Quiet Afternoon



Grace and Santa

Ahh, sweet Grace, our Connecticut grandchild.   Grace saw Santa the other day.  Hopefully she didn’t have any “surprise requests”.  Someone told me that she told her kids that Santa stopped taking requests on December 1.  Smart mom.  Calli came home from school yesterday with a letter to Santa asking for all new things NOT on the original Christmas list.  And Declan saw Santa yesterday and asked for a “robot dog”, also not on the original Christmas wish list.  I do remember a Christmas when Erin asked Santa for “Winnie the Pooh”  (she was 20 months old) and then Christmas Eve Day told her grandmother that Santa was bringing Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.  Jerry and I looked at each other and Jerry immediately headed out to Sears for Tigger…ended up at the Eastfield Mall in Springfield, where he finally found the last Tigger for miles around.

It is SO quiet around here.  All three kids are elsewhere for playdates.  Yesterday there were several extra kids here.  It was bedlam.  While they were gone today, Jerry and Erin put together Declan’s toy chest.  Yellow is his favorite color and when Erin saw it at Ikea a few weeks ago, she knew it was perfect.  They put it together in record time.  It took me longer to put the stick on letters DECLAN than it took to put the chest together.  First I measured from top to bottom, tried to line everything up, remeasured, redid the letters and finally gave up and “eyeballed the whole thing” and the two of them told me it was just fine.  I can’t cut on a straight line so obviously I can’t put letter down on a straight line.  Erin kept saying “Remember, mom, he’s only four” but I wanted it to look good.  Oh well, it is what it is.


Reading with Pop


Go Fish

Jerry and I went with Erin and Brent to Declan’s Christmas concert at preschool where the junior kindergarten and kindergarten were spectacular.  They sang their hearts out.  The twos and threes stood up there and stared at the audience terrified while the teachers sang and then burst into smiles when everyone applauded.  The toddlers wandered off or cried when they saw their mommies and came back to the group after some reassuring cuddling from mom or dad.  It was positively adorable and was such a clear snapshot of the developmental differences from 18 months to five.

The Newsroom (HBO) ended this past week.  I just loved that show.  Another favorite is ending next month (Parenthood).  Two favorites…I just march to a different drummer than most TV viewers, I guess.  The “top shows” are NEVER among my favorites.

We’re doing a lot of reading.  Declan is in love with Henry and Mudge, we’re reading the first Harry Potter to Calli and Lana is 61% through the sixth Harry Potter (can you tell she has a Kindle?)  I’m reading My Dream of You  for book club and thoroughly enjoying it.

And being here at Christmas is so sweet. I remember last Christmas when I was okay but had just finished three chemo treatments and was so tired and weak.  I spent most of the holiday curled up in a chair watching these beautiful children and reading to them.  This year I am able again to play hide and seek, Octonauts, and Legos AND watch these beautiful children and read to them.   But I’m STILL going to bed about the same time they do!

I need to get more pictures of the girls.  Declan is the photogenic one these days!

Preschool Christmas Party

Preschool Christmas Party


Building the toy box



11 thoughts on “Quiet Afternoon

  1. So wonderful that you can enjoy this Christmas so thoroughly! Sending lots of love.

  2. Wendie Highsmith

    What a difference a year makes! I know you are relishing in your returned good health and strength. Enjoy, Wendie


  3. Enjoy a healthy, blessed Christmas with your family!!!

  4. One word- LOVE. 😊💕🎄

  5. Isnt being a grandmother the best thing ever???? Enjoy. We have 5 now, a new one arriving on the 29th, and a girlfriend’s 10 month old—lots of hugs going on here. 🙂 e

  6. Enjoyed your post. Such sweet memories. Mike gets married tomorrow. We’re all together at the hotel. ( a brief pause in the hectic holiday bustle) I so enjoy it when my boys are together. I love to just sit back and watch them interact and yuck it up . It’s so satisfying as a parent to think you may have done something right. Merry Christmas to the Ginleys and the Rosses!

  7. Deirdre Christman

    So glad you’re able to Enjoy Christmas completely this year! Love the stories about the grandkids and the Christmas lists. Love the photos even more. Enjoy!

  8. A few thoughts of my own:
    1. Jerry looks great in yellow (fleece), too!
    2. Henry & Mudge ARE the very best!!
    3. Mary, I was also a big fan of The Newsroom. Why are viewers and critics so judgmental? Why can’t they just sit back, relax and enjoy a show without picking it apart? I always looked forward to sharing the adventures of those lovable, quirky characters; their quick-witted, ethical and emotional responses to realistic situations were such a welcome relief from most of the junk shown on t.v. I guess I’m with you when it comes to marching to that different drummer!
    4. Enjoy the holidays and every minute spent with that wonderful family of yours. I’m looking forward to 11:31 on Tuesday morning, the start of my school vacation. I have such a challenging group of kids, this year; each day is an exhausting series of fires to put out, issues to address, problems to prevent. Sort of sounds like The Newsroom, except these are episodes I don’t especially look forward to. Oh well, that’s life!
    Take care, Mary. Continued good health to us all! Love, Nina

  9. And you deserve every wonderful thing that’s out there for you. Enjoy it to the fullest.

  10. Wonderful holiday! What a gift, just being alive and sharing with family and friends. Love the picture of Grandpa and Declan!

  11. So glad your feeling well again! I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas ! The gift of health is the most amazing gift we can receive .. Love to you and your family.

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