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The Littles have their first swim meet of the season tonight.  Even Declan, who can just make it across the pool,  is competing.  My favorite swim meet photo is from two years ago.  Lana , who had just turned six, is listening so carefully.  Calli, who is four, looks like she’s thinking “You want us to do what???”

Honestly, I get so impatient when I can’t last longer than an hour on the beach for turtle patrol (I left Margi and Pam with a ton of work to do on Tuesday) but I know I’m getting better.  It just doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye the way I’d like it .  Now if I were in charge of the world, you’d get up the day after surgery and go merrily on your way.  But I’m not in charge of the world so I’ll live with the world I’ve got.  And it’s a pretty good world at that.

I had lunch with a friend from Cranberry this week.  I got to know Lora because, for reasons unknown to me, her third grade gifted class ended up on the fifth grade hallway.  She did marvelous things with her class and is a wonderful teacher.  Lucky kids who got Lora for third grade.  Anyway, we got together at the Three Sisters Tea Room in Venice, a sweet little place that actually does sell tea and crumpets.  (Well, maybe not crumpets.  I’m not sure what crumpets are.)  They do have delicious scones, great little tea sandwiches, great quiche and soups and I hear the desserts are terrific, too…never had them.  It’s a tiny little place but it does a good business.  It’s owned and run by three sisters (what a surprise) who lived in different parts of the country and all retired to Venice.

And I went out to breakfast today with yoga friends.  We skipped yoga because we were convinced it would be cancelled.  It had been cancelled earlier in the week because of lightning and today there had been plenty of thunder around 7:00.  It wasn’t cancelled but we missed it and had a long, leisurely breakfast swapping stories and book and movie recommendations.  Nice way to begin a Friday morning.

My cataract surgery scheduled for Thursday was postponed.  The doctor cancelled, I didn’t.  So I have it next Thursday and the following one.  Like everything else, I just want it over so I can get on with my life.  But it is what it is.  We went to Costco instead.

Jerry and I saw Dallas Buyers’ Club this week…good movie about the AIDs crisis.  I went online later and found out that they got it partly right …the movie producers…but not entirely.  They were overdosing patients on AZT because they thought a lower dose wouldn’t be effective.  And I guess AZT is still used in combination with other drugs…it has its uses.  Still, what a powerful movie.  Loved it.

Two beautiful, beautiful friends are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversaries today.  Happy Anniversary, Susie and Ernie.  And Happy Anniversary, Linda and Rich.  Isn’t it amazing that you two got married on exactly the same day fifty years ago?

The cartoon below is an old one but it never fails to hit me.




11 thoughts on “Day by Day

  1. Oh pooh! Dallas Buyers Club is playing at the Jacaranda library next Tuesday at 2pm. I thought we could go but I’ll have to find someone else who has not seen it! Sorry the cataract surgery was post- poned. I know you are anxious to be done with that. Glad all else is going well. See you soon! M

    • Saw BELLE which you recommended and really enjoyed it! Anniversary was a quiet day in which we remained each other of our favorite memories. We enjoyed a terrific rainstorm over a delicious dinner at FINS!
      So good to have ypu home, my friend!

  2. Hey Mary….not to worry, we were just fine. Yes, we missed you but no problem! You will regain your energy and stamina….it does unfortunately take time…remember, patience is a virtue….I know, not my thing either! So nice you’re meeting friends, doing your yoga, going to the theater, turtle patrolling and all the other great things you’re doing…just think where you were a year ago! You’ve come a long way baby! Sorry your surgery was cancelled but less than a week now!
    See you tomorrow bright and early….chin up my friend!

  3. Deirdre Christman

    As usual, I love your quote, but the cartoon really drives it home. You should post on Facebook. Seems to me you’re doing a lot better than quite a few people I know who aren’t recovering from major surgery. Russ and I got Dallas Buyers Club from Netflix and loved it. I saw Nebraska a few days ago and thought it was remarkable. I had been afraid to see it because I thought it would be depressing, but it was very moving. I won’t forget either of those movies for a long time. Next up: Wadja. Have you heard anything from Nancy?

  4. As usual, it is always great to read your words. You seem to be doing well which is wonderful. Roseanna and Terry came over for dinner tonight. They look well. It is always so nice to see them…comfortable like an old pair of shoes. We always enjoy their company.

    Good luck with the surgery. You’ll be happy when it’s over and happier when you can see again.
    Happy father’s day

  5. The picture of the littles is precious. and the cartoon is right on target – – too bad it’s not on billboards. Glad to know you are doing more each day, Mary – that’s the way it should be. Take care, Love, Barb G.

  6. Love the cartoon. So true! Thanks for sharing, Mary, and thanks for your updates. It’s good to see how you’re coming along. Although it may be frustrating for you (I remember feeling exactly the same way when I was recuperating), it’s truly been a magnificent recovery. Within a couple of months, you’ll be completely back to your old (new) self.

  7. Hi Mare,
    Still waiting for summer to start up in NE. I’ve only been to the beach once so far, boo hoo. I am just so tired of the dampness and not wearing socks/stockings to work and then freezing. Anyway, short week next week, Liam is graduating from 5th grade, going across the road to the middle school, a very big deal in No. stonington. I of course will be there. This was a big growing up year for him. Any chance of you coming North any time soon? Take care and enjoy the sun.

  8. Precious candid picture of your adorable granddaughters and great cartoon, which reminds me of your tireless work against high stakes testing in Massachusetts. And still the struggle continues. Your heart and mind remain tireless, but your body is busy healing. As I recall my process…when it will happen…I only know soon…you will feel stronger and stronger.

  9. You made me laugh out loud– you’re so spot on your analysis of what’s probably going through their minds!! I hope they did well at their swim meet. They are such adorable little girls. I wish you were in charge of the world, Mary. What a wonderful world it would be!! I love the cartoon–I’m going to save it. 🙂 Lora

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  10. Love, love, love the cartoon and quote!!
    Those grandchildren are all business just like their Nana.

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