It’s All Good


Cateract surgery #2 done.  Well that was easy.  It didn’t seem as easy as last week and they said everyone says that but Jerry said it DID take longer.  Anyway, I wouldn’t say it hurt but I was thinking “Enough, already, is this over yet?”  So it’s over, I’m home watching the US vs Germany and catching up on some emails.  We stopped at the new French bakery on Venice Avenue on the way home, split a delicious almond croissant that was fabulous but maybe too rich for me.  I have to be so careful how much I eat in one sitting.  Anyway, I’d go back but eat less.

My good friend, Martha, and I, went to see Chef at the movies yesterday.  Martha and I seem to have started a movie of the week club.  Anyway, I loved Chef…couldn’t stop grinning through the whole thing.  I read you should eat well before you go because you’ll leave it starving (true)  It’s just a happy, feel good movie where everyone lives happily ever after and nothing really horrific happens along the way.  I’d recommend it to everyone except maybe Dad and Annette and a few other friends who would be offended by the language.  Why every other word has to be f*** is beyond me.  Didn’t bother me but would probably bother some people.


My cough that won’t quit is still with me.  The ENT guy thinks it’s because I’m not back to full lung capacity.  Make sense.  Whenever I try to take deep breaths…like at yoga…I really start coughing.  So the doctor recommended that I continue using my spirometer (you know that thing they give you in the hospital to help you get your lungs back up to capacity and I used really faithfully for the first month after surgery and then, um, I think I threw out when I got home from Texas)  I threw it out because I figured if I ever had surgery again they’d give me another one.  Oops…So I went to CVS with prescription to get another one and CVS said their supplier didn’t have them.  I needed to go to a medical supply store.  Enough running around, says I and I ordered one on Amazon for about $8…to be delivered tomorrow.  I know, I know…Amazon is a bully and should be boycotted but honestly, they have EVERYTHING and get get it to me with free shipping in two days.  In the meantime, I’m breathing as deeply as I can as often as I can (good for meditation) and I seem to be coughing less.

Jerry and I went to Sharky’s for dinner last week and waited an hour for a table.  I don’t think we really have an off season any more.  It was fine…nice breeze, beautiful view of the Gulf…no problem but really, an hour wait in June?

I’m doing better every day but still don’t last more than an hour on turtle patrol or at the library shelving books or in the house cleaning or even out to lunch with friends.  I suppose I should play that “I’m sorry, folks, this is as good as it gets” as long as I can.   When I fade, I quit and go float in the pool or put my feet up and watch TV…I live an easy life.

The Venice Gondolier published my piece last Saturday.  I’ve got another one sort of written in my head that I might give a try.

Busy weekend ahead…out to dinner with friends on Friday and Sean and Carly come on Saturday. They’re heading out on Sunday for a mini-vacation on South Beach in Miami.  I thought they should go to Siesta Key but I suppose everyone needs to check out Miami once in their life.  If you have recommendations for restaurants and activities send them on.  I remember someone telling me they liked the inland waterway tour up to Ft. Lauderdale and back.  And I know we liked Joe’s Stonecrab restaurant.  I suggested taking a trip to Pennecamp State Park and going snorkeling.  I”m sure they won’t be bored, whatever they do.





11 thoughts on “It’s All Good

  1. Glad to hear you are doing well. And save some of those essays for our book!

  2. U must go straight home tomorrow after Jim’s & rest until supper time…we want u alert tomorrow evening! Loved the “cards” on your blog…where do u find them?

    Sent from my iPad


  3. You sound good,girl friend!

  4. Glad the surgery went OK. I ditto your endorsement of CHEF…great fun! Love the card at the end of the blog…needless to say, it fits me to a T!

  5. Wendies Email

    Just keep on keepin on, girl!

    Wendie Sent from my iPhone


  6. Funny comment about the urge to clean the house. HEED IT!

  7. So glad your second eye surgery is over! I wouldn’t be bother by getting tired….your stamina will return and I think it’s great right now! You’re always on go! I will pick you up at the Pearl tomorrow morning. Have a great day my friend….keep the faith!

  8. Deirdre Christman

    Wait. You’re going to the movies, weekly, without me? You’re eating almond croissants without me? Damn! Oh, you’re having cataract surgery without me? Carry on.

  9. Deirdre Christman

    Seriously, though, I hope the spirometer works well.

  10. Hi Mare glad you are doing well. loved the housework comment. Take care.

  11. Thank you for your updates, Mary! I always love reading your positive, uplifting messages. 🙂

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