Goodbye 2014

10592662_10152908588759380_5852205879447557396_nIt’s amazing the number of people who’ve said something to me about how glad I must be to have 2014 over…that it probably was the worst year of my life.  Funny thing is, it wasn’t the worst year of my life (not sure which one was but it wasn’t this year) and in many ways, it actually was the BEST year of my life, possibly more for the things that DIDN’T happen than the ones that did.

First, I DIDN’T die.  That’s a big one.  I know there are worse things than dying but I just wasn’t ready to call it quits.  I love my life too much.  Jerry and I were at Florida Studio Theater in Sarasota last night for a cabaret called “American Pie”…music mostly from the 60s…and all I could think was, “I’m so GLAD to be alive to hear this music” and I had to hold my breath not to cry. We really did have the best music, my friends.  (How crazy to say that the reason I’m so glad I’m alive is so I can listen to the music of the Sixties…Honestly, there are other more important things…it’s just that this hit me last night.)

There were so many other things that DIDN’T happen last year, especially during my treatment.  Every time I went in for blood work before chemo, I could have been so compromised that they couldn’t continue treatment. That DIDN’T happen.  Chemo could have set off days of nausea and vomiting. That DIDN’T happen either.  My problems with eating could have caused a huge weight loss that put me in real danger.  That DIDN’T happen.  (smoothies with kale –thanks Shirley–and Ensure took care of that) We could have been in a fender bender (or more than one) in the crazy Houston traffic.  That DIDN’T happen.  The car could have broken down on the way to and from Texas.  That DIDN’T happen.  (love Toyotas)  Jerry could have gotten cranky.  Caring for me had to get old. That DIDN’T happen.  Anne and Clark could have gotten tired of hosting us for weeks on end.  That DIDN’T happen (or if it did, they sure hid it well) I could have gotten a cold or the flu and messed up treatment. That DIDN’T happen.  When I went back before surgery and had all sorts of tests, they could have found that the radiation and chemo hadn’t done any good.  That DIDN’T happen.  I could have run into complications from surgery, the biopsy report from the surgery could have found residual cancer, recuperation from surgery could have taken longer than expected, the feeding tube could have gotten infected, etc. etc.  None of those things happened either.  And my cough that wouldn’t quit could have been pneumonia…NOT! And both times that I went back to Houston for checkups…in July and in October, they could have found something…that the cancer had come back…but they DIDN’T.  Oh yes, lots of stuff DIDN’T happen…I was one of the very, very lucky ones.

I won’t start listing the good things that DID happen..there are way too many to list.  Enough to say, 2014 was an incredibly good year for me.  And I hope it was for each of you.  And that 2015 is even better. Happy New Year, my friends. And thanks for being with me on this journey.  It’s not the destination that matters, you  know.  It’s the ones you have along with you for the ride.

10421565_10152778866383628_5239470864625207245_nPS…I’ve read a ton of books in the last couple of weeks…long car rides mean lots of time to read.  I’ll tell you about them in my next post.



20 thoughts on “Goodbye 2014

  1. Love the quotes….I want to print them out and hang them in my kitchen! xoxox
    Happy Happy New Year!

  2. So happy to have been along for that ride, dear friend! Much happiness and health in the New Year…

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Deirdre Christman

    Happy new year, dear Mary! Let’s hope 2015 is the year of GOOD things happening!

  5. The “didn’ts” are because you had such faith!  See you tomorrow!  Happy New Year.

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

  6. Your recap of 2014 was superb – typical of you. Happy New Year, Mary. I wish you many, many more New Years. Love, Barb

  7. Happy New Year dear friend! You were an inspiration to us all in 2014 because of your positive attitude and faith! We have learned so many lessons from you as we traveled along with you on your journey. May the New Year be one of peace, love, and wonderful health for you and yours.

  8. Happy New Year to Mary and Jerry!!

  9. To 2015!! Ready or not here it comes.

  10. Let us continue to share the journey!

  11. So much to be thankful for, Mary. You remind us, your readers, of these things all the time. Grateful to you. Happy New Year!

  12. Happy New Year! We are all Blessed! And may we all go through life with such a positive attitude!
    Peace good friend!

  13. I am almost finished with a book you might enjoy. I subscribe to a million free kindle book sites and once in a while, a good one comes through. This is one of those. It’s called A Million Steps by Kurt Koontz and is the story of a man’s journey through the Camino in Spain.

    Happy but most importantly, healthy 2015.

  14. Happiness and good health in 2015. Enjoy life’s music! (Let me know if the link doesn’t work…)

  15. Happy New Year! I am so thankful for all the things that DIDN’T happen to you in 2014. Sending love and best wishes for a great 2015. Keep those book recommendations coming! I usually love the books you suggest!

  16. Happy New Year! Hope your 2015 is a blessing as well. Waiting for those book recommendations….


  17. I loved this heart-opening posting, Mary. I haven’t walked what you’ve walked, but I had my own wake-up call four years ago and I know that feeling of blinking back tears in awe and gratitude for what didn’t happen. And your final quote is just the best!! Halleluia for what didn’t happen in YOUR story!

  18. So glad that you were able to write ‘that DIDN’T happen’ so many times.

  19. You are definitely someone who sees the glass half full, maybe even overflowing, with optimism. As I traveled along on your blog last year, as scary as it was, I felt like I was a witness to many miracles as you either slipped past or overcame the overwhelming obstacles placed in front of you. You taught us how to appreciate small wonders and believe in the power of harnessing as much positive thinking as possible. By the way, I read both blog entries today and agree, stay away from those chips & dip.

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