Early morning from the jetty by Susie Zavodnyik

Early morning from the jetty by Susie Zavodnyik 

Thanks for today’s photo, Susie.   I need to  get up earlier!

About a week ago, I spent some time with Linda Morassi.  Linda lives on Anna Maria in the winter and in Agawam in the summer.  I met her about fifteen years ago when I was working on my National Board Certification (a grueling process I’m glad I’m not doing again)  Anyway, Linda explained to me what her practice is each morning…the way she prays for the people in her life.  I started doing the same and not the same.

I guess we all have to find our own way but I’m starting my day with the same prayer for each person.  I name the person…starting first with me, then Jerry, then Erin and Brent and kids, Sean and Carly, Ryan and Anne and kids…then I move on to Mom, Dad, Annette, my siblings, their spouses, children and children’s children, Jerry’s family….

Same prayer for each one…Give her/him peace.  Give her joy.  Give her courage and loving kindness. After I’m finished with our family (big family, takes a long time naming all those people all the way to Madeline, my grand niece who will be three next week) I move on to friends, starting first with the people who are going through tough times (the ones I know are going through tough times…I’m sure they’re others; we often don’t know what people are dealing with)  So many people, so little time.  It’s a bit like a mantra…coloring my days…keeping me concocted with so many.  I make it a point to include people who I don’t really connect with (like my former principal in North Port).  It’s also gotten so I automatically say the prayer for the crazy lady in front of me at the checkout line who is taking way too much time to pay for her groceries and for the driver who cut me off on the way to yoga.  It’s working better than drugs…I’m so mellow these days.

Erin, Kelly (the kids’ favorite babysitter) and the kids are on their way to Florida. They’re driving.  Good thing these little guys are good travelers.  Erin is determined to make it in two days from Dallas.  I keep thinking it will take them three but she may actually do it.  Kelly will stay for about a week and then she’ll fly home.  Brent will come for the rest of the time and drive home with the gang.  Declan called yesterday to tell me what to get at the grocery store…blackberries, raspberries, chocolate chip waffles and bananas.  Now that’s what I call a balanced diet!

It’s a dark day today, pretty unusual for Florida.  Its’ a good day for getting things ready for the arrival of the Texans and curling up with a good book.  I’m reading a book by Sarah Stonich called Vacationland, which reads like a series of loosely connected short stories.  I’m not a big fan of short stories but I like these.  I had just finished These Granite Islands by the same author and loved it.  Nice to discover a new author (thanks, Martha)  And I’m listening to Euphoria, a novel very loosely based on the life of Margaret Mead and loving that too (thanks, Deirdre)

Ahh, Jerry is home…coming in from his volunteer work at the library and workout at the Y…so much more productive than I’ve been this morning!

The quote below is easier said than done…as we all know.






11 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. Just finished reading Euphoria. Loved it!

  2. Deirdre Christman

    Love the saying at the end of your blog! I should memorize it – but I can’t even memorize a phone number these days. That’s OK. I’ve got an iPhone, thanks to you, who showed me how you can keep your book list on it. Enjoy the kids, and get everything on Declan’s list. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  3. Wendie Highsmith

    Love Declan’s grocery list. Berries and chocolate chip pancakes…yum Love the quote and photo. Tell Susie hello for me. Take much care…wonderful thoughts on prayers. If people prayed more and fought less…. Wendie


  4. With all the family and friends you have you must be praying until noon everyday!

  5. Love your messages as always. Judy

    Sent from my iPad


  6. A beautiful quote! I’m so glad to know you. You are agood friend who has taught me much,

  7. I start each day with prayers too. My family, friends, those who I know are going through trials, etc. The hardest part is to remember to pray for the people who I have a hard time with….and really mean what I am praying. It is such a powerful way to focus each morning, and it is a great reminder to be grateful. It is an extra special privilege to pray for my child’s caregivers….the most important people in my world. And I still pray for you and Jerry every day.

    Thank you for the great quote! Much love to you!

  8. Good visits ahead for you. I’m so glad the “littles” are coming. I know the pictures will be wonderful unless the raspberries and blackberries show up on those smiling faces. 🙂

  9. Linda Underwood

    I always love your messages and particularly enjoy hearing about the books you are reading. I read These Granite Islands and loved it also several years ago. And I am following Deirdre’s recommendations and have ordered Euphoria but I also ordered a biography on Margaret before I read Euphoria. Deirdre also recommended Louise Penny’s The Beautiful Mystery and I just finished it I also recommend it.

  10. Love that Declan boy! Reminds me of our ” H” ( Harrison” grandson. ) H has a tortoise who got a dent in his head. Good news- it’s looking better, no concussion!! Not sure how H knows this!!
    How are you feeling Mary? You sound grateful! I’m happy you’re home enjoying life, love, Jane

  11. Wonderful thought….I’m going to give it a try. Prayers are very powerful as you know!

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