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One of the things about getting back to normal (whatever that is) is that all sorts of things that I had put off because I could only deal with one thing at a time…well now was the time to take care of them.  So I had an eye exam and sure enough, need cataract surgery.  And a mammogram which, thank God, showed NEC (no evidence of cancer, remember).  Next step was a bone density scan.  I’ve had osteopenia for quite awhile and it slipped into osteoporosis for awhile, was on one of those drugs that they say NOT to take for more than five years (I was on it for seven) and it went back to osteopenia.  Anyway, I was fairly sure it would be back to osteoporosis.  I had stopped taking the alendronate (it can burn the esophagus) and stopped taking calcium (couldn’t swallow the pills) until I found a liquid version which I wasn’t too faithful taking because it tasted like orange chalk.  Anyway, between no meds, chemo and radiation and limited exercise, I figured I was in for some bad news.  But no, I’m still about where I was two years ago….I swear it’s because of yoga (thank you, Elin Larsen, I owe you big time) and my walks on the beach.  Anyway, two pieces of good news within a week…I can’t stand it.

Now, we’ll have to see what the doctor says about the cough that won’t quit.  I’m going to an ENT guy on Monday…not looking forward to it.  One possibility is that it’s due to the acid reflux…If so, I’ll need stronger meds than Prilosec.  Better living through chemistry, I suppose.  Guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Loved the photo below…This is SO true.  Anyone who has made the rounds of doctors knows how often you have to say the same thing over and over again.  My problem was I had to remember not to change my story.  If the nurse asked me to give a number to my pain and I said 3, I had better not say 4 or 2 to the doctor.  I learned to keep my wits about me, that’s for sure.



I saw The Fault in Our Stars today…It was so hard to watch but so well done.  I think the hardest thing is that there is a piece of me that believes my days are numbered no matter what they say.   But then I remind myself, ALL of our days are numbered.  That’s why we have to live every day to the fullest. I did love the movie (and the book).  It probably wasn’t the best movie for me to see but I couldn’t miss it.

I had the “turtle girls” for breakfast after patrol this morning.  We had a busy morning but a frustrating one.  Every fifth nest needs to be verified.  That means digging down and locating the eggs.  Obviously, that means figuring out where the eggs are buried….which is sometimes not so hard, sometimes tricky and sometimes damn near impossible.  Anyway, we were at Nest 100 and we couldn’t find the eggs after a LOT of digging  so we went to my house for breakfast.



I went back before supper with Zoe, one our “fearless leaders” who I swear has “turtle radar”.  She located the eggs in less than a minute.  Lord only knows how she does it.  I would have been digging forever.

Cateract surgery on Thursday.  I’m assuming it will be a piece of cake.  I have a meeting that evening I expect to attend.  I really am getting better.  I’m lasting longer and longer, rarely having problems with food, feeling good almost all the time.  I have to remember not to push my luck but if I’m careful, I’m fine.  I am one happy woman.

Last picture of the day….in the pool reading Consumer Reports (I’m reading all the magazines I let pile up over the months)  This is my favorite place for reading and napping…Life is so good. (The plant in the background, however, isn’t doing so great.)




20 thoughts on “Random Good News

  1. Mary,

    I have problems with acid reflux, mentioned it to my acupuncturist, she said she suspected I needed MORE acid and advised me to take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a little water.  Works like a charm….can’t hurt you so try it sometime.

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “Immortality is a long shot, I admit; but somebody has to be first.”  Bill Cosby

  2. I can’t possibly think of a better way to read or nap…my goodness it must be pure heaven.

    I’ve been using your term, “the new normal” lately because it is the perfect way for one who has been through anything to describe how they are. Great term, thank you.

    Can’t bring myself to the movie, but once the Israeli’s arrive, I think they are waiting to see it, so I will probably be the taker.

    I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday.

    Good health and keep smiling

  3. Nice tanned legs, I am envious!

  4. Life looks beautiful! I will call soon when school is finally done! Yippee!!!!!!!,

  5. Deirdre Christman

    You look so tan and terrific in the pool picture. As far as turtle frustration goes, I think you made the right decision to go back to your house. You know my motto: when in doubt, go eat, preferably with friends so you can talk too. Good luck Thursday!

  6. Love that gorgeous tan, floatting along your pool, reading and relaxing. Good luck on the cataract surgery. You’ll be glad you did that, becoming a bionic woman, eh?

  7. The pool shot is a favorite. Reminds me what retirement and healing should really look like. Not quite there yet, but you’re my inspiration.

