Cold Yoga

Yoga Today

Yoga Today

You’ve heard of hot yoga, right?  Well, at the moment, we have cold yoga.  Now everything is relative…cold, yesterday, was around 43 on the beach (I know, I know…people up north would consider 43 a heat wave these days) Here, though, that was cold and there were still about seventy people between the two classes (8 and 9) who were brave enough to put on enough layers to face it. I’m impressed.  I had a very good excuse for wimping out….I tutor on Thursday mornings.   What a shame…had to miss it.

But I did go today…It was much warmer…maybe around 53.  I had on a hat, mittens, warm socks, my warmest yoga pants, long sleeve tee, sweatshirt AND fleece.  I was just fine.  And there was no wind…lucky us.  And the sun peeked out for a minute or two….And we went out for breakfast afterwards.  Nice beginning to the morning.  There were about 65 people at the 8:00 class…no idea how many came at 9:00. Elin, our instructor, thanked us for coming out.  We need to thank HER for coming.  She ALWAYS shows up…no matter what.  Amazing woman…

We’ve had a busy week.  My sister, Eileen and her husband, Jim, were here.  They’re thinking about moving here (from Blacksburg, Virginia) and are looking in the Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area.  They’re looking for a sailing community…and we’re delighted (better to know someone with a boat than own a boat yourselves.)  It would be nice to have family nearby.  Who knows if they’ll actually do it.  They LOVE Blacksburg EXCEPT when they don’t (like winter).

I’m heading up north on Tuesday to see my family.  I’m not planning on any “friend” visits this time except I do plan to go into New York City to see my friend, Mary Anne, who is not having any fun at all getting treated for lung cancer at Sloan Kettering.  It seems as if Mary Anne is the flip side of me…Whatever could go wrong, didn’t …for me. Whatever can go wrong, will for Mary Anne.  That’s probably an exaggeration but she really isn’t having an easy time of it.  Keep her in your prayers.  I know how rough it was for me (and I had it easy) so I can’t even begin to imagine how it is for her.

Jerry and I went to see a fabulous play last Saturday…Dancing Lessons…at Florida Studio Theater.  It’s about a dancer who will most likely never dance again (she was in an accident) and a man with Aspergers who wants to learn how to dance so he can get through an awards dinner he needs to attend.  Beautifully written, beautifully acted out…we both just loved it.

I have a long list of movies I want to see..The Imitation Game, Selma, Still Alice.  And I never saw Boyhood.  A group of friends got together yesterday to watch it (it’s on Netflix streaming) but I had another commitment.  One of these days…

I just finished listening to Jodi Picoult’s new book…Leaving Time. Again, engaging characters, fascinating story and you learn a lot (boy does she ever do research for her books…this time, the topic is elephants)  For my Springfield friends…remember Morganetta at the Forest Park Zoo?  There’s a piece in the beginning talking about her.  I did like the book.  I can read her books maybe every three or four years.  I think she manipulates the reader…but she does it well.

And I read Five Days Left. Can’t remember the author but this is her first book.  It’s about a woman with Huntington’s Disease who has decided to commit suicide on her birthday and about a young couple who have been providing foster care for a seven year old whose mom is leaving prison and will be taking him back…both have five days left before the “big event”.  I’d love it if someone would read it so I can talk to someone about it.  I think she did a good job of laying out the issues in both cases…and, of course, raced through the book just because I needed to know how each was resolved.




8 thoughts on “Cold Yoga

  1. Quote – Isn’t that you every year!
    I’ve said it before but I really mean it. I’m exhausted just reading about your schedule. I’m in awe.
    So glad you’re feeling well. Praying for Mary Anne.

  2. Go for it Mary!

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Deirdre Christman

    Loved Boyhood and wish you could have watched with us and discussed it. A must see, though fine on the small screen. Please give Mary Anne my best. I will email her again.

  4. Sounds like your friend needs you to make her a bracelet of love 🙂 J


  5. Thanks for the book review; I am intrigued and have to check it out. Safe travels north. February is around the corner, and I so look forward to seeing you again soon.

  6. Enjoy a wonderful trip North! Hope your family is fine and Mary Anne is well enough to have fun when you visit.

  7. This year I am going to find time to read more….. Will start with some of your recommendations. Thanks, Mary!

  8. It will be very hard to top last year’s YOU. Sending special thoughts Mary’s way.

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