Wonderful Week


I was home on Tuesday and headed for Orlando right after yoga on Wednesday.  I met some good friends at Downtown Disney for lunch.  Before I came to Florida, I taught at Center School in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  I loved it there.  There was something about that group of people.  We were so different (still are) and yet the bonds that were formed are so powerful.  We really are a family and even if we might disagree or roll our eyes or complain at times, we truly love each other.  Barb, Rosanna and Myra are just three of the very special women who were part of my thirteen years at Center.  And I’m so lucky to know them.

Another day this week, several of us gathered at Jerri’s house.  Jerri just had knee replacement surgery.  Trevina and Susie brought the sandwiches, Jerri supplied the house and the soup. I just showed up and promised to pick up the tab next time we go out for coffee.  Another group of good friends.

Another day I had breakfast at Paneras with my book club friends.  What on earth would I do without Deirdre, Martha and Shirley?  We like the same books and movies (most of the time) and even can talk politics without running into trouble.  Yep, I’m one lucky woman.

I just finished On Pluto  Inside the Mind of Alzheimer’s by Greg O’Brien, a journalist who lives on Cape Cod.  (Thanks, Nina Tepper, for the recommendation)  It’s scary….any book about Alzheimer’s scares me these days.  Last week I was talking to my mom about the meds she takes and the ones I take.  I was telling her I didn’t take alendronate for my bones any more but I did take —and I stopped—I did take…I couldn’t remember the word “calcium”.  See why Alzheimer’s books might scare me???  Anyway, it is beautifully and powerfully written and maybe we all should read it.  He says that in the future, if things continue the way they’re going, there will be two kinds of people in the world–those who have Alzheimer’s and those who care for the ones with Alzheimer’s.  I did say I’d rather have cancer than Alzheimer’s shortly before I was diagnosed a year and a half ago.  It didn’t occur to me that I could have both.  Greg O’Brien has both.  Can you imagine?  And that he could still write a book, still be funny and cheerful (but not optimistic).  As I said, important  book but pretty scary.

And I finished A Tale for the Time Being for book club.  I really didn’t like it except when I loved it. At times it was downright painful to read but such a good book.  I can’t wait for the discussion.

And Jerry and I went to The Book of Mormon in Tampa yesterday— a Christmas present from Sean and Carly.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  Laughed right out loud.  What a wonderful gift.

The photo below is my stepson, Ryan, and our beautiful granddaughter, Grace.  They are on their way out to a father/daughter dance.

Ryan and Grace

Ryan and Grace


8 thoughts on “Wonderful Week

  1. What a special treat…a date with Daddy!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Beautiful friends from Center School!!!! You are so right- we are and always will be a family. Wish I was at that luncheon!!!!! SOON ENOUGH!!!!!!!
    Grace is precious- Ryan a proud dad!!!

  3. Good books and good friends. Wonderful. What a sweet picture of the “father-daughter date.”

  4. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-What a joy to read your posts. If i could only read books as fast as you! Life is so good! Wendie


  5. Sweet picture, Grace looks like an angel, so beautiful. I am buying the Alzheimers book. Will let you know what I think. We are dealing with it with Bob’s mom. It’s scary!

  6. Deirdre Christman

    We Florida bookies sure are lucky to have you in our midst, and I’m sure your teacher friends, yoga group, turtle patrol gals, and so many more say the same thing. Your friendship enriches our lives.

    Loved Book of Mormon when we saw it last year. What a great gift!

  7. Great Pic of all of you! See you soon!

  8. How fun to see you with the Center Gang! Must have been wonderful spending time with those special ladies! Is your granddaughter wearing fur?! LOL

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