The New Normal

Terry, Margi and Mary on Turtle Patrol

Terry, Margi and Mary on Turtle Patrol

We’ve been home almost a week.  Slowly but surely, we’re settling in.  The “to do” lists are still a mile long but I do cross off a couple things each day.   Coming home, just like last time, makes me realize how far I have to go to get back to “normal” (whatever that is)  I’m back to yoga and loving it.  The group is smaller since so many snowbirds have headed north.  If I get there early enough, I have time to gab with old friends and claim a spot in the shade before we begin.   As the weather gets warmer and warmer, those shady spots are prize locations.  Even at 8:00 in the morning, it can get pretty warm on the beach.

I went out on Tuesday for turtle patrol for the first time this season.  Terry was so happy to have the three of us back together again that she took the selfie that you see at the top of the blog.  I usually wear a baseball cap …forgot it that morning.   It is fascinating when you’ve been coloring your hair for years to find out exactly what color it really is…which is white and gray with some parts still dark.10354153_10154107957105654_2513140339960820901_n

And I went to the library for an hour last night to check in and shelve some books.

Everything takes a lot of energy and I don’t last long (no more than an hour) so I’m not much help but gradually I’ll get stronger and build up stamina if I keep at it.  At least that’s what I figure.

So it’s good to be home…it’s good to see old friends and pick up where we left off….good to meet at Paneras for breakfast and go out to lunch and hear about new grandchildren  and good books and movies I shouldn’t miss.  It’s good to relax in the afternoon by the pool with Jerry and slowly cross things off that to do list.

I’m feeling okay, not great.  My back is bothering me.  Eating often makes me nauseous.  I tire easily.  I have pills to deal with some of this but my goal is to wean myself away from the pills…that too is happening slowly.  When I have a good night’s sleep or feel just fine for an hour or two, I am so grateful.  (to think I used to take all that for granted.)  I take nothing for granted…celebrate every tiny baby step…am thrilled that I can do a full session of yoga…love going down to the beach every morning …Things get better every day.  And, as I have said to so many people, I am alive.  The rest of the stuff is small stuff and I’m refusing to sweat the small stuff.

I just finished a fascinating book...Every Day by John Levithan.  It’s a YA book …the main character is a sixteen year old who wakes up every day in someone else’s body…sometimes male, sometimes female, gay, straight, athlete, musician, geek, goth….I really liked it.  It’s the kind of book that you keep thinking about after you finish it.  I’ve been listening to Frog Music and don’t really like it.  I think Emma Donoghue is a gifted writer (She wrote Room) but I just don’t love this book.

Finally I’ll leave you with a bit of profound wisdom for the day.








19 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Wendie Highsmith

    Lucky girl, you there at the beach. That new hair do is gorgeous. I got more compliments on my small amount of hair than any time in my life. Very trendy, I think. Enjoy, enjoy! Tell all the beach yogites, I said hello. Wendie _____

  2. You have the best attitude of anyone I know!

  3. Looking good Mary! More importantly, looking happy.

  4. So good to see you today!m

  5. Loved the picture of you at the beach-just the right place for you. Thanks so much for the “adage”. It made me laugh!

  6. LOVE the quote!!!

    Sent from my iPad


  7. Finished Frog Music about a month ago and was deeply disappointed after reading ROOM, which was brilliant! this book was bizarre and frankly I am sick of bizaarroes and long for wholesome, moral entertainment, which I found in room…redemption!!!!!!!
    Read a great one, ME BEFORE YOU. If you have not read it, do so. Cried my eyes out, but a good cry!!!! Sounds like life is getting back to normal, slowly,but surely. Teaching gets more difficult year by year. Makes me wonder what we are doing wrong!
    oh well, life is good just the same!

    • It’s not the teachers that are doing anything wrong. They’re just following the insane ideas of those above them that have no idea what education needs.

  8. Mary, I want to join u for yoga this summer. Where do u go?

    Deb 🙂

  9. Cathy Waldron

    Gosh Mary, you look wonderful!! The hairstyle that you are sporting is so cool. I know you don’t have a choice at this time, but let me tell you, it looks just great! Well, its probably the smile that accompanies “the look”. The three of you are quite a trio! Best wishes to you, as you work to return to your “normal life”….whatever that means. Three cheers for your heroic determination!!!

  10. Laura O'Connor

    You make me smile!!!

  11. Debbie George

    Yeah, home at last and to the beach! Life is GOOD! Each day you are moving a step forward. Look how far you have already come!

  12. Gillis Louise

    Mary, I love your positive attitude!! That is probably why you are getting better every day!!

  13. day by day by day…can’t ask for more than that except perhaps for teeth!
    Be well, stay well, enjoy life

  14. Mary, I LOVE your hair! When it’s a little longer, we’ll match – we’ll look like the tall sister and the short sister. 🙂


    Mary, Your smiling face makes me tear up. You look just like the you I first met! Love, Marie

  16. Slow, but steady and sure. You now have your whole life ahead of you. Plenty of time to get back where you belong.

    • Good Morning Mary, I’m sure you’re relishing getting back to “normal”….yoga, turtles, meeting with friends and many other things. It’s a whole new life for you! I miss your blogs tho! Hope all is well. Have a wonderful day!

  17. Mary, your smile is still radiant. So glad you are surrounded by friends, the ocean and turtles!

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