No More Feeding Tube

And Dr Mehran, surgeon extraordinaire, said I was a super star. And that Jerry was a terrific caregiver.  There is no evidence of any cancer anywhere and no reason to think it would come back. I think and I could be wrong, that most people don’t walk away from esophageal cancer completely cancer free.  And frankly, I think the people at MD Anderson are the superstars.  Whatever…we’re all stars.  It’s gone and I won’t be back to Anderson except for checkups.  Wow!

He took out the feeding tube and told us to have a safe trip home.   And after he left Jerry and I just held each other and cried.

We said goodbye and thank you to staff as we left and headed for Anne’s.  Going out to dinner tonight..lots to celebrate.  10299195_10152095285790669_8389652408562858541_n


52 thoughts on “No More Feeding Tube

  1. Sharon Cullinan

    That is AWESOME Mary!


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