A Cough that Won’t Quit

999804_10152027548748948_1383634585_nA cough that won’t quit. That’s what I’ve had for about a week.  And, because I was so focused on my aching back I hardly noticed the cough until the last couple of days when the backaches became a thing of the past.   I mean it was just a shallow cough…no fever, no chills, didn’t keep me up at night…but I think EVERYTHING, even little things, become big things after surgery.

We’re heading to Erin’s tomorrow so if I was going to get this cough checked out, it had to be today.  Called yesterday to talk to the nurse who immediately made an appointment for me to get a chest X-ray and see the doctor. (Chest X-ray….for a little cough…whew, these guys don’t mess around.)

By today it was worse.  I was so worn out from coughing I ended up going back to bed after breakfast.  Got up in time to go over to Anderson and by that time my head was going all sorts of places…mostly to pneumonia.  I felt so guilty. They warn you about pneumonia when you’re in the hospital…give you a spirometer for breathing exercises, tell you to get up and keep moving A LOT and breathe deeply.

So all the way over to the hospital I’m thinking, “I haven’t walked as much as I should.  I haven’t used the spirometer every hour because I have coughing fits whenever I try.  I spend entirely too much time sitting or lying around.  It’s my own fault if this turns out to be pneumonia.”

It’s NOT pneumonia. It’s just a cough. Evidently, it’s not rare that people get one after surgery.  And I have prescription and assorted recommendations (use the spirometer) and instructions to to call tomorrow afternoon and let them know how the meds are working.

And, in the midst of treating all these people who a battling cancer, they took time to see me, to treat me very seriously.  They couldn’t have been kinder or more thorough.  Lord, I love MD Anderson.  And I’ll love them even more if their prescription actually works.

Things going right:

Lana’s video is done (it could be better but hey, it’s my first attempt.)  The guy at the Apple store was blown away by how gorgeous the pictures were.  That’s because most of them were taken by the photographer mom, not the amateur nana.

I haven’t had a backache in three days and am off pain meds except at night (and that’s just because I’m too chicken to go totally off them for a couple more days)

I do not have pneumonia.

We’re going to see the Littles in less than twenty-four hours.

My husband is still as patient as ever…doesn’t even roll his eyes when I go back to bed for yet another nap.






18 thoughts on “A Cough that Won’t Quit

  1. Cough or no cough, life sounds good!
    Yay MD Anderson, yay meds, yay Jerry and most of all yay you!

  2. Glad it’s not pneumonia and you are correct so much to be thankful for in our lives! Have a terrific weekend!

  3. Mary, I worry every time I read something like this. Glad it’s just a cough. Take care of yourself AND don’t be so hard on yourself! (I’m the same way; I would be doing exactly the same thing as you. But it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do!)

  4. Like you haven’t been through enough? God is with you. And of course MD Anderson would see you immediately, YOU are what they are all about….success. Enjoy your family celebration and give Jerry a hug from all the wives who understand how special he is!

  5. I’m sorry, but one of your friends (who shall remain nameless) to D u to take ANY & ALL drugs!

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    • Of course you were worried! After all you’ve been thru, it’s always better to check everything out. Sounds like you’re right on target! Thanks be to God!!
      Deb and Rob are here with us now and it’s wonderful. Sometime you and Jerry have to come too. Enjoy good health, love, Jane

  6. So happy it’s not pneumonia!! You are still doing everything right – and a beneficial sprinkling of naps doesn’t hurt one bit. The video sounds woonderful – with your daughter’s excellent pictures. A count down to see the littles – hope you send more pictures. (Then take another nap. 🙂 love, Barb G.

  7. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Glad there is Anderson! And they are soooooo responsive! SO GLAD THE COUGH IS NOT PNEUMONIA!! Take care of thyself and enjoy your weekend. Wendie


  8. Sounds like you are almost out of the woods! Keep it up. Do you have plans to return to Florida this spring?

  9. Sorry to hear about the cough but so glad it’s not pneumonia. Hopefully the medicine will help.
    How on earth can you feel guilty?? You are doing everything humanly possible to heal. Remember sleep is good for healing too. Sleep tight and safe travels. All my love , Mary

  10. Hope the meds work! Enjoy the week-end !

  11. Deirdre Christman

    So glad the cough is just a cough! Have a wonderful weekend with the littles, and take some pictures. Will’s first communion is Sunday. I am buying a bicycle for a child in Vietnam and sending a picture to Will in a card. I’m also sending him a book about what children around the world have in common. I wish I had a book I could make for him, but I need the photod I have for you family Christmas book. Maybe you can share your book on Shutterfly.. I’d love to see it. Have fun this weekend..

  12. You continue to be blessed as are the MD Anderson folks to be treating a patient such as you. Thank you God it is not pneumonia and the backache is gone. Healing takes a VERY LONG TIME; be patient my friend! You are doing great!

    Enjoy the Littles – you have a beautiful weekend ahead!

    Love, love, and more love, Deb


  13. So glad the cough isn’t too serious. I can’t imagine how worried you must have been .

  14. No eye rolling because that’s when he takes his well deserved nap! You were putting yourself down again. I doubt that there are any out there that have been as good as you have been, post surgery (and before). Hope the new meds work so you can enjoy the Littles.

  15. I hope you are feeling better today. I know you remain in good hands.

  16. So glad the cough is just a cough. Have a wonderful time with the Littles. I’ll be thinking of you during First Communion – I’ll be In Atlanta for Brian’s too. Enjoy you visit with the darlings.

  17. Good morning Mary, sure anything be it big or small is going to create worry after surgery! I am so glad that the cough isn’t serious. Surgery does take so much out of you and then you’ve had other treatments too so just be patient…easy for me to say I know! The cancer is gone thank God now your body has to recover and it will do just that! Have a wonderful time with those little ones…they’ll boost your spirit!
    Thinking of you…have a great Sunday. Pam G

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