Three Month Checkup Coming Up



Jerry and I are flying to Texas on Thursday–first to Erin’s to spend the Fourth of July with my favorite little people and then to Houston for blood work and a CT scan and meeting with Dr. Ho on Monday and Tuesday.   I assume all will be well but we all know what it means to assume something.  I imagine these checkups will always demand that I breathe deeply and start singing the Serenity Prayer inside my head.   It’s like the annual mammogram when I go in muttering, “Not this time, I’m not ready.  I’ll be stronger next time.  Just not this time.”   Sufficient to say, I will be SO glad when our meeting with Dr. Ho is over and we’re on our way home with a clean bill of health for another three months.

Sean and Carly arrived on Saturday and left again on Sunday for a few days in Miami.  They’ll be back again tomorrow.  I’m hoping that the afternoon thunderstorms aren’t messing up any of their plans.  I know they hoped to get some snorkeling in.

No movies this week but I’ve read three really good books in the past couple weeks.  The first was for book club– The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O’Farrell. Esme is a spirited, unconventional  young woman who is committed to a mental institution when she’s in her late teens.  It’s the early 1930s in Britain and she simply doesn’t conform.  The book hit very close to home for all of us in Book Club who are pretty spirited, unconventional, slightly crazy women–although a lot of us were pretty well behaved in our youth and have gotten more gutsy as time went on.  It’s a great book.  I can’t remember the last time we had a book that everyone loved.  It was so beautifully written.  I love this book club…smart, caring women not afraid to speak their minds, who can disagree without being disagreeable and can compassionately listen to each other.

The next really good book was Fourth of July  Creek  by  Smith Henderson.  It’s about a social worker in Montana, a really good guy who is much less than perfect himself.  He tries hard to help families and children but his own marriage is in shambles and he can’t seem to help his own child.

And the third book was We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.  That a YA book about a very wealthy family that owns a small island near Martha’ s Vineyard.  The description of this island reminds me of what I imagine the Kennedy compound in Hyannis might be like.  It got some rave reviews so I picked it up at the library.  I started it and kept reading even though it was just “okay” until all of a sudden, it blew me away.  Then I had to reread it immediately.

And I read all these books with NO READING GLASSES…Cateract surgery and the extra lenses…astounding!  I am one very happy camper.

It’s raining AGAIN!  Every day late afternoon or early evening.  It’s likely clockwork.  I call it monsoon season.

The photo below made sense to me!








17 thoughts on “Three Month Checkup Coming Up

  1. It must be so nerve racking. I’m sorry it just can’t be over. Aren’t you glad we have books? Did you ever read COLD SASSY TREE?

  2. I wish only good news for you my friend! We will miss you on the beach tho! My thoughts and prayers are with you Mary….always! Safe trip! Pam


    Well, we never had a dog. Glad your eyesight is doing so well! Good luck, Mary, with the checkup. I’ll be rooting for you. How good that Sean is back again! Enjoy. You are one lucky duck that he comes your way. Love, Marie

  4. Safe journey to Texas. Have fun with the grands. Your checkup will be perfect! My prayers will be with you!

  5. I know what you mean about the yearly mammogram and check-ups. Mine is coming up soon and I always think, “Hmmm, I wonder…” But it’s been good all these years and that’s what I keep expecting. Hope you do too.

  6. Nora Ephron was amazing…her sister lived/lives in Waltham, MA & came to,speak at the library…amazing in her own right, but think she is/was overshadowed by Nora.

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  7. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-I can only imagine the anxiety you are trying to keep tamped down. I think the first follow-up visit is always the hardest. We will all be waiting for the report that will continue to say, “cancer free!” Love, Wendie


  8. Deirdre Christman

    I love your oh-so-accurate description of our book club. Sure wish I could have been there today! Good luck Thursday. To tell you the truth, until this post, I thought your visit was a mere formality. From my lips to god’s ears.

  9. I send all positive thoughts. How about the Huddleston tape? It always kept me centered and relaxed. Safe travels and have some fun with the Littles.

  10. Mary it sounds like a good life. Let’s keep it that way. I love hearing about all the fun things you are enjoying. It makes me feel peaceful. I’m keeping you in my prayers. Enjoy the kids and say hi to Jerry.
    Love, Mary

  11. Sending lots of positive energy your way!

  12. Enjoy your flight and visit with your family in Texas. I’m thinking positive thoughts about your appointments, but my prayers won’t hurt either.

    Hope your rainy season doesn’t linger into my visit with Tony at the end of the month. We’re planning beach, golf, and other outings for the 3 days I’ll be there.

  13. Mary, you are looking so wonderful – healthy, energetic, happy, beautiful – it’s obvious that your own positive health and all the loving surrounding you is just overflowing. And now, we all need to just hear the medical reporting of that. I’m sure the first post-horror checkup is the hardest, although I suspect it will never be without anxiety. I hope it will be comforting at least to be back in the caring, health-giving atmosphere of MDA, but only briefly please! The Littles, the Bigs, the family, the friends are all around you all the time. Lots of love, kalo taxidthe (Greek for good travels).

  14. Don’t you just love Nora!!!

  15. The check ups are always a worry, even now after 11 years!!!! Can you believe????
    Thanks for the tips on the books.

  16. Good luck on the checkup my friend. Enjoy your family.

  17. Karen Rafferty

    Hope all goes well…I’ll be thinking of you!

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