Boston Marathon


My nephew, Jason, ran today in the Boston Marathon.  This was the third time he’s been to Boston for the marathon.  He’s an amazing runner.  Finished in 3:03 today.  We are so very proud of him.  This wasn’t the best year to get ready…record snowfall and cold in Vermont and Jason was sick earlier in the year.  He is one incredible guy.   The photo above…his two little kids who are so proud of their dad.  I remember the picture of them holding the sign last year somewhere near the finish line.  It made me cry.  He was done and had left the area about an hour before the bombs went off.  But obviously, they could have gone off earlier or he could have arrived at the end later.  We’re so lucky to have him still with us.

I know many of you have similar stories and know people who ran today…especially all my New England friends.  I had hope we’d be there.  Maybe next year.

I watched the Marathon on our computer today, totally in awe of these athletes who can go 26 miles at incredible speeds.  Even on my best day before all this, I couldn’t go one.  Reminds me of the story I once heard about a guy talking to his doctor before surgery.

Okay, Doc, after surgery, will I be able to run a marathon?

Certainly, says the doc, after you recuperate, you’ll be fine to run marathons.

Oh, great, says the guy, cause I never could before.

Obviously, the reason Jason CAN and most of us CAN’T is that he’s willing to put in the time and effort  and he has a wife who encourages and supports him every step of the way.

I suppose it’s time for me to start setting some goals (nope, won’t be to run a marathon), make a bucket list…Seeing as I have this extra chance at life.  I was reading today about Jenny Lee (Jennifer Worth…author of Call the Midwife)  She died in 2011 of esophageal cancer.  What a shock.  I love the show, loved the book.

One more thing for today…absolutely no backache today…none.  Usually I wake up doubled over with pain and it’s with me all day.  Tramadol takes the edge off for a couple of hours at a time but that’s about it.  Today…nothing.  We went out walking, I did some yoga, I am one very happy camper.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ve turned a corner.  We’ll see.

Here’s the runner…Jason Shugart, superhero.10251900_10152348854604025_2192743121931787191_n



12 thoughts on “Boston Marathon

  1. loved your blog today. great picture of JASON, HE LOOKS SO CALM AND HAPPY AFTER THE RUN. WHAT A GREAT TIME, 3:03. CONGRATULATIONS TO HIM!!

  2. You are my SUPERWOMAN! Delighted about your back!

  3. Dorothy Cresswell

    Congratulations to Jason! We had a friend, Rachel, who also had the thrill and dedication to run this year. All of us now know not to take life for granted. Bucket lists are great—if we live long, what do you bet we’ll have new dreams to fulfill? Right now your bucket list said: A day without backache —check!

  4. Yay Jason!
    And Mary. I am in Boston right now. My hotel window overlooks the marathon route. So many smiles here today!

  5. Mary you are one very blessed woman but you had a part in this great success story too! Your spirit and determination to get thru is so admirable! I know if you put your mind to it, you could run a marathon!
    Glad you and Jerry had a lovely Easter…beautiful flowers. Guess you too have been a couple of tourists lately and actually you are! I’m sure you can’t wait to get home but it was very cloudy both yesterday and today so you’re not missing any beautiful April Florida weather…probably waiting for you to get back!
    Congrats to Jason! So happy the back ache was gone this morning…I’ll say a pray on this one that it will have completely disappeared! Must be nice not having appointments and tests everyday…just continue to discover!
    Good night, Pam G

  6. So happy to hear everything went well for Jason and the runners in Boston – the smiles own their faces told it all. And, also great to hear you are having relief from your back discomfort. It was a good day all around – I’m so happy you are feeling better. This made it a special day: “absolutely no backache today…none.” Yay. 🙂 Love, Barb G.

  7. Congrats to your nephew! Watching what little I could today before leaving for work made me want to attempt another marathon…well, maybe just a half! So relieved it all went smoothly and with no incidents. Great news regarding your back…you are definitely “on the mend”. Hi to Jerry! Miss you.

  8. There are no faults in your stars. It seems like everything has remained aligned and you will need more than one bucket list of adventures to fulfill in your lifetime. Great news!!

  9. So glad you are having less pain…that changes everything. Sounds like you are making great strides as far as your strength and stamina increasing. Hurray!!!
    Boston looked spectacular today. I watched it on the computer as well, so many stories of inspiration everywhere!!!

  10. Next corner……end of feed tube. See, you are ‘running’ a marathon.

  11. Great weather. Great race. No back pain. Great day!!!!!!

  12. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Our niece, Tiffany, ran it both this year and last. Bittersweet. She and her family live in Marbelhead as does Jim’s sister and husband. Hope today you are feeling even stronger than yesterday! Love, Wendie


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