California Here We Come

South Jetty

South Jetty

Usually we don’t have waves good enough for surfers but every now and then, it’s pretty wild out in the Gulf.  If you look really carefully at this picture I took on Saturday, you’ll see a surfer way out.  There were about a dozen surfers at the jetty that day but this one made me nervous.  My first thought was, “His mother would kill him if she saw how far out he went.”  Brave guy…or dumb guy…or both.  I was just glad he wasn’t my kid.

We’ve had some windy weather and some COLD weather…yes, COLD.  It was 44 and windy on the beach on Sunday.  I was pretty prepared…long pants, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt AND fleece, hat, socks…I should have had gloves.  Next time I’ll have gloves.

I had two book club meetings this week. My Cranberry book club had read Liane Moriarty’s What Alice Forgot. Interesting book you might enjoy if you haven’t read it.  Alice wakes up in the hospital after a fall and can’t remember the last ten years of her life.  She thinks she’s 29 and pregnant with her first child.  She’s 39, has three kids and is separated from her husband.  We didn’t talk a lot about the book. This group never does.  Instead we just enjoyed some time together.  One of our group lost her husband last week after a long illness.  Lou has been taking care of Jim for quiet awhile. I remember saying something to her about how lucky he was to have her (just as I’m lucky to have Jerry) and she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “He would have done the same for me.”

She couldn’t say enough about how wonderful Hospice had been, how calm, how caring, how competent, how reassuring.  I’ve heard that from so many people.  They are there for the patient but they are also there to take care of the family and they do it so well.  I have good friends who volunteer with Hospice and love the work they do.  I’m thinking if might be a good thing for me to do, if I’m willing to give up some of my lazy afternoons in the pool.

The other book club discussed Five Days at Memorial.  This was a bit more stressful for me because I was moderating this discussion.  There were about thirty people there and lots to talk about.  We talked nonstop for almost two hours.  I told them about a video clip I saw with Jon Stewart interviewing Sheri Fink, the author.  Sheri was telling Jon that when people go into the hospital they need to ask if the facility has a plan in place for emergencies like hurricanes and if their generators are in the basement or on the roof.

Sure, says Jon, if they wheel me in and I’m having a heart attack, I’ll stop them at the door and say “Are your generators on the roof? Can I see your emergency plan.” It got a good laugh but we all agreed that if we weren’t in a rush (heart attack rush) we WOULD ask about generators and such…especially during hurricane season.

One thing I’ve learned about myself.  I’m certainly not afraid to make a fool of myself.  I probably never really was (good thing because I’ve done it by mistake a LOT) but now, I really don’t care.  “Come in costume for Halloween, ” says Elin, our instructor.  And so I went home, looked

Halloween on the beach

Halloween on the beach

around and put together a pretty ridiculous outfit…scrubs (thanks for the pants, Jackie), surgical mask, and my green wig (thanks, Anne) and assorted medical “stuff” duct taped to my scrubs (thermometer, bottle of advil, bandaids, spirometer, alcohol wipes) Please note that Trevina (one on the left) did NOT wear a costume.  She says she was dressed as a Chinese lady who goes to yoga…Ha.  I thought the best costume was a really simple one…black shirt, black pants, black hat and a white boa going down the back from hat to toes…a skunk!

Jerry and I are heading to Los Angeles on Friday.  We’re visiting with Sean and Carly for about ten days, checking out their wedding location in La Jolla, going kayaking, maybe checking out some wedding dresses.  Then we head to Houston where I have two days worth of tests (wonder if it will be as scary as last time) and a visit with my sister, Anne and her husband.  And finally, we’ll be going to Erin’s for Thanksgiving.  We won’t be back in sunny (and hopefully warmer) Florida until December 1.

Books:  I finished Gilead…abolutely loved it.  And I just started Station Eleven.  I’m not too far into it but it does seem to hook you right away.  I think I’m going to like it.  I guess I’ll have plenty of time to read on the plane to LA…that is a seriously long plane trip.




8 thoughts on “California Here We Come

  1. I thought I saw you down at the beach on Saturday! Great job leading today…..not an easy book. Happy travels.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Ditto Irene, great job today. Have a wonderful trip with good news all around!

  3. You will love LILA, if you enjoyed GILEAD! Keep in touch . We will be thinking of you!

  4. Mary, have a great trip to California. I hope both you and Jerry can relax and enjoy every minute. You sure have covered a lot of miles this year. You’re not running for anything are you? You seem to have support in a lot of states.

  5. Wendie Highsmith

    Love the photos! Savor your travels! Thanksgiving is a sweet time. Love, Wendie


  6. Forever engaged in grabbing all that life has to offer while scheming on how you will continue to make your mark for a better world is so inspiring to me. I am so proud to be your friend. Enjoy your travels.

  7. Hope you don’t come to LA without looking us up. We’re out of town this Sat and home Monday pm. Busy babysitting on the 14th. Please call and we’ll try to do lunch/ dinner here or something. Would love to see you and family and celebrate life! Love Jane and Joe
    Jane cell– 805 339 1818; home 805 496 6404

  8. Have a great time out West! I’ll be thinking about you!

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