Winter Wonderland


Sugar Hill, Dalton, MA

Sugar Hill, Dalton, MA

Everything is relative.  I was complaining about freezing on the beach for yoga a couple weeks ago.  It was 43 one day.  But after a week in Massachusetts, 43 is truly a heat wave.  It was single digits almost every morning I was there. The morning it was in the high twenties, I got excited.  And the afternoon it reached the middle 30s, I felt as if spring was coming.  But it was truly beautiful.  The picture above is mom’s assisted living place…a gorgeous old mansion that now is home for the elderly. Nice place.  Good food.  Bright, cheerful, the staff are great and the food is excellent.  If it weren’t in the Arctic Zone, I’d consider going there for my final days on the planet.

It was a good week.  It’s always good to see my family and I don’t see them often enough.  There are seven kids in my family.  I got to see three of them this week.  Nice!

It was a quiet week.  I didn’t run around trying to see friends…this was a just family week. EXCEPT I did go to New Jersey to see Mary Anne who is staying at her sister’s while she undergoes chemotherapy for lung cancer.  Mary Anne is doing well.  Best thing was that the doctor removed her drain (she had it to reduce the fluid that was gathering around her lungs) Guess that chemo is working!  Such good news. We laughed and swapped cancer stories.   She’s had a rougher journey and is a thousand times braver than I …what a strong woman.

And I was lucky…on the days I was traveling, there wasn’t any scary weather…no rain, no sleet, no snow, no ice storms…yep, I was lucky.

And I played cards with Dad and Annette (great game…Oh Hell)  and I didn’t come in last.  I wasn’t first(Dad was)  but I wasn’t last. For me, that’s a victory.

And now I’m home…heading to Orlando tomorrow to connect with old friends from Longmeadow–Rosanna, Barb and Myra.  We all taught together and are now happily retired.  Life is so good.

I need to read some “happily ever after” books.  I’m turning into a masochist.  I read Five Days Left…about a young woman who has Huntington’s Disease and has decided to commit suicide and Before I Go …about a young woman whose breast cancer comes back with a vengeance and she decides that the most important thing she should do with the time she has left is find a new wife for her brilliant (but incompetent) husband. I actually thought they were both good books.

A few weeks ago I read A Million Steps  (thanks, Barb, for the recommendation)  It’s about a man walking the Camino in Spain.  My friend, Linda Morassi, walked the Camino last September and I’ve been wondering if I could do it.  Still wondering.  It’s really a question of focus and stamina…If I really want to do, I’m going to need to prepare.   Linda hiked every day in the summer in preparation.  Still thinking about it.  I think I’d love it if I was willing to work at it.

One last picture…Dad and Annette’s house in Pittsfield.  This is my “home base” when I go up north.  They take such good care of me.  Hopefully Jerry and I will take equally good care of them when they come south in a couple weeks.

54 Ann Drive Pittsfield MA

54 Ann Drive Pittsfield MA





8 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Frank/Annette Thoubboron

    Thanks. Mary. We enjoyed your visit and we already miss you! Gorgeous pic of our house!

    Love, Dad and Annette

  2. Nice to see you back on the blog, Mary! The photos of Massachusetts are beautiful but we’re so glad to be in Puerto Rico for the month; wish it were 2!

  3. Sorry we missed you this trip, but I know you’ll be back. Can;t get enough of New England, right???

  4. Hi Mary,
    I am in the process of reading Five Days Left. It is okay but you can tell it’s a first novel for the author. I don’t think the writing is great but I care enough about the characters to hang in there.
    My aunt is also up visiting from Florida (North Fort Myers). What is wrong with you people. This is not the time to come north! Seriously though, so glad you enjoyed your visit with family. So important.

    All my love,

  5. How comforting it is for you to know your mom is so well taken care of, and living in such a beautiful home. Lovely setting. Be safe on the roads and come to yoga, as we miss you. Christine Baker Kline gave a wonderful talk about her research for Orphan train. She wove her story and run out of time for QA . This was my first time at the performing Art Center WOW what a beautiful facility. Hope to see you Friday for coffee Sent from my iPad Joy Kennedy


  6. Sounds like you had a great time reconnecting with family…always enjoyable! Don’t think I could stand that cold again tho….you’re very brave! Also nice to connect with old friends and now you’re back to more temperate temps…..much more comfortable! Glad to hear your friend is doing well…I’m sure she relished seeing you and comparing notes. Hope to see you soon on the beach my friend! Pam

  7. It has been cold up this way. Just can’t deny it. But look at those beautiful blue skies in your pictures. Think of all that wonderful clear air you breathed in while you were here. So glad you were able to have a great visit with your friend Mary Anne. Quality time with family had to be satisfying as well. (minus the running all over the state.)

  8. Deirdre Christman

    No grass grows under YOUR feet, Mary. If you decided to hike the Camino, you’d make it and we’d be all the luckier for your blog. We could live your experience vicariously and not have to leave the comfort of our homes. Loved seeing the snow without feeling the cold!

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