Better Day

Sean and Lana gabbing by the pool

Sean and Lana gabbing by the pool

Beautiful day.  I’m feeling better and Sean tells me I’m definitely getting better so I’m going to believe him.  The girls had pajama day at school. They couldn’t wait.  The girls’ teachers did not wear pajamas but the principal did.  Erin went in during the morning.  The kids’ butterflies emerged from their chrysalises this week.  She stopped by both girls’ rooms and the kids told the story, from the tiny larvae that arrived shortly before Easter to the painted ladies that they’ll set free tomorrow.  Such fun.

Sean played with Declan ALL day long.  I am no longer needed.  Sean is a way better playmate than I could ever be.  They were playing a game outside.  They’d hide objects and the other person had to find them.  At one point, I was playing and Sean and I couldn’t find the candle Declan hid.

I give up, I said.  I give up, too, said Sean.  Well, I’m not giving up, says Declan (who had hidden it but couldn’t remember where)

After school Sean and six little kids were in the pool.  It was bedlam..  I think every adult was just sitting there counting kids for the entire time. (we didn’t lose any)

Dad and Annette called last night.  Evidently PBS had a show on Ann Richards, former governor of Texas.  Fascinating woman.  I knew she had died of cancer.  What I didn’t know was that it was esophageal cancer and she went to MD Anderson for treatment.  She was gone within six months of the initial diagnosis.  (I need, once again, to count my blessings)

Quiet evening ahead.  (as quiet as it can be with ten people in the house)  Let’s hope the kids go to bed easily tonight.  They all have swim team practice tomorrow at 8:00.

I’m doing my best to be kind to my body…feeding it fettucine alfredo and ice cream and giving it all the naps it wants.  Maybe if I’m nice, it will get better faster.  The good news my weight is holding as I reduce my feeding tube intake.  Such good news.

Lana ready for pajama day

Lana ready for pajama day

Calli, ready for pajama day

Calli, ready for pajama day


17 thoughts on “Better Day

  1. I think patience is a quality necessary during this ordeal. It is tested every day from the first day. But you have been so vigilant, always staying positive. And that is key. Things are getting better every day, perhaps not a fast as you would like, but you are. Keep the smiles going and hug all those wonderful kids. What energy to get you up and going!
    Cant wait to see you!!

  2. Slow and steady wins the (healing) race. It will just take as long as it’s going to take. As long as you are moving more forward than backward then all will be well.

  3. Gosh, those kids make me smile. Can only imagine what good they are doing you.

  4. Debbie George

    I love all the happiness! Enjoy your family and celebrate all that is good!

  5. Mary, as I have said before, you are one amazing lady. The recovery process might be slow, but as you are already doing, be kind to yourself. Just do what you can. Your grandchildren are
    Beautiful. My best to jerry. Love, carole

  6. Your grandchildren are just too adorable! Sounds like you are doing all you should, especially being kind to your body and letting your mind and spirit rest from worry. “It’s getting better all the time…better…better…better (Beatles).” May not be the most relevant song, but these lyrics popped into my head. “Getting so much better all the time!” So happy, Mary!!

  7. Deirdre Christman

    Laughter must REALLY be the best medicine. Sure seems to work for you. Please don’t ever give up this blog, Mary. I’ve become addicted to the adventures of the Ginley clan. That Declan is a scream – and just the right age for Charlotte. So glad you’re feeling better!

  8. Awesome news! Keep your chin up you are doing great.
    Ann Richards has a great story. She was one tough cookie. Her daughter is remarkable as well. She was on MSNBC recently.

  9. Your joyous family gives us all a lift. I can only imagine what their antics and laughter are doing for you. What great medicine that is. Glad to see you started this blog with “Better Day.” Terrific. Love, Barb g.

  10. So glad you had a better day! You make being a grandmother a cause for joy, gratitude and laughter! Thank you for sharing yours!

  11. Sounds exhausting! But fun. FL is having terrible rains (they r now in Tampa). So far we’ve gotten very little. Keep eating!

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  12. All in good time, all in good time. It sounds to me you are doing great! Keep taking those naps-listen to your body. Your body knows what it needs. Enjoy the family. Miss you! Love, G.

  13. So, did Declan find what HE hid? So funny. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I’m sure Sean’s visit is helping. Having everyone together is always the best! Looking so forward to seeing you next week.

  14. Good Morning Mary, so glad that it was a brighter day but we all have those bummers too…just gotta pull it together, be thankful and ford ahead I guess! Patience is a virtue and so hard to acquire! You ‘re doing marvelous my friend…just think how far you’ve come! Just think of all you’ve gone thru and you’ve come out singing! Not much longer for the feeding tube I’m sure…seeing you’re eating so well and Not losing weight!
    You go girl. Sounds like the kids are keeping you busy…have a great day. Love it…it’s cloudy and rainy here so you’re not missing anything! Thinking of you, Pam G

  15. Kids WILL keep you young and feeling better. Just listen carefully to your body and do what it tells you: rest, eat good food, exercise, and stay positive! WHAT???? OH! That’s right! You do all of that, so no need to stress! You are blessed to have so many prayers, friends, and so much family involvement.

  16. carol connery

    So, so, so happy you are feeling better! Keep eating as much fattening things as you can! Maybe have some milkshakes too…Your grandchildren are just beautiful!! >3

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