Brrr…Enough Already

10801511_10205456442595292_3874669531900070220_nIt’s been COLD all week.  Well, okay, it’s been COOL or CHILLY or whatever.  All I know is that I’ve been going to yoga with socks and gloves and hat and long sleeve tee and sweatshirt and fleece and my warmest pants.  And still cold.  Time to warm up here, that’s for sure.  I’ll bet it doesn’t get out of the 50s today.  And it’s not even sunny.

I’m sure all my northern friends are SO sympathetic, right?  Everything is relative, my friends.   And for us, this is cold weather.

We’re heading for colder weather next week.  We’re going to Flower Mound to spend Christmas with Erin and her gang.  We’re driving this time.  Erin can do it in two days so we’ll give it our best shot.  Should be easy driving if we don’t run into ice or something.  I imagine it’ll be fine. Besides, look at the cute kids we get to spend time with if we’ brave the trip!  We’ll be home before New Year’s Eve…to warm weather, I hope.

I went to see Birdman with some friends this week. I didn’t love it .  I didn’t even like it.  Most of them did…loved it, actually. I decided I don’t know how to appreciate really good movies.  It’s being nominated for all sorts of awards.  The acting is excellent, it had some great lines, the cinematography is terrific.  I just thought it was weird.

And I read Everything  I Never Told You and thought it was wonderful.  Sad, very sad, but wonderful.  It grabbed me with the opening sentence and held me until the end.  But it truly was one of the saddest books I’ve read this year.

And now I’m reading The Underground Girls of Kabul...absolutely fascinating.  There’s a kids’ book by Deborah Ellis called The Breadwinner that talks about a young girl who dresses as boy so she can earn money to keep her family alive.  Good book. I think I read it to one of my fifth grade classes a few years ago.

This one is nonfiction and takes a look at what appears to be a very common practice in Afghanistan…that of girls passing for boys until they reach puberty and then “becoming” girls again.  I just started it but it raises lots of questions, not only for what’s going on with women in Afghanistan, but for girls everywhere.  Even though it’s blatant in Afghanistan…how differently boys and girls are treated, how they are expected to behave…it’s not terribly different here.  Obviously, women in America are far more free but in terms of how we expect kids to behave…  Fascinating stuff.

I met a lovely woman at yoga who is here for a couple weeks.  She lives in Switzerland.  I kept telling her to come back again and maybe next time we could deliver warm weather.  She wasn’t complaining..said it was raw and rainy when she left Zurich so this was fine.

Enough for now.  I’m heading out to the tree lighting ceremony at one of the local parks.  Jerry may or may not make it.  He’s golfing.  Take a look at three happy kids.  They just saw Santa and had a ride on the carousel at the Bass Pro Shop near Flower Mound.









11 thoughts on “Brrr…Enough Already

  1. Adorable pictures of your littles again, Mary. Merry Christmas to all. Barb G.

  2. Wendie Highsmith

    They are darling! I often laughted at the folks at yoga and elsewhere in Venice complaining about the cold…and why are you here? Have a grand trip! Merry Christmas and love, Wendie


  3. BEAUTIFUL children; wonderful to look forward to!

  4. Kids are sooo cute! I fully agree with you, it is way too cold! I hope you have a safe trip and I know you’ll enjoy those kids! Merry Christmas my friend! Love, Pam

  5. The kids faces are worth the cold! Tomorrow we head to NYC. Will I still feel that way by Tuesday? You know we both will!

  6. I didn’t love BIRDMAN either. Fantastic acting and directing, yes. But a bit too disturbing for me. Thought it was going to be lighter. Wow, not so much. Know a good comedy????

  7. Well, I for one, LOVE this cold weather! Isn’t it more fun to go out Christmas shopping when it is cloudy and cold? The kids are adorable…having a grand time on that beautiful carousel. Have a safe and fun trip and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and Jerry!

  8. Do you know what I love best about your blog these days? That it’s about books and grandchildren and weather —- normal everyday living stuff….
    Drive safely and have a most wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family. xox Gosh those pics make you smile 🙂

  9. Just read The Children Act by Ian McEwan. Short but a very good read. Also recently read Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It was very good. She was brutally honest about the mistakes she made in her life and the story of her personal quest was very interesting. Just started Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood who is a favorite author of mine. The book is a collection of 9 short stories which is perfect for this time of year when my reading time is limited.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, blessed New Year.

    All my love,

  10. Deirdre Christman

    Love the pictures of the children and will look forward to more after your visit. Is it possible Lana looks like you when you were young? I put Everything I Never Told You on reserve since you liked it so much. Right now I’m reading The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham. Beautiful writing but slow. I don’t mind, but I hope it adds up to something. Ann has the book club book for me, but the Nancy Horan book about Robert Louis Stevenson is waiting for me at the library. I’m torn between reading what I want and what I should. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Enjoying life!! I like it. Have an awesome holiday!

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