Energizer Bunnies–They Keep Going and Going and Going


Nokomis Beach

Nokomis Beach

On Saturday night we went to Nokomis Beach for the drum circle.  The surf was pretty wild much to the kids’ delight.  They loved everything..the waves, the sunset, the drums, the dancers, the hula hoops, the crowd.  For adults, though, it wasn’t our favorite time.  A six year old wandered off…her mom thought she was with her nana, her nana thought she was with the mom.  The drummers stopped; everyone searched and yes, she was found but it took awhile and Erin and I both cried when she was found.995625_10204511611655109_1093991845398392566_n 10599639_10204511610975092_8712634399713380932_n It  hit way too close to home.  It can happen in the blink of an eye as we all know. We try really hard not to take our eyes off the kids while we’re at the beach…not easy because they’re busy little kids, in and out of the water, building sand castles, up and down the beach looking for dry sand, then wet sand…The kids aren’t the only ones who come home exhausted.


Declan drumming at the drum circle

We went to Siesta Key on Sunday.  Another gorgeous day.  And then, today the girls went to camp at Mote Marine.  They say they learned a lot…just can’t remember it all.  Kelly, Erin and Declan went to Mote Marine too and they all went on a boat ride there.


Declan and the manatee

Declan and the manatee

Declan and the manatee at Mote

Declan and the manatee at Mote

Watching that sea turtle

Watching that sea turtle

Jerry and I stayed home today.  It was VERY quiet here.  Jerry did the lawn.  I cleaned the house and made brownies.  Then both of us floated in the pool and read.  Part of me was sorry I stayed home because I love watching the kids wherever they are but part of me was glad for the quiet and for the chance to get the house back in shape even if it was going to be a mess again as soon as everyone got home.  I finished listening to Euphoria while I cleaned…fabulous book.  Now I’m reading JoJo Moyes’ new book One Plus One.  I’m liking it.  And I’m listening to Chris Bohjalian’s new one Close Your Eyes Hold Hands…liking that one too.

Sea turtle patrol was good.  Declan didn’t last long.  He didn’t want to get caught in the rain.  He didn’t get caught but the rest of us did.
The kids were as fascinated with the kitty at the resort where we pick up our materials as they were with the turtle track and the eggs.  They may go again next Saturday.  Or, maybe by then, they’ll need to sleep in.  They’re getting up very early for camp these days.

Dark clouds during turtle patrol. We got caught in the rain.

Dark clouds during turtle patrol. We got caught in the rain.

Turtle patrol...rainbows and counting eggs

Turtle patrol…rainbows and counting eggs

We certainly are packing in as much as we can every day.  I keep thinking the kids are going to crash one of the these days but they’re like Energizer bunnies.  They keep going and going.  Declan just asked Erin if they could stay at the beach until dark tomorrow.  (Oh please, no)

It’s only 8:00 and everyone’s in bed.  The Energizer bunnies have crashed.  Their mom has crashed.  Time for nana to crash too.



9 thoughts on “Energizer Bunnies–They Keep Going and Going and Going

  1. Awesome pictures and message. Thanks.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. I can so relate to your post.
    How children enjoy life. Every minute of it.
    No wonder Peter Pan never wanted to grow up.
    The pictures are awesome!
    Let’s say a prayer for that mom and nana!!!!

  3. Aside from the mommy trauma it sounds like a perfect day!

  4. Such happy times for you and the family! Love all the beach activity. Keep,having loads of fun!

  5. Deirdre Christman

    Beautiful photos that capture the fun-loving and energetic spirits of the grandkids. The apples don’t fall far from the tree…

  6. Loved this one, the stories and the pictures!!! Sounds like a great time for all 🙂

  7. Hi….you are having fun…love the pictures

  8. Lovely post and pictures. The sinking feeling of a lost child sent chills up my spine as I too have had my moments. This summer has been filled with visitors on the Cape, family and friends coming and going. Just this morning, dear friends from Ecuador left after a wonderful visit, and I realize each parting leaves me with an emptiness. I too love my peace at home, but it’s so special to be able to share our world with others. This Thursday I get to have baby Reilly for a couple of days while Misha and Tim enjoy some private time. So, I just have to look forward and feel the blessings in my life. So glad you are able to enjoy this time with your sweet grandchildren!

  9. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-What a great time you have been having with the Littles. We have had a great time with our Littles. Went up to Breckenridge Ski area for their summer fun. Alpine slide, Gold mine coaster, bunji jump/trampoline, climbing wall, putt putt golf and gorgous mountain views. Today we made it to the rec center pool. And of course, every day includes a visit to the ice cream shop, an easy walk. Love your pictures. My skills are not evolved enough for me to do it. I need some Apple classes! Take much care!! Wendie


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