I woke up early…oh my aching back.  I took a tylenol and walked for a bit. That seemed to help.  I went into Anne’s office to read until Jerry woke up.  He found me sitting there sound asleep with my book in my lap.  I can sleep anywhere at any time these days.

After lunch we went over to the Waterwall.   There was something so beautiful, so powerful about this park in the middle of Houston. IMG_3265 We stayed for IMG_3264about an hour, sat on a bench people watching, reading, taking pictures, getting sprayed by the water, taking in the noise of the water that drowned out all city sounds.  It’s a great place to people watch.  Models with photographers doing photo shoots, a graduate in a cap and gown, families picnicking, little kids chasing pigeons, several young girls in prom dresses (minus their dates) and what must have been girl celebrating her quinceanera with her “attendants” and young guys in tuxes and tails.  She had a gown that looked like Scarlet O’Hara wore to parties in the old South and pink sneakers to match.

We stopped at my new favorite Chinese restaurant (thanks Jill for introducing me to E Tao) at the mall afterwards to pick up some takeout…wonton soup, dumplings and spring rolls…I have enough food to last me forever.  Jerry’s not a big Chinese food fan so I’ll be eating it all forever.  Yum.

It is so true…I think Pixie was the one who said it to me..the body wants to heal….is made to heal.  Each day I get better, stronger, more whole.  And I’m in awe that it just “happens”.  I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am that I had such trouble swallowing and needed to get it checked out.  IMG_3258If  the symptoms had been less annoying, I might have ignored them.  Instead, I ended up at MD Anderson and they saved my life.  They saved me and you did…with prayers and support and encouragement and healing energy and Reiki and a harp and kale and soup and cards and jokes and Blizzards from Dairy Queen and Masses and books and articles and music. I owe an awful lot of people big time!  What’s the saying …Cultivate an attitude of gratitude”…My gratitude to each one of you is beyond measure.

IMG_3250 IMG_3255


17 thoughts on “Waterwall

  1. 12 for Easter tomorrow. Susie having 9. Trevina left town so she wouldn’t have to cook! Happy Easter! Time for a hair (or almost