Lazy Days of Summer


Our days have taken on a certain rhythm.   Mornings we’re busy…yoga, golf, turtle patrol, errands, cleaning out drawers and closets and bookshelves, hauling things off to Goodwill, whatever.  But shortly after lunch, all productivity ends.

You’d laugh if you saw me heading outside to the pool….magazine, Kindle, iPod, phone, water bottle, iPad …you’d think I was heading out for the day (or week, or month)  I exercise in the pool for about an hour, usually reading  the New Yorker (now that I’ve been through all my back issues of Prevention) and then I float for awhile reading my Kindle (safe inside a ziploc bag).  Finally, I listen to my iPod and take a short nap (or not).   Around 5:00 we’re back inside to shower and start supper.  Ahhh, we lead such exciting lives.

I’m doing fine.  The new normal is not as great as the old normal.  Or maybe it’s just that my memory of the old normal isn’t realistic.  I remember unlimited energy, going strong until until I finally crashed at the end of the day.  I remember feeling terrific almost all the time.  I remember being able to walk the beach forever.  It could be, though, that I wasn’t THAT good.  I also remember how tired I was every day when I came home from school every day.

So the new normal is okay, not fabulous.  My back still aches if I do too much.  I can’t eat a lot at a time…I always feel full (I”ll never deal with being overweight again, I guess).  We went out to Fins the other night …lovely place, good food, good service, gorgeous view of the Gulf…but I had had enough after a small piece of bread and some soup.  I’m a cheap date, these days!  And much as I love the new bed, I miss sleeping the “normal way”…thirty degrees is thirty degrees, even in a terrific bed.  I know I’ll get used to it.  It’s just taking a bit of time.  Hey, being alive and breathing is nice.  All the rest is small stuff.

Still all’s well.  And each day gets a little better than the day before.  I’ve started going down to the beach for sunset again.  I hadn’t been going in quite awhile.  It’s such a beautiful time of day.  The beach is crowded with families (as opposed to snowbirds with their chairs and wine during the winter).  People are in the water and playing on the beach.  Little ones are building sandcastles and digging holes to China. I just love it.

The sea turtles are as busy as ever.  I’m out on the beach on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the ghastly hour of 6:00am with a couple other wonderful volunteers who have become good, good friends.  We look for tracks, mark nests, locate eggs for verification, GPS the nests,  analyze crawls and record EVERYTHING.  Our “zone” is an active one.  So far, we have almost 70 nests.  I’ve been doing this for five years and it still fascinates me that these 300 pound mothers who are so graceful in the water drag themselves onto the beach, make a perfect hole in the sand and deposit 100 eggs before they head back to the water.  I think the dragging themselves up the beach is the thing that amazes me the most.  It can’t be easy.

I saw Belle last week at the local theater.  Marvelous movie.  I’d highly recommend it.  I want to see The Fault in Our Stars (great book) and Chef (I still love food even if I don’t eat much) and Jersey Boys (love that music) And Jerry and I continue to be hooked on Doc Martin…delightful…makes us laugh right out loud.  And it makes me want to visit Cornwall in England…Lord, the scenery is gorgeous.

I’m not the only one who naps in the pool, by the way.  Take a look at my sweet granddaughter on the first day of summer vacation.





13 thoughts on “Lazy Days of Summer

  1. Mary, so nice to get a post from you. I am always delighted when one pops up. I have to say, all that you do during a morning would be really tough for anyone to accomplish. You should feel great that you are able to “push on”. I am not sure I would achieve your mindset. Working with the nesting turtles must be so satisfying…totally jealous. “Keep on keeping on”, Mary. Be well and remember to be kind to yourself.

  2. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-You’re staying on the go all morning. No wonder you run out of steam in the afternoon , and it Florida in the summer. I bet in 6 months from now the new normal will be better. Wendie


  3. Deirdre Christman

    Such a pleasure to see how well you’re doing, Mary! Out at 6 AM twice a week for turtle patrol ,yoga, walks on the beach? You’re busier than I am, and I haven’t just recovered from chemo, proton, and surgery! I hope your appetite returns and that your back gets stronger, but I sure am glad you’re enjoying every minute of that life you’ve finally had returned to you. You deserve to enjoy, dear friend!

  4. Mar- there never was and never will be anything “normal” about you. You, my friend, are extraordinary!

  5. Loved reading your post as you nailed it. The old “normal” really may or may not be the truth, but who cares, breathing is the priority. I love when I can get lots and lots done…that means I’ve cleaned a closet, a few drawers or some blinds totally without leaving anything for the next day…that’s certainly not the old “normal.” I don’t really remember coming from school and collapsing, but rather coming home from school and having chores and errands just begin, but that was then and this is now. I’m grateful for the now and it’s the now that counts.

    People that don’t know me, don’t know how I got to the “now.” It’s quite something to be able to get ready for the troops and be able to get dozens of dishes into the freezer awaiting their arrival. While I might look pretty darn good, that’s not saying what the inside looks like, but who cares. It’s actually pretty miraculous, and I’m deliriously happy to be here as you should be. Take the Kindle, magazines and whatever floats your boat and relax for as long as you want in your pool. Life is with you. SMILE


    Lana looks like you, Mary!

    Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  7. Your sweet granddaughter is giving in to her total exhaustion and relief after a year of hard work at school. Her respite might last a moment or two, but it’s all relative. After your hard work these past months, you might need more rest and rejuvenation time before you jump up to play. Perhaps it is an altered normal that happens to us all as we travel through time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of the richness, meaning and purpose that has always defined our essence. Your energy level may ebb and flow like the tides, but nothing can contain the spirit inside. Give in when you need to.

  8. All sounds wonderful to me. Love the image of you floating around the pool with your reading.

  9. How happy I am when I see your blog! The journey of your recovery has been a real learning experience for me. I’ve learned that life can present humor in the midst of suffering, the joy of being nestled within a family, the beauty of the unnoticed . Most of all , I have learned to be a better friend. Thank you, Mary.

  10. Mary, I just love your friends, most of whom I don’t know except through your wonderful love-network! Jackie’s right – you are not normal, you are extraordinary. (Oh, yeah, I hear your response, noooo) And Susie’s right too – I’ve learned so much from your blog, been so inspired and have learned to be a better friend. Thank you for all of it.

  11. Great report, Mary, so much to enjoy. Nice pace of life. I truly think as you accept the new normal, you may find that you recommend it to everyone, rather than the old run and crash rhythm….
    Love you, and what a sweet picture of that happy worn out granddaughter!

  12. Great to hear from you. Hope you continue to improve daily.

  13. I recently started watching “Doc Martin” and love it.
    Anxiously awaiting the start of the new season !

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