Sea Lions and Wedding Dresses


Sean and Carly…wedding site

Oh my, I LOVE California.  We spent the weekend in San Diego.  We took a good look at La Valancia, the hotel where Sean and Carly’s wedding will be…absolutely lovely and right in the middle of town…easy walking distance to all sorts of things if you aren’t into beach and pool. (Who’s not into pool and beach?)   Oh and they have yoga on the beach. Elin, take note.  They charge $50 a week for out of towners, $30 a week for locals.  We need to count our blessings, my yoga friends.  Where else can you donate what you want for yoga?

IMG_3723We went kayaking…a bit of a challenge to launch from the beach into surf.  The water was 68 degrees and we got soaked heading out but the sun was hot so we didn’t freeze.  The best part of the kayak trip was the caves on the side of the cliffs and the sea lions who sunned themselves right outside.  Beautiful.


Sean and Carly

Today the guys amused themselves elsewhere (At Panera…Sean had a paper to write and Jerry had a good book) while Carly and I and Carly’s good friend, Alison, went wedding dress shopping.  Lana and Calli hung out with us via FaceTime and had plenty of comments.  Calli was insistent that the dress have a train, the longer the better.


Caves…sea lion on rock

Lana kept saying (I think her mom must have told her what you said, Linda) “Ask Miss Carly how she FEELS in that one.”  She did buy a dress…a beautiful one.  (and it does have a train)  I can’t share a photo on the blog because the groom faithfully reads this blog every time I put one out and he isn’t going to see the dress until next July.

The girls were with us for the entire time.  At the end, Lana then said she had been reading something about advice to brides and ran off.  She came back and read to me very carefully, ” A bride should have something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a penny in her shoe.”  She said to me, “Tell Miss Carly not to worry.  I’ll find the stuff around here and bring everything.”


Dress Shop…so many choices

I told Calli that one day I hoped I’d go dress shopping with her.  “You might be dead by then, Nana,” she said.

“I hope not,” I said.  “I plan on being around for a long time.

“Well, then, you can come shopping with us, ” says Calli.

The kids go to work this morning and we’re off to be serious tourists.  We’ll do the Hop On, Hop Off bus tours… mostly Santa Monica and Venice (of course we HAVE to go to Venice)







11 thoughts on “Sea Lions and Wedding Dresses

  1. So much fun!!!! Beautiful wedding site. I am filled with joy for you. Enjoy your adventures.

  2. Sounds like a great trip! I’m checking out baby books at the Notre Dame bookstore. I just love children’s literature! Found THE SNOWY DAY by Ezra Jack Keats–an old favorite!

  3. This is quite an amazing adventure, Mary, this life of yours! I hope that the people at Anderson get your blogs!

  4. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-What super fun, looking for wedding dress, kayaking, beach walking with your family. And having the girl littles along via electronics-memories forever. I am off to MD to tend to my littles for a few days while their parents are on business trips. Snowing here now–It’s time. Enjoy! Wendie


  5. Oh my, Callie is a hoot! From the mouths of babes to a loving, strong grandmother.

  6. Deirdre Christman

    What a wonderful time you must be having, not letting any grass grow under your feet! Thanks for filling us in on the bridal experience. If you feel like sending a photo of the dress via email, I sure would love to see it! Looks like the venue will be tons of fun!

    Wonderful to see the difference between this blog and the ones from a year ago!!!

    I just started We Are Not Ourselves and am loving it. Next, one Ann Barker brought from the UK, which I’ll give you after Martha. I really, really liked And the Mountains Echoed.

  7. Lovely, Mary! What fun, how heartwarming it all is. Lucky you!

  8. Now you can see why I love California so much- and of course, my special sister and brother-in-law!

  9. how wonderful, enjoy every minute!

  10. It IS beautiful in California. So much to see and I love it. Enjoy your stay.

  11. I love San Diego, and I have seen that spot with all of the seals. Fabulous!!! It sounds like you are having a great time. Best wishes to the future bride.

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