pictures!   You also have inspired me to read the book!   Thank you.   I’m doing great, walking, driving, and even wearing real shoes every once in a while.  Talk to soon

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  6. Love the pics!!

  7. Great pictures Mary! Oh, it was a negative feels like temp as I drove to work! So don’t complain! More snow over night and minor storm for Sunday night!

  8. Deirdre Christman

    Nominate Ove for next year’s book club list. Love the photos!

  9. WHAT would we do without books!!

  10. Beautiful pics. Love Declan’s pose! thanks for the book recommendation. Put it on my list already.
    Stay warm ( yeah, I am being sarcastic)

  11. Love this picture!

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  12. keep those book suggestions coming. AND what lovely lovely family photos. You all are mighty good looking.

  13. Mary, I am looking for an interesting book that is going to be easy to escape into….something not too heavy. I am really interested in A Man Called Ove, based on your recommendation. Do you think it is one of those books that should be listened to, or do you think it would be as good on my Kindle? There are some books (The silly and hilarious Stephanie Plum books, for instance) that are just better with a great reader.

    I used to be such an avid reader, and It is time for me to get back into it. 🙂

  14. can’t wait to read that book! I will have to put it on my summer reading list.

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