Lucky Woman

Tampa Bay just after sunrise

Tampa Bay just after sunrise


Some people are just plain lucky and I happen to be one of them.  Sean and Carly left on Saturday but I didn’t have any time to mope around because my sister, Eileen arrived on Sunday.  I’m the oldest of seven…six girls and one boys…I have five amazing, beautiful, smart, talented, funny, compassionate sisters and one incredible brother.  I told you I was lucky.

Eileen is slowly retiring from teaching math at Virginia Tech (she’s way smarter than I could ever be)  She’s stopped teaching classes…still supervising grad students’ classes and doing scheduling and heaven only knows what else…but she took time out to come to Venice and go to yoga and go out to breakfast and float around the pool and read.  She found out that my life is incredibly relaxing (or boring..depends on your point of view) I was just glad to have a chance for us to talk and talk and talk…As I said, I’m lucky.

I dropped Eileen at the airport on Thursday afternoon and headed for my friend’s house on Anna Maria Island.  I met Linda when I was working on National Board Certification and while I was glad to have the certification and liked the money that came with it, the BEST thing about the whole process was meeting Linda (and another dear friend, Dorothy, who lives in Belchertown)  Linda and I talked and talked and talked (do you see a pattern here?),  floated in the Gulf after supper and took a long walk this morning, too late to see the sun rise but the bay was stunning anyway as you can see from the photo at the top.

So now I’m back home.  Turtle patrol tomorrow.  Yoga on Sunday.  Linda is coming here on Monday.  Turtle friends for breakfast on Tuesday.  Breakfast at Paneras with a dear friend on Wednesday…the calendar fills up quickly but honestly, it’s all good.

Nina Tepper, who went on her own cancer journey a few years ago, told me that one day I would notice that I felt pretty normal…that I was okay.  And that day seems to have arrived.  My back is nearly perfect thanks mostly, I think, to a great chiropractor and partly to yoga and partly to a great new bed and partly to just giving it time to heal.  I still cough…but not a lot…mostly when I laugh (note to self…stop laughing)  I need to eat slowly and not eat too much (shouldn’t we all?) and if I do that I don’t have any problems with food.  Yep, I guess I’m better.  I haven’t tried kayaking or paddle boarding or anything that requires too much work for too long (library work still wipes me out after an hour) but I’m getting there.  Yes, I’m lucky.

Lana, my sweet eight year old granddaughter, has been doing really well on swim team this year.  Calli too.  Both girls are going to the state competition.  The photo below shows how tiny she is compared to the others on her team (who are about her age!)  How on earth does she keep up with them?

Lana and friends

Lana and friends


9 thoughts on “Lucky Woman

  1. We are blest! I’m always glad to be reminded!

  2. Wendie Highsmith

    Fabulous photos. She’s small so she’s fast! Love, Wendie


  3. Hi Mary,
    Sounds as though things are going Long very well. Good friends, chatting time and floating. MMmmm, couldn’t be better! If you read Chris Bojalhians new book give me your thoughts. Enjoy the life!!!!

  4. Such a delightful entry to read tonight . . . you float around and heal . . . and Lana streaks through the pool winning and keeping up with the taller teammates. What a life – so glad all is better for you! Love, Barb G.

  5. Debbie George

    So glad to hear that all is so good! Could be that positive attitude of yours has greatly helped you heal!!!!
    Do I understand you will be up North in the fall. Your room is waiting for you so hope what I hear is true! Keep chatting, floating, reading, and having fun! Only the BEST for the BEST!

  6. They say everything is bigger in Texas!! Wow! Making the states must be exciting for your granddaughters. I’m sure they’ll be just as determined as their grandmother. The competition better not underestimate them.
    You are blessed Mary.

  7. Glad to hear you’re having so much fun. Three cheers for you and three cheers (whistles?) for a Positive Mental Attitude! I’m convinced it’s the second most important factor in the healing process. The first would be a wonderful doctor who you believe in and who believes in you…hey wait, I that sounds like Positive Mental Attitude, too!

    • We were at a wedding in upstate NY, then I get back to read your newest post. I am so pleased, no only to be mentioned in your blog but that my words of advice stayed with you and came true. After a year of healing you will be better than new. Such good news!

  8. Yes you are lucky and we’re all blessed knowing you! You came a long way girl and should be so proud of yourself! Missed you Saturday but I’ll see you Tuesday. Please do get that fruit for me and I’ll give you the money….thanks!

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