Kayaking in Paradise


From the kayak


It is perfect kayaking weather.  Warm enough but not so hot that all you want to do is throw yourself out of the kayak and into the water.  Perfect for yoga, perfect for walking the beach, perfect for kayaking. (and perfect for golf)   On Saturday, Jerry headed out to play the golf course and I went kayaking with a friend from Cranberry.  We rented a double kayak…good for me who still isn’t all that strong..and for Nancy, who hadn’t been in awhile and wasn’t sure how strong she was. We paddled around for a couple hours, saw lots of birds–herons and egrets, mostly…no manatees or dolphins…but lots of stunning homes on the water.  Any house on the water is stunning in my book.

The snowbirds are slowly heading south.  No complaints on my part. Some of my best friends are snowbirds and I can’t wait to reconnect with them.  Deirdre, who is one of the founders of the Venice Chapter of Dining for Women, will be here some time this week.  Linda, my friend who walked the Camino this year, comes in next week.  Of course, as luck would have it, they’ll come and Jerry and I will head out for the month of November—first to Los Angeles and then to Houston and Dallas (if they haven’t stopped all travel to and from Texas by then!)  Still, I’ll see them before I leave.  And they’ll be around for months after I get back.

I went shopping the other day for some new capris.  At the risk of getting stoned by all my friends who are constantly dieting (I was one of those people for years) I must complain a bit.  Even the Size 6 pants are too roomy.  I guess I need to find some Size 4 somewhere.  I did find a couple pairs of Size 6 capris at a “real store” and they fit okay so I bought them.  I’ve been hanging onto my old clothes in case I gained weight but I have a feeling this is the new normal.  What a price to pay to finally not have to worry about what I eat (in terms of gaining weight, anyway)

Friends are coming later on in the week.  October is a great month to visit Florida…Remember that next year, my friends, and book early.  However, I know it’s stunning up north this month…On second thought, you might want to wait until you can’t stand the cold and snow anymore.

I’m listening to Five Days at Memorial.  I read it last year while I was in Houston and recommended it to our book club.  It’s the November book and I’m leading the discussion which meant I had to reread it carefully.  (NEXT year I am recommending a SHORT book…this is taking forever)  The book is about a hospital struggling in the aftermath of Katrina with no power, no running water and minimal escape options.  It blew me away last year but didn’t personally frighten me.  This year, after having surgery and knowing what it feels like to be helpless and lying in a hospital bed without any way of getting up and moving on my own, the book terrified me.  It’s going to be an interesting book to discuss.  A doctor and two nurses were accused of killing some of the patients that they didn’t think they could get out in time… I think there were others at other hospitals too but these three were arrested.  The first half of the book is about the five days in late August/early September 2005.  The second half is about the arrest and building of the case against the doctor and nurses, the defense and how things played out.  (None ended up getting indicted by the Grand Jury)

And I just finished reading Ken Follett’s Edge of Eternity…third in the the trilogy.  The first was about World War I, second about World War II and this one begins in 1961 with Civil Rights, Berlin Wall, Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy and MLK Assassinations.  It got terrible reviews but I liked it…probably because I lived through all that.  I did understand why the reviews were pretty negative.  It’s biased and the characters aren’t as fully developed as one would hope.  Still, I did like it…and would recommend it to all my baby boomer friends.

My week has been fine. I wish I had had this cartoon for the week after surgery.  But I’m passing it on in case the week hasn’t been so fine for some of you.






10 thoughts on “Kayaking in Paradise

  1. Cartoon was MEANT for me!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. We do love life in paradise!

  3. Wendie Highsmith

    OOOOOOOOOOOO, I miss the kayaking and bird watching and gawking at the big homes on the water. The mountains and creeks and rivers here sustain me, but not like the Gulf of Mexico and its bays. I am lucky to have both in my life. It is just plain gorgeous here, too, with the trees showing their fall color and temps in the low 70s. Life is just plain good! Love to you, Wendie


  4. That’s how I’m feeling…

  5. Some days I feel like that rooster…but thank goodness I do look better!

  6. Just finished reading The Paying Guests. Good but not great and longer than it had to be. Just started Shotgun Lovesongs and I really like it so far. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Glad to hear you are enjoying Paradise. It sounds wonderful. I am enjoying my beautiful New England fall. The colors out my window are breathtaking. I always longed to be able to have my freedom at this time of year. My dreams have come true. I’ll be heading to Bass Rocks in Gloucester again this weekend. We are having a shower for my future daughter in law Kim. The shower is in Danvers so I have a perfect excuse to head to the rocky New England coastline one more time.

  8. I love it when you share about books you are reading. I always think- “I’ll get that one!” But I never do. Just don’t read these days. So, sharing the joy vicariously. Read on

  9. Hi Mary, Sounds like you’re having a marvelous Fall…October is a perfect month. I just had company for a week and we beached it many days! I miss you, are you enjoying being able to sleep a little later?
    Hope I see you at the turtle patrol pot luck! Have another wonderful day!

  10. Wow, with winter coming, this makes me want to flee quickly to warmer and sunnier places!! 🙂 Looks beautiful!

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