Always a Miracle


I was thinking today of how easily things could have gone the other way.  I might whine about an upset stomach or uncomfortable sleep but honestly, what I need to be doing every minute of every day is celebrating.  So many people don’t come out the other end of this tunnel.  Or they come out in a very different place than I find myself.  To have come out at the other end alive and well with the likelihood of a long life ahead of me is nothing short of a miracle. But really, everything is a miracle, isn’t it?



Everything moves me to tears these days.  That’s no surprise.  Jerry always put the box of tissues on the coffee table when I sat down to watch Little House on the Prairie.  Hallmark commercials do me in.  This week, it took very little.  Watching Lana walk down the aisle for her First Communion, Erin’s hug at the kiss of peace when she said, “I’m so glad you’re here”, Calli’s text telling me I am smart and kind, Anne coming back from a trip and today, an email from my friend, Susie, whose first grandchild (a little girl) was born today.  Life is so very good. How can I not be anything but grateful for every little minute of it?

Jerry and I have been packing today.  We’ll be driving home with a car full of stuff.  Our biggest problem is what to do with left over medical equipment…my portable IV stand, extra formula, the pump and equipment for the feeding tube, extra tubing and syringes etc.  We’re guessing, if it’s anything like any other medical stuff,  they don’t want them back.  And they aren’t much good to anyone else unless they use the same company.  We’re probably going to keep most of the stuff and deal with it when we get back to Florida. We couldn’t get rid of it all today because there’s a chance that I’ll be heading home still using a feeding tube.  I doubt it but just in case…But it makes me cringe to throw away all that plastic.  If it’s still in sealed packages the company should be able to take it all back, right?

Doctor’s appointments tomorrow and then, bright and early on Thursday morning we head for Florida.  Our first task when we get home is going to be to buy a new bed.  I need to sleep at a 30 degree angle (for the rest of my life)  I have a wedge (not comfortable…could have contributed to my back problems last month) and so we’ve decided to buy one of those adjustable beds with dual controls (so Jerry doesn’t have to sleep at a 30 degree angle)  Expensive but necessary.  We talked to my niece last night.  She has one and loves it.  She had lots of good advice.  If any of you have one and have any advice, please let me know.  I love my bed and hate to give it up. (Our loss will be our guests gain…it’s going in the guest room)






20 thoughts on “Always a Miracle

  1. Wonderful post reading all the things for which you are thankful. Darling picture of Lana. Wishing you and Jerry a safe and comfortable trip back to FL – – plus a more comfortable sleep in your nifty new duo-control bed. Love, Barb G.

  2. Love reading your messages. Such an inspiration. And of course you are right. All that bit about the tunnel and yes you are coming out at the right end. Glad to hear you are heading to Florida! Closer to all your pals here who miss you. But I am sure it is going to be tough to leave those adorable little people.
    As for the bed, get a posterpedic. I have had back issues for years and the posturepedic is wonderful. That memory foam stuff. Forms to where you need it. I bet you can put one on the frame you are looking at. Something to consider.
    I am heading to the east coast with fellow photographer Mary on Thursday and Friday. Stalking birds and the ultimate landscape shot. Love water ones.

    See you soon for some real hugs!!


  3. Sell all that stuff on eBay. There is someone somewhere who can use it. Or get creative and upcycle all that stuff and make modern art or a drink dispenser and sell it on Etsy.
    Re: your bed. Get a good one, the best you can afford because it will be worth every penny. I’ve been embroiled in a dispute with Sleepy’s these last few weeks so if there is another retailer available I’d go elsewhere.
    And yay you get to go home soon!

  4. Sharon Cullinan

    Mary, can’t wait for your return to FL, the turtles are on their way back. One in Venice and one in Sarasota, May 1st was their cue! 😀 check out Mattress World in Venice, that is where John and i got our king size bed and they were very good! Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

  5. Debbie George

    Life is a miracle! How we handle it is in our hands and God’s hands. Thankful for our faith!
    Safe travels… There is nothing like home!!!!!!

  6. Hooray, going home. Love the squirrel, although I feel most should be in squirrel Heaven, but I love the saying! Have a safe trip and remember to feel lucky because gratitude is attitude!

  7. Have a great trip home…fingers crossed you’ll be without the feeding tube! Lovely picture of Lana.
    So relieved you are coming out of the good end of the tunnel, good luck with the search for a perfect bed. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  8. Like Goldilocks, I hope you find the bed “that’s just right”! It’s time for sweet and peaceful dreams. Remember July 4th is only a few weeks away. Have a happy and safe trip home.

  9. So happy for you. Going home!! Such a wonderful phrase. Safe travels and enjoy the ride. You’ve accomplished so much, including being an inspiration to us all. God bless, Mary.

  10. Elaine Weiner

    So very glad to hear you will be on your way home soon. So much for us all to be thankful for; beautiful children and grandchildren, wonderful family and friends, sunshine, comfy new beds, being in the present moment as much as possible.
    Very often equipment can be donated to nursing homes. Senior centers often lend out equipment.
    Have a safe journey…

  11. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-It is thrilling to hear you are headed home!!! You might check with a local AIDS project/program about the medical equipment. They may know how it can be used rather than thrown away. Many blessings and love, Wendie


  12. So good to hear from you again and thrilled to know that everything continues to move forward as it should. I don’t know much about the adjustable beds except that it sounds just right for you. One thought however is, if it is a medical necessity, you might want to look into whether you can consider it a medical tax deduction for next year. Safe travels home. Yaaaaaaa!!!!!

  13. Home…what a word. It carries so much meaning and warms the heart…home. it’s remarkable what we humans can do and we do and you did. just sounds so good. Home

    • I forgot to add that many centers might take your extra medical supplies for those who can’t afford. You might ask at Anderson or once you arrive home.

  14. I can’t believe it’s time for you to come home. I just got home Grammy will be round to see you…Last I heard, their plan was to wait until the other grammy leaves.

    Sent from my iPad


  15. What a wonderful relief it will be to be home; and for us, to have you home. Lots of good slow time for you to come back completely to your full healthy self. Lots of time for you and Jerry to recuperate from your ordeal. So very happy that all the worst is really over. We are all celebrating with you, lots of love and hugs.

  16. Yes, it’s all a miracle…….Jerry, Erin, Sean, Brett, Carly, Lana, Calli, Declan, family, and friends…….all a miracle.

  17. Morning Mary, yes, you are a miracle and life is a gist everyday. Too bad it takes something awful like you’ve gone thru to really think about it! I’m so glad that your long road is finally heading home tomorrow! I know you’ve had your favorite companions with you and you’ll miss them but now it’s back to your more stress or tests or cancer…a whole new life!
    My brother and his wife have one of those adjustable beds and they just love it! It’ll be perfect for you and Jerry. Have a safe trip home! Can’t wait to see you on the beach! Pam G

  18. We have a temperpedic, dual controls, and with a massager. Expensive? Yes, but worth every penny. I have never slept better and more deeply. In the long run, it should last 20-25 years so that eases the expense. I also love curling up, massager on, elevated feet, head, etc with a good book anytime but especially on a rainy afternoon( a good movie as well). I don’t think I could sleep in a “regular” bed anymore. Drive safely. Love, G.

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