  8. That plant made me laugh out loud! It looks like a hairy, scruffy alien! (At least that’s what it looks like to a weary, end-of-the-year-first grade teacher with an active imagination!!!) You, however, look like a happy, healthy, retired teacher who is soaking up some warm vitamin D (I assume it’s you despite the fact that I can’t actually see your face in the shadow…). Catch some rays for me!
    XO Nina

  9. The “new normal” involves the increasing dependence on chemistry as we all face the short end of the aging . You began with immersion. The rest of us are about knee deep. At least, we can share the journey.
    Good luck with the cataracts. The drops are annoying, but considering what you’ve been through —a piece of cake!

  10. Good luck Thursday, Mary.
    I came home with a patch over my eye, If that’s standard, you’ll be going to your meeting looking like a pirate!

  11. Karen Rafferty

    Bill has an expression…”None of us are getting out of life alive; but it’s worth the journey. It’s what you put into it that counts.” So I would say that you are certainly putting your all into it! So glad you are getting stronger everyday. I knew you would! Xox

  12. Thanks for this. I am sitting here with a fat lip from Mohs surgery yesterday. I had a miniscule basal cell but it looks life half my face was affected. Anyway, the good news, only one layer of skin had to be removed and then they did a flap. I have coded many of these and wish I could have watched it but, oh well. It doesn’t hurt a bit but looks like hell right now. The best part was that Michael and Liam and I had a good old fashioned granny day together. They are so busy with everything right now that I don’t have them over as much as I would like. We even found a new ice cream place nearby. I just didn’t know what to eat after the surgery so I had ice cream. Today I go to No. Stonington for Liam’s promotion ceremony. He leaves grammar school and “crosses the road” to the middle school. He has been chosen to read his essay and is #1 in his class academically (did I mention that?) Big growing up year for him. Good luck tomorrow w. your surgery. Yes, all our days are numbered. Let’s make the most of each one!!!! Love you.

  13. Love that float. It is just what i want for my retirement pool. Where did you get it? Hopefully will see you this summer, some time in August. Eat more!!!!!!!

  14. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Wonderful news about your bone scan! I am envious. I had osteopenia and took Actinel for years. Couldn’t have a tooth implant when I needed one because of the Actinel. Dentist went another route. Most recent bone scan shows osteoporosis in spine and more in left arm (which they now scan). I am using weights at Silver Sneakers at the Rec Center which I hope will help. In the meantime, we planted 2 small trees and 3 shrubs in our yard yesterday. I know cataract surgery is down the road for both of us. Seems to be part of this aging thing for most. You are doing lots of things you love, then relaxing in that pool. Sounds like good recovery therapy to me. Sending you a book recommended to me as I was recoverying by a nurse specializing in oncology, and working one-on-one with patients. Love, Wendie


  15. Nice to hear you are doing so well, Mary. The plant, the plant!

  16. Good Luck tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you. Sent you a post from Phillie but it must have been lost in cyber space. Before I went on my trip I went to a small retirement gathering for Julie Bissell and Rosalba Manzi. It was great to see some of the E.N. White gang. We had a lot of laughs but I have to say it’s heartbreaking to hear what they are living through these days. I know they appreciated that Rosemary, Ellen, and I thought enough to come back and wish them well. Also I wanted to let you know that Ed Kennedy (Art teacher) died in case you hadn’t heard. He was one in a million.
    That picture of you in the pool is awesome. You must have an excellent pool boy. That water is crystal clear. Is it Jerry?

  17. Hey bathing beauty, looking good!! Just got back from Mass. and everyone was asking for you. Wish you could have been there for Maryann’s retirement party. But you’re doing what’s good for you right now as it should be. When Mary H. comes in August we’ll drive over and have a great visit!!
    Can’t wait to see you.

  18. Anne farrell-munroe

    Mary who, cataract surgery should be a breeze! I went to breakfast on the way home. Just a few days of hunky drops but no pain that I remember. Good luck and always thoughts of you. Love, Annie

  19. Good Luck tomorrow! My mother had cataract surgery and says she sees better now than ever. I’ll be looking forward to more random good news in a day or two.

  20. Linda Underwood

    Mary, I want to tell you that I have not deleted your post with the two littles getting their swimming instructions. That is such an adorable picture and their expressions are priceless!!

    I currently am in Portugal and due to fly to Barcelona tomorrow. I just finished “Me Before You”and loved it. And picked up from a fellow traveler “Cuckoo’s Calling” by Galbraith aka J. K. Rawlings.

    Sent from my iPhone


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