Turtle Hatch


Isn’t that beautiful?  And isn’t it true? It DOES feel better to be optimistic.  It’s just not all that easy every day.

Turtle patrol has been enormously rewarding but also pretty grueling this summer.  Hundreds of nests on our little stretch of beach that we cover and the mamas are still crawling out of the sea and laying new nests (two more today) while babies are hatching all over the place. They usually

On early morning turtle patrol.

On early morning turtle patrol.

hatch at night but we saw a hatch last week that I have been trying all week to get onto Facebook.  My video of the hatch was a bust..Heaven only knows what I did but I didn’t get much.  I think I hit start at the wrong time and all the time I thought I was videotaping, I had shut it off.  Anyway, even after six years of turtle patrol, it doesn’t get old.  Seeing those tiny little things make a made dash for the water is nothing short of miraculous.  IF I can figure out how to get a video on this, I’ll send it to you.

My brother in law’s dad died last week and when I was talking to my sister, Anne, about how hard it is to say goodbye to people we love and how, now that we’ve reached “that age” we’re going to have to do it more and more.   I can’t think about it very often because it sends waves of terror through me…realizing that all of our days are limited and slowly but surely we’ll either be gone or saying goodbye to all the people we love.  I guess  when the unimaginable happens, we just somehow manage and go on…




My stepson, Ryan, and his two girls were at Erin’s this week.  Ellyse was in a tennis tournament in Fort Worth and Grace (age 5….I call her Amazing Grace) was at Erin’s.  That girl can do anything.  She learned to ride a bike in record time.  She’s already a terrific little tennis player.  And, of course, as soon as she got to the Rosses and saw them diving and swimming, she was determined to learn to swim herself…which she did in less than a day.  Erin’s a great teacher and wisely got her goggles because, as Erin says, kids hate to get their eyes wet and so they won’t put their face in the water.  With goggles, they learn to swim really fast.  Smart woman, my daughter.  And doesn’t that just show that when kids REALLY want to learn something, they can.  (and if they don’t, no amount of threats or bribes is going to work)

The Ross kids (even Declan) are swimming this weekend at the state competition.  What exciting lives these kids live.  And then they’re heading here…can’t wait to see them.

10565106_10204412543818475_6655770910801601845_nThis photo of Declan amazes me.  How can he be grinning under water?  What  a happy little guy he is (except when he’s not)

I haven’t moved off the couch since I got home from turtle patrol today.  (well, I did have the patrollers for breakfast but since they left, I haven’t moved.)  It was a ton of work today and I’m beat.  I think anything I get done today will have to be things that can be done from the couch or the pool float.




15 thoughts on “Turtle Hatch

  1. Wendie Highsmith

    Wonderful photos and to hear of the turtle hatchlings. Optimism does feel better. Wendie


  2. You’re amazing! Keep it up! Judy

    Sent from my iPad


  3. So I see the Dalai Lama ascribes to the “Whistle A Happy Tune” philosophy as well as you and I, Mary! We’re in good company!
    P.S. I love Declan’s underwater grin. 🙂

  4. Sounds good to do things that can be done from the couch or the pool! We’re on vacation and I’ve been trying to do just that.
    Enjoy it!

  5. Debbie George

    You are an example of optimism! Which beauty is Lana and which one is Calli? Such cute kids.
    Rest up and carry on!!!!

  6. Great hearing from you and that you are doing so well. Here I am in Italy “recuperating!” HA! If Dean and I see one more step, we are going to spit. Yes the towns in Cinque Terre are beautiful but did they HAVE to build the best church on the top of the hill, not the bottom? We have hiked from hither to yon but we are having fun. We are in a small town about an hour outside of Rome. Stopped here to see some amazing Roman artifacts and they were. But then we went to see the spot they dug up all this stuff and it was outside of town….yes we walked it. And then some but I did not feel badly at dinner as I dipped my bread in fabulous olive oil and sipped my tuscan white wine. Oh, I am breaking all the diet rules. Will be better when we return.
    Best thing to do from the couch is give directions to others and encouragement. Positive reinforcement from the couch is good too! Enjoy!

  7. What an incredible photo of Declan! Priceless! I’m amazed at how far you have come, Mary…turtle patrol and entertaining all in the same morning…compare this to where you were just six weeks ago! One day at a time…

  8. Turtle patrol sounds so interesting and something I’d like to try some day.

    I think you did enough for one day. After all, we’re not getting any younger… LOL !

    The heat tends to sap your strength as well. I noticed that when we were touring Hollywood Studios at Disney this past week-end.

  9. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like you did your fair share of work today as did I. I built legos most of the day and played babies. Mia and I took the babies on a “trip to Philadelphia” to visit our cousins. She made me “drive” but she hopped out to pump the gas and buy snacks. Believe it or not I’m exhausted.
    Isn’t that hilarious? You’re really making me look bad.

  10. Fun to see that happy smiling face under water – like your own swimming “turtle miracle” right before your eyes! Even from the couch, you still write such uplifting messages. Love, Barb G.

  11. Deirdre Christman

    After eight months of reading your blog, I just HAVE to be optimistic. Anyone would feel hopeful with you for a friend! Love the photos of the kids. Turtle patrol sounds rewarding if exhausting. I’d go with you next fall – if we could get there around 9.

  12. I feel so good when I read your blogs. I know that God is working through you to me to keep me optimistic. Jim is now in Home Hospice Care. He had several seizures, and is not doing well at all. He has fought long successful battles, but each set him back has been hard on his little body. He is tired in body and mind. And now…he is truly in God’s hands and I know He will be gentle with him.

  13. carol connery

    Just seeing little Declan smile makes me smile! Thank you for that image! Keep up the good work, you a force of positive energy to be reckoned with (although I don’t think I would want to be on your bad side either!! export

  14. Why do you have to do anything? Yopu already explained what a busy day you’ve had. How about a total ‘do nothing’ day………and with no guilt what-so-ever?

  15. Thanks for this. Love you. Those kids are amazing. Why wouldn’t they be with a grannie like you.

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