Home Alone


Oh no!



The other night we watched Home Alone.  The kids had never seen it and it was absolutely hilarious to watch THEM…lots more fun than watching the movie.  Seeing the looks of horror and pure terror on their faces as the robbers tried to get in the house followed by the shrieks of laughter as Macaulay Culkin once again outwitted the bad guys was pure fun.  They went nuts.


Star Wars Lego ship

The kids’ regular babysitter stopped by yesterday with presents.  Calli got a princess dress with a hoop skirt.  She feels like a princess in it.  Lana got something called Duct-tape crafts and Declan got a Star Wars Lego set.  He worked hard on it last night with Brent and then I took over this morning.  He really can do it with a little help from one of us.  Lego directions are so much more “kid/adult friendly” than they used to be.  Even Declan can follow them and what’s even more amazing, even can follow them.


Dolls are ready to go

Today was “get rid of the Barbies” day.  The girls have collected quite a few over the years…mostly birthday presents. I’m not sure whether I allowed them in the house when Erin was little.  I know she never was too crazy about them. (and still isn’t)  Lana and Calli did like them for awhile but by now, they were all naked with ratty hair in a couple drawers in the playroom.  Lana went to work, dressing them, combing their hair (taming their hair, as she called it), adding shoes when she could find them and Erin posted on some local website and someone just rushed  over  to buy the entire set along with a Barbie dollhouse for $50.00.  I thought ALL the money should go to Lana but Calli DID help clean up the dollhouse at the end and some of the dolls had originally belonged to her and so she got some of the cash too.  So both girls are rich for awhile…They’ve already bought presents for everyone (with Nana’s help) so they’re in really good shape. I suggested they donate some money to charity.  Lana is considering it.  Calli says no way.

Lana finished the sixth Harry Potter last night around 10:00 (When I went in at 9:00 to tell her she needed to stop and go to sleep, she looked at me with disgust and said “I’m 91% done with this book and you think I can stop?) She came looking for me because she was so upset with the ending.  Her mom and dad were out at a play (Once) in Dallas and I wasn’t much help since I couldn’t remember what happened at the end of book six.  I calmed her down with generalizations like “Some books are like that.  The author is in such a hurry to get it over with, she slams you with one terrible thing after another and you can’t even catch your breath.”  She agreed.  “Some endings are just too awful to finish in the middle of the night”.  I told Sean about it this morning..He told me to tell her that if her mom is not available, she should call HIM…he knows exactly what happened in every Harry Potter book and why.

Has anyone else been listening to “Serial”? Fascinating podcast that Sean and Shirley McDaniel recommended.  Really good…I would have loved the ending to be a little more neat and tidy but it was a true story and let’s face it, life can’t be wrapped up in a neat, tidy little bow.  I listened to a book that Paula gave five stars on Goodreads called Among the Missing…positively terrifying.  I’m not going to EVER read anything by Morag Joss again.  Now I’m listening to Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudun’s A Path Appears and finding it just as inspirational and thought-provoking as Half the Sky.  It had some things that threw me…micro-financing (like Kiva, a favorite charity of mine) has been relatively ineffective, small cookstoves (we raised money from Dining for Women for some) have also been a bust (so far..but they still have some promise)  Just because a charity spends more than you might like on “overhead” and “administrative costs” doesn’t mean that it’s not a good charity.  What’s important is whether the charity is effective, not what percentage of money is going directly to the poor (This one was a shocker but the way they laid out their argument was excellent and made a LOT of sense)  And I’m reading (forever) My Dream of You for book club.  I like it…I just wish it were a few hundred pages shorter.

How many more days till Christmas?  The suspense is killing me!





6 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. You sure are having a wonderful time with your grandkids…many great memories for all!

  2. Deirdre Christman

    Loved this post, dear friend! I feel like I know every member of you’re family and I’m reading a novel written in very short chapters. Since it’s linear, I don’t have to worry about going back and figuring out who did what when, and whether we’re in the present or the past. I’m just watching the characters grow and develop, rooting for them the whole way.

    Will had the same reaction to some parts of Harry Potter. He’s only been allowed to read the first tour, but when he came to scary or emotionally intense parts, he wanted a parent sitting beside him. Since you and I know what it is to live inside books – some characters are more real to me than actual people – we can empathize.

    It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time with the family. Our girls are in Sarasota, but we’ve spent a fair amount of time with them and they’ll sleep over Tuesday and we’ll go to Sam’s parents’ house for Christmas dinner. I’m loving every minute!

    Looking forward to your return and all the new stories you will tell.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Love the picture of the kids watching, HOME ALONE!

  4. Love the pics of movie watching!  How wonderful to see such a viseral reaction.

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

  5. I just love the little ones expressions watching Home Alone-adorable!!! Merry Christmas to you, my friend.

  6. Home Alone? Not ! Aren’t we the lucky ones!!!

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