Lucky Lady




Helping Pop open presents



Playing foosball with daddy

Best. Christmas. Ever!  That’s all I can say.  Happy kids, happy parents, happy old people.  What more could anyone ask for.  Here are some photos.

It was a great day and the kids had the decency to sleep until after 7:00.  Good thing because I forgot that Santa had to put together a pool table/foosball/air hockey table.  Not my problem.  I was asleep before the kids but some people were up until after 1:00 AM working hard.





10 thoughts on “Lucky Lady

  1. Merry Christmas, Mary. It’s terrific- – all happy family shots for you. We had a wonderful family gathering at Brad’s with Brenda and gang – so happy for you. The expressions on their faces says it all. Love, B.

  2. Precious, precious pictures. Could hear the giggling!!

  3. Merry Christmas! You are blessed, I am blessed!! Lucky us!!!!! Keep enjoying!

  4. The joys of family! We miss you!

  5. The real gifts of Christmas!

  6. The stars must have been aligned just right for us too, Mary. Our Christmas was uncharacteristically perfect! Gabe’s new gal fit in really well. Kids loved their scooter, Lego…and styling head! And that was not easy placing a human head (with vice!) into a cheerful holiday bag! The food was non-stop and delicious and we played our favorite family dice game Zilch. I’ll send you the directions. All the kids can play it too!

    Counting every blessing with you, dear friend.

  7. There are no better gifts than health and the love of family and friends. That you (and I) can revel in both is a blessing beyond words. Thank you for your friendship over the years.

  8. Deirdre Christman

    Loved sharing your Christmas and so happy to see you in good health enjoying every moment!

  9. Glad everyone is well.

  10. Declan’s toy-box lettering looks professional. Good job! Christmas with good health and little kids……priceless.

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