Back in Houston Again!

10653362_10152757432598628_7092384132818374468_nLeft warm,  sunny Los Angeles for cold, rainy Houston…wow, what a difference.  But, unlike July when just walking into Anne and Clark’s house sent me back to the uncertainty of my treatment days, all I felt when we walked in tonight was peace and joy and safety and love.  This house was truly a sanctuary for us for many months…and I’m still filled with gratitude to Anne and Clark for welcoming us and making us feel at home.

Tomorrow I have blood work and a CT scan.  That will fill the day.  It’s Jerry’s birthday and he’ll spend it hanging out at Anderson.  He’s certainly done a lot of that this year.  He’s going to celebrate plenty this year though. We went out to dinner with Sean and Carly last night, will probably pick up lasagna at a nearby restaurant for tomorrow night, Anne’s planning a birthday dinner when they get in this week and then we’ll celebrate with the Littles some time over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Tuesday I’ve got an echocardiogram and some other cardio stuff….Not exactly sure what that’s all about.  I  remember the doctor saying something about chemo and radiation possibly doing a number on your heart so they would check me once a year.   At least I think that’s what they said.

I’ve started my list of questions.  Why an echocardiogram?  What exactly does the CT scan check (why did I need a mammo this summer …wouldn’t the CT scan have seen something?)  When can I get rid of my port?  What would have happened if I hadn’t had the surgery (no regrets…just wondering if someone asked me whether to have it or not, if I’d recommend it if they finished treatment with no evidence of cancer)

My friend, Mary Anne, has Stage 4 lung cancer.  It’s breaking my heart.  She’s in New York City and will begin chemo at Sloane Kettering next Friday.  And she’s started a blog.  I suggested she think about it…It keeps you connected to the people you love and keeps them informed and is wonderful therapy (if you like to write, anyway)  If anyone wants to follow it, let me know and I’ll send you the link.  But please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  She’s got a long, hard journey ahead.



15 thoughts on “Back in Houston Again!

  1. So glad you had such a wonderful time in CA and now Houston! Please tell Jerry that I wish him a very Happy Birthday tomorrow. I’m sure it will be much better walking into MD Anderson this time but I’ll be thinking about you and saying a few too!

  2. thinking really positive double helix thoughts.

  3. Mary, I have personally gained so much from your blog that I would love to be part of Mary Ann’s. Linda Underwood

    *Linda Underwood*

    *The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.*

  4. Goes without saying sending you love and positive vibes. I still see a dr for after effects of chemo and radiation. Cardiologist out of Brigham.

  5. Thanks, Mary! Your heart is way too large and strong to have been affected by treatments!
    Happy birthday to your amazing husband!

  6. Sending you love and good thoughts. Love the comic. It gives new meaning to the cone heads.

  7. Happy Birthday, Jerry… And Mary, thinking of you during the next two days. I know in my heart, all is well. Love you! xoxo

  8. Thanks! Yes, we always can use prayers and support!
    Mom is doing really well. She is flying up on Saturday night. She’s thrilled that her daughters are together, of course. She’s been down the cancer road before- her own breast cancer and melanoma, Ginger’ s
    breast cancer, and my brother, John’ s prostate cancer. We are a strong group!

  9. Wishing you only good news this week. Somehow I believe you wouldn’t have changed your treatment plan since surgery was the final step in the recommended protocol for treating your cancer. You went so far to get to that point, and you wanted all the assurance that you did all you could. I imagine in retrospect you wouldn’t ever want to do it again, but you won’t have to, because you will remain NEC.

    By the way, I too recall how widespread homelessness is in LA. I saw people camping along the highways and under bridges as well as in the streets. I wondered if the warmer weather allows them to withstand such deprivation. It is so commonplace that society has become desensitized to finding solutions.

    It sounds like you guys are up for a fun holiday season and a wedding in the new year. There will be a lot of much deserved celebrating. Enjoy!!

  10. Happy birthday to Jerry and the very best to you! Your trip to California was a joy for all of us . We’re with you on this journey , my friend!

  11. Happy Birthday, Jerry! I think, Mary, that the docs always check all cardiac stuff whenever there’s radiation/chemotherapy. Seems like a good idea, and if MDA is doing it, you can be guaranteed of that.
    You know of course that all of us are cheering you, thinking about you, sending all those positive, healing thoughts. We’re a powerful group, undaunted, determined and rowdy too! We miss you, we love you.

  12. Hi Mary,
    Have been reading and enjoying your posts so much. Went to a wedding in Marina Del Ray a few years ago and enjoyed so many of the sights you wrote about!!! Beautiful! Thanks! So nice that you got to spend time with Sean and Carly and especially going wedding dress shopping.
    You’ll get through the tests with flying colors, so many positive thoughts and prayers are with you in Houston.
    Happy birthday to Jerry. Enjoy Thanksgiving with the Littles, (who are not so little anymore).
    P.S. 130 days, but who’s counting?

  13. Happy Birthdat Jerry! May this be the BEST year yet! Thinking of you both, praying for MaryAnne and you too! Good luck with tests, then have fun with Anne and Clark. This is truly a Thanksgiving to give our thanks!!!!

  14. Deirdre Christman

    Happy birthday to Jerry! He has been a trouper! I hope the year to come will be filled with celebrations.

    So happy to know that this trip back to Houston has none of the anxiety of the last one. You seem to be approaching it in a spirit of scientific inquiry.

    Hope to find you on to the next adventure in a few days. You and your family have lots to celebrate this Thanksgiving! Believe me, I’ll be celebrating your return to good health too. (Kinahura – we Jews don’t want to provoke the evil eye by taking anything out of our control for granted.)

  15. You two sure keep on keeping on! Praying for all great test results and wonderful celebrations with your family!

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