Leaving on a Jet Plane

Last but not least

Last but not least


Declan went to preschool on Monday. He couldn’t wait.  The teacher had a particular toy he REALLY wanted to play with. It was one of those viewers…you know the kind…they look like binoculars and you stick a circular disk with tiny slides in it and click your way through the pictures.  I didn’t know they existed anymore.  Anyway, this boy has been able to find his way around an iPad since he was eighteen months old, was dazzled by this viewer.  There’s hope for the younger generation.  He has also graduated from wanting to be a pirate last year (Jake and the Neverland Pirates was the show of choice last year) to wanting to be a dad this year.   I hope Brent realizes what a compliment that is.  Declan tells me over and over again that his daddy is his best buddy.  Lucky Declan …he has such a great best buddy.

I’m heading north tomorrow.  Jerry is coming up next Thursday after I’ve made the rounds of as many women friends as I can fit into less than a week (along with some good solid time with family, especially mom and dad and Annette.)  It’s been more than a year since I’ve seen my parents…both 92…and it’s about time I showed up and they could see for themselves that I’m still alive and kicking.  I’m looking forward to the trip but I do have mixed feelings.  I know I’m not going to get to see everyone I want to see.  And that’s really frustrating.  So if I don’t see you, just know I really did want to see everyone and that you just need to come to Florida and relax by my pool and go to the beach with me.  Too many of you are still working and my evenings are limited.  Disgusting how everyone still needs to work except us old people.  One of these years we’ll rent a place for a month and we won’t have to rush around so much.

I keep counting my blessings every day.  I have a good friend whose husband is slowly slipping away.  They have Hospice help but he’s home and she’s with him all the time…shrugs when I tell her how amazing and strong she is and says “He’d do the same for me if the tables were turned.”  And a friend whose sister committed suicide last week and she’s left with trying to work out so much inside her own head and heart.   And a friend in constant pain who figures “it is what it is” and she just keeps on moving.  No one said it was going to be easy…this life of ours…but let’s face it, it’s harder for some than for others.  How do people stay so strong?  And good natured?

A quick first day of school story…a very OLD story.  Jerry always took the afternoon off the first day of school, picked up the kids and took them out for ice cream.  Sean came out of first grade near tears, dragging his feet, looking miserable.

Are you sick, Jerry asks?


Did you get in trouble, Jerry asks.


Well then, what’s wrong?

“You want to know what I did today, Dad?” says Sean. ” You work, work, work, you have recess.  Then you work, work, work, you have lunch.  Then you work, work, work and go home.  And,” he wailed, “I gotta do it again tomorrow.”

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and a lot of tomorrows.  All you teachers out there..I know what your life is like.  You work, work, work and during recess (if they get recess) you run to the bathroom.  Then you work, work, work and have lunch (and check your mail, your email, run off copies of something for math, set up the science experiment) Then you work, work, work and maybe go home (maybe not) where you work, work, work and go to bed.  Here’s hoping somewhere in all that you have time to go for a run (do you have the energy?) watch a funny TV show, read a good book (you have to be kidding) and have a relaxing meal with your family.







11 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. Another fabulous quote!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. suzgaryw@embarqmail.co

    Mary, have a wonderful time! Please say hello to anyone I know. My two munchkins started kindergarten yesterday. One learned that the teacher she met at orientation had resigned. What a kick in… Anyway,she was still expecting to read by the end of the day.

  3. Have a wonderful trip to New England, Mary. I feel the same frustration when I can’t visit with all my friends and family. We will be in Lee at October Mountain next week. Can’t wait!! Remember to pace yourself. I usually return home absolutely exhausted!

  4. Great insights to life!

  5. Have a great trip! I’ll miss you!

  6. Mary-Have a grand trip! We just back from Salt Lake city(daughter Debbie and husband, Geroge), Orem(Storytelling Festival), Torrey(Capital Reef National Park), Goblin Valley State Park(lots of goblins), Hovenweep National Monument, then by chance , the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument/Anasazi Hertiage Center near Delores, CO. We had not been back to southern Utah in 15 plus years. It was glorious and breathtaking. We were with our long time friends from Atlanta who live in Erie, CO now. A supurb trip but we are exhausted. Lots of love, Wendie


  7. Such beautiful thoughts, Mary. So much to learn and experience . It makes us who we are but it ain’t easy!! Choosing wisely is the key! It can take a lifetime.
    So happy you’re doing well. God is good, Love Jane

  8. Deirdre Christman

    Have a wonderful trip! Next year, you and Martha have to come to CT. (If you can.)
    Laughed out loud with Sean’s story. That’s how most people feel every day. Lucky for some of us that we loved our work – but still, there was so little time for ourselves. I got a treadmill in my 50s and walked on it for half an hour every night at 7:30. Everyone knew I was incommunicado at that time. Just what I needed. I hope the other teachers out there will find something for themselves that renews their energy and spirit. Have a wonderful year!

    Perfect quote, as always! (But this one is so meaningful, given the direction or world is going in.)

  9. Have a wonderful visit Mary with your family and friends!

  10. Work…work…work…It is so strange for me to be sitting at my home computer on a Friday morning instead of teaching classes at school. So far, I enjoy being a retired teacher, especially Sundays when I’d scramble to prepare lesson plans, correct papers and lament my fading fall garden. I do miss many of my students and teacher friends, but I am good with being free for now, as the weather is still beautiful and I can continue to work in my garden, kayak at the beach, read when I want, visit with friends on school nights and plan mid-week visits to my precious granddaughter. After a lifetime of work…work…work…I marvel at each moment thinking how retirement always felt so far into the future and now that it has arrived, I marvel at how quickly time passes. In this moment, life is good!

    I really enjoyed this blog, your insights, cute photo and perfect quote.

  11. Barbara Greenberg

    Have a wonderful trip home, enjoy every precious moment. I am emotionally moved to thinking positively about life by every blog you write! I am a “fangirl” of yours, Keep on writing dear Mary. Love ya and miss you!

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