First Communion Day

Lana and friends


Lana and Friends

Yesterday was lovely.  I was smart enough to realize that I couldn’t do EVERYTHING.  I went to Declan’s t-ball game and to the First Communion.  Passed on swim team practice, hairdresser and nail salon.  Calli was asking about me on the way to the hairdresser.

“Why didn’t Nana come?  This is a girls’ trip.  I thought just the boys were staying home.”

Before anyone could answer she said, “Oh, I get it.  She didn’t come because she doesn’t HAVE any hair.”

Right, Calli.  (actually I do have hair, just not much of it)

The service was beautiful.  The three little girls who were making their First Communion came down the aisle with the priest.  Each family had reserved seating up front.  Everyone (even the littlest one) was civilized for the entire service which seemed to me to go on forever.  The gathering afterwards was perfect…just the family and a couple good family friends (Lana’s preschool teacher and her daughter, her favorite babysitter)  We watched the slide show (not bad for my first attempt), had a great supper and delicious cake.

I faded early…slipped away and went to bed.  The party went on, moving outside to the pool.  The kids went swimming in the dark while the adults sat and gabbed and made sure no one drowned.

Declan had a major temper tantrum this morning.  He wanted cake for breakfast.  There was no reasoning with him.  It reminded me of a time when Sean was about Declan’s age.  We were at the dinner table and he dropped something on the floor.  I told him to hop down and get it.  He ignored me.

I said, patiently, “Sean, honey, pick that up.  We don’t have a maid.”

Sean immediately started wailing “I want a maid.  I want a maid.”  Next thing we knew he was on the floor kicking and screaming that we needed to get him a maid RIGHT AWAY.

Watching Declan today brought it all back.  I hope it gives Erin hope…to know that the kid who is shrieking and demanding cake for breakfast will eventually be a very reasonable, nice guy like Sean.

(PS. We never did get that maid)

Sean leaves today.  This is a hard one.  We’re not sure when we’ll see him again.  He and Carly are moving to Los Angeles…probably in June.  Unless he makes a quick trip to Florida before they go, we won’t be seeing him until the fall.  Our plan is to fly out there in October.  I’ve never been to California.  It will be quite a trip.

Jerry and I will be leaving Flower Mound tomorrow.  We’ll see the Littles again for Fourth of July when we come back to Texas for my three month checkup.  That’s a long time but at least it’s good to know it’s on the calendar.


13 thoughts on “First Communion Day

  1. Beautiful!

    Antrese McColgan Center School


  2. Very special memories for your family. She looks adorable in her white communion dress. More tugs at the heart as you realize Sean and his wife will be moving to California. . . but it DOES help to have future visits on the calendar. I know how that helps. 🙂 Love, Barb G.

  3. Lana looked lovely, you made me laugh, and Declan’s temper tantrum brought back memories. Not bad for a slow day!

  4. Debbie George

    So beautiful!

  5. Karen Rafferty

    She looks so grown up…that sure went fast. Glad you could be part of it Mary.. keep feeling better everyday. xo Think of you all the time 🙂

  6. Beautiful!

  7. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Must have been a wonderful day for you family. Nap, walk, eat, smile, live! Wendie


  8. So sweet!! Sounds as if you are taking good care of yourself, getting in the important stuff. Loved Lana’s comment re: your hair. How exciting for Sean and Carly! I’ve never been to California either, that will be a wonderful trip. So much to look forward to! Can’t wait to see you next week.

  9. Deirdre Christman

    What a memorable day! Please tell Erin I love the photos (I saw some on Facebook too). The story about Sean wanting a maid is hilarious. Love your aside, “We never did get one,” as though you just never got around to picking one up at Walmart. Can’t wait to see you!

  10. Deirdre Christman

    Forgot to say that when I looked at Lana’s dress I remembered how much I wanted to have a First Communion – so I could wear a white dress too.( My cousins were Catholic, so I was really jealous.) My mother kept saying, “Jewish girls don’t have communions,” to no avail.

  11. Linda Underwood

    Oh, my what a perfect dress with adorable shoes. And I see a resemblance to her grandmother! So adorable and how fortunate that you could part of this special day. You will have wonderful memories of this day.

  12. So glad you could partipate! What a beautiful little girl!
    Declan reminded me of our Paul many years ago. Paul decided to have a temper tantrum in front of the elevator at Marshall Fields during the holiday rush. I decided to ignore him and asked , ” Whose child is that?” He stopped screaming and kicking, looked up and said, ” You know I belong to you!” I remind him of that episode frequently!

  13. Amazingly Mary, you’re keeping to that schedule of yours. Why am I not surprised? (Check another event off the list.)
    I so loved reading about Lana’s First Communion celebration. How special she must have felt to have all of you there. She looks beautiful in her white dress. Great memories for you to take back to Florida. Safe travels.

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