New England in September

Atkins in the Fall

Atkins in the Fall

Apple picking with Grace

Apple picking with Grace

Mom for a lunch out

Mom for a lunch out

I’ve been in New England since Friday evening, heading first for Mary Kelley’s in Rhode Island.  Mary and I have been friends for fifty years, met at Mont Marie shortly after I entered the Sisters of St. Joseph.  She still tells the story of our first morning there at breakfast.  We usually ate breakfast in silence.  And it was always soft boiled eggs.  Sometimes they were hard, sometimes they were fine and sometimes they were raw.  I swear it…they were raw.  That first morning, I cracked open my egg and took one look and Mary, who was sitting across from me, said the look on my face was one of horror.  I carefully took the egg shells and dumped them upside down in my bowl and proceeded to eat my bread and canned apricots.  I did have soft boiled eggs at my dad’ s this week.  He knows exactly how to do them. They were great.

Anyway, Mary and two other dear convent friends and I sat and gabbed and drank wine and walked the beach (gorgeous weather) and it was wonderful.  I’m not sure how we could be friends for fifty years.  I thought we WERE around fifty years old.

Went to Dad’s next. He’s 92 and I still want to be him when I grow up…interested in everything and everyone.  We went to Williamstown to the Clark Art Institute.  Their Impressionist exhibit that has been traveling all over the world (including Houston, Texas) was back and every bit as amazing as it was the first time I saw it.  They have 38 Renoirs…incredible.

Mom is doing well in her new digs, a beautful assisted living place in Dalton…nice room, beautiful place (old renovated mansion) and great food. ..exactly where I’d like to be if it were near the ocean.

I been all over the place since them…seeing old friends in Amherst, Holyoke and Longmeadow. I visited My sister, Kim, on Andover…”helped” at the horse stables where she works for a morning and had a new respect for her. She works HARD…no need to work out, that’s for sure.

Jerry flew in on Thursday evening…great to see him and great to have him take over the driving. We got together with old Holyoke friends and with my sister, Paula and her husband, headed to Connecticut to visit Ryan and Anne and our Connecticut grandchildren.  Ellyse is a senior and heading to Duke  next year.  Nice to be an athlete and already know where you’re going.  Grace is in kindergarten, smart, funny and doesn’t stop for a minute.

We’re back in the Berkshires with Dad and Annette and will spend some time tomorrow with mom, have lunch with my sister Karen and dinner with Jerry’s sister, Jane. Airport on Tuesday.

In some ways it’s been a bit much…so many people to see and so little time.  But honestly, I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it.  I just feel badly about the people I missed this time.  We need to stay longer and build in more down time.  Still, it has been marvelous. I am so very lucky to have such incredibly beautiful, wise and kind people in my life.  Yes, I’m tired but I have been so enriched by the people I saw here, from family to teacher  friends to convent friends to activist friends to high school friends …I am one lucky woman.”>



16 thoughts on “New England in September

  1. Sounds like you’re having. Wonderful time reconnecting with friends and seeing your family. I’ve been to Atkins many times….delicious cider donuts huh? Joe lived about 15 minutes away in Chicopee….nice country especially in the Fall! Continue to gave a fun time!

  2. Wow, Mary! I am following both you and Linda and at first glance I thought, why does Linda have a picture of Atkins on her blog? I was totally turned around! It’s amazing to think you were here, and I know it’s not possible to see everyone. But Dusty and I plan to get to Florida this winter and we’ll get in a visit then. Soooooo glad that you could come enjoy our valley for awhile. Blessings on your journey home!

  3. So happy for you, Mary.

  4. LOVED seeing you! So happy you are feeling so well. 💗

  5. You have a wonderful appreciation for life’s gifts! You are one of them!

  6. What a wonderful time you are having! Mary, you amaze me with your energy, enthusiasm, and open heart.

  7. So sorry it was such a short visit! I’ll have to make it to Florida to see more of you. And I’m glad you had such a good time. It’s amazing how your energy has come back. Go, Mary!

  8. I’m honored to be part of your Sept whirl. Love you

  9. So glad you are having a great time up here! The weather is perfect for you too! Sending love!

  10. Mare-This sounds almost too wonderful to be true. So glad you are feeling so well!! Love, wendie


  11. Wow, talk about busy lady. Glad you could. Next time, rent a hall and have all come to you. But how great it must make you feel to accomplish so much! Safe trip home. J udy

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  12. Wonderful to hear you and Jerry are having a great New England trip. I guess you will just about miss the leaves turning…too bad! It did look as if the temps were cool in the apple picking pictures. Missing you and looking forward to your return!

  13. So wonderful seeing you, and we all are very lucky to have you as our friend!

  14. Your trip sounds rich and fulfilling. Just wish we had been able to give each other a hug. Safe travels.

  15. Time, time there is never enough! How are you packing so much into your “vacation”? You put me to shame. I’m hoping you get a chance to relax when you get home. You know a vacation from your vacation. (Knowing you probably not.) Anyway you brought a lot of light to your friends and that is a most wonderful gift. Love ya, Mary

  16. Deirdre Christman

    I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, at least where your dad’s concerned. YOU’RE interested in everyone and everything. Glad you had such a family, friend, and fun filled trip. Ah, the Clark. Love that museum!

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