Beautiful Thanksgiving Day.  We were outside nearly all afternoon.  The kids went from scooters to bikes to trees.  I remember loving to climb trees when I was a kid.  And Erin would spend hours up in a tree.  Guess the apples don’t fall too far from that tree…or, thank heavens, the apples DON’T fall from the trees.  Most of the time, all three were in the tree in their own favorite spots.

And then the card games…Go Fish and War…so thrilling (ha) These kids really need to learn better games.

After dinner, everyone was reading.  Erin, Brent, Jerry and I were on computers or Kindles.  Calli was reading to Declan and Lana was reading Little House on the Prairie.  This morning, Calli was up early and I taught her how to play Rummy.  Funny how family traditions just go on and on.

Lana reads ALL the time.  I told Brent this morning that my mom had all sorts of rules for me regarding reading.

No reading before breakfast.

No reading at the table.

No reading while walking up and down stairs.

No reading while walking to school.

No reading in the living room when we had company.

No reading more than one book a day.

No reading after lights out.

I wonder if Lana will have her own set of rules.  I know that Erin already confiscates Lana’s Kindle if she catches her reading into the wee hours of the night.

So, Thanksgiving was wonderful…everyone healthy, good food, lots to do….missing Sean but knowing he was with people who love him…And very well aware that not everyone had the best Thanksgiving ever.  Thinking of Mary Anne who is NOT having fun in NYC and Donna whose dad is so sick and Carol who just lost her mom.  Some years are certainly better than others.  It takes my breath away how NOT good things can be…incredible how strong people can be when they need to be.

This one was a wonderful Thanksgiving for me.  And contrary to popular opinion, last year was a good one too.  I was in Houston and felt very sure the people at MD Anderson were going to make me well.  I had trouble eating but was with family (Erin and her gang the weekend before and Chris and Jackie and their gang on Thanksgiving)

Lana and Little House on the Prairie

Lana and Little House on the Prairie

Calli reads to Declan

Calli reads to Declan


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Deirdre Christman

    I knew you’d have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, but I remember being reassured by your blog that last year’s holiday was far from awful. You certainly were in good hands then, both at MDA and at home. What a terrific family you have!

    Our Thanksgiving was wonderful too, since all ten of us were together and have gotten together every day we’ve been home. The kids are on their way to Grandma’s right this moment and the boys will sleep over again tonight. We’re thinking of playing Pictionary and maybe some card games too. We HAVE to get our grandchildren together!

    I’ve also been thinking about people whose Thanksgivings have been marred by loss or ill health. I was hoping we’d hear from Mary Anne, since in her case, no news is not good news. I hope she’s just resting to regain her strength.

    Can’t wait to get together when you’re back in Florida!

  2. So glad you are having a wonderful time! Sending love!

  3. Just LOVE all these reading kids! and I LOVE Calli’s glasses. I happen to be very, very partial to little girls in glasses — I was one, and gorgeous 5 year old granddaughter Sadie is one. I well remember how much those glasses improved my life, opened up my world. AND made me look so smart.
    So glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving, knew you would. But I’m eager to have you back again! travel carefully. xoxo

  4. Quite a powerful commentary on the power of reading. Of course you read (past tense and present tense) all the time! The apples don’t fall far from the tree indeed! So glad you had a wonderful day!

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