So Quiet

Into the pool after the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Into the pool after the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Lana did a drip castle with Erin at Siesta Key. She called it Hogwarts.

Lana did a drip castle with Erin at Siesta Key. She called it Hogwarts.

Yes, it’s quiet around here.  The Texans left this morning and while it was hard to see them go, it was time.  Both kids and parents were looking forward to getting back to normal and Nana and Pop LIKE the quiet, like moving slowly, having time to float and read, having a clean house (that will take some time!).  I just wish they lived a few miles away and could pop in and out during the week.  As I said, it is hard to see them go.  We’ll see them again in November but that’s  a LONG time.

School started yesterday in Sarasota County.  It was the first year I wasn’t in school as a volunteer, mostly trying to cheer up crying kindergarten kids and help them navigate the lunch line for the first time.  Instead, I was out to lunch with a group of retired teachers.  We’re going to make it a tradition…getting together on the first day of school to talk about how much fun it is NOT to be going back.  We swapped stories on what we’ve been doing with our lives since retirement.  I was the longest retired…starting Year 4…There were four who were beginning their first year.   People are taking up tennis for the first time in their lives, traveling, buying a boat, substitute teaching, cleaning out closets, moving more slowly, exercising, reading more, doing volunteer work…or all of the above.  I think everyone has to find her own way when it comes to retirement.  Obviously, money is one of the first things everyone looks at….Do I have enough of it?  Will it last?  That part is scary.  How much is enough, anyway?  My comment on that subject was that I was pleasantly surprised…We’ve had enough to live just fine as long as we don’t go crazy.  We’re not as poor as we thought we’d be, anyway.

However, I’ve fallen into a part time job…More of an off again, on again job that is right up my ally.  A good friend, Deirdre Christman, gave my name to a friend of hers who was looking for someone to edit her doctoral dissertation.  I started doing that one and she gave my name to a couple other people.  It’s turned out to be enjoyable work.  Nothing like getting paid to be critical.  I catch typos (too bad I don’t always catch my own), fix subject/verb agreement, turn passive voice into active voice, break up sentences that go on too long or are too confusing (If they’re too confusing for me to understand when I read them out loud, I figure they need work)  So I sit by the pool with my laptop and work…not too much work but enough to have a little mad money every now and then.

Calli doing cartwheels at Siesta Key

Calli doing cartwheels at Siesta Key

And I’m doing fine.  I still have my ups and downs when it comes to eating .  I need to be so very careful what I eat, how much I eat and how fast I eat and you’d think by now, I’d have it all down to a science.  But I don’t and pay dearly for mistakes.  Slowly but surely, I’m getting the hang of this post “gastroesophagectomy” life.  It’s been four months…I guess I’m a slow learner.  Still, I can’t complain.  Life is so very good.

I think I have a new favorite book…All the Light We Cannot See .  Don’t you love the title?  the book is wonderful.  I’m about a third of the way through…absolutely beautiful.

Checkers at Cracker Barrel. Took the kids to breakfast so mom and dad could sleep.

Checkers at Cracker Barrel. Took the kids to breakfast so mom and dad could sleep.

Straggler on her way to the Gulf

Straggler on her way to the Gulf


9 thoughts on “So Quiet

  1. Your posts always bring a smile to my face! Glad to hear you are well and keeping busy as am I.

  2. I am entering my first year of retirement and treasure most the idea that I do not have to feel the anxiety of a new school year, starting with a few sleepless nights, thinking of setting up my space, planning the opening days lessons, getting up before dawn, packing a lunch…I could go on. Yet I am one who likes to have some projects in my life beginning with cleaning out 40 years of teaching materials (except my picture book collection…that stays), cleaning closets & cabinets, gardening and more. I have accepted an adjunct position teaching a graduate seminar for eight weeks this fall and will continue to volunteer in my community with the peace poetry contest and other community organizing activities. I also signed up to work at the election polls this fall and shudder to realize I am now one of those little old ladies who sit behind the table looking up your name when you come in to vote. Of course, I will have more time to visit my grandchildren and already have some dates planned to babysit Reilly in New Hampshire. What I think I will like best about retirement is that I have more time to balance the work I do with time to do other things that I enjoy including reading and writing for me. I can wake up naturally in the morning before I set off to do whatever I choose. We really are so lucky, you and I. Sending out much love.

  3. Peace is wonderful!

  4. Ahhh, the quiet after the storm is nice!

  5. Deirdre Christman

    Mary Healy beat me to it. Yes the calm after the storm is wonderful! Also wonderful to know you’re on your own schedule now, not on the bell schedule at school. Remember when you had to worry about bathroom breaks? (I sure do!) Hope the eating issues improve. I’ll bet having the kids and being on the go made things more difficult, so now you can eat at your own pace. Glad the editing is working out! I know Nancy’s happy. Glad you’re loving All the Light We Cannot See. We’ll have to do it for book club.

  6. Quiet is good. Enjoy it. I’m looking forward to some quiet. 🙂

  7. One more week. Feel as if I’ve been gone 2 months instead of 2 weeks. Incredible scenery everywhere. Sea kayaking this afternoon…1 more day on ship then Vancouver. Ready for Jim’s!

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  8. I hate when the kids leave…..but I also agree that the chaos, though welcome, is sometimes a bit overwhelming.
    Enjoy your pool and your work and your peace. So glad you are doing so well. xo

  9. Wendie Highsmith

    So quiet. Amen


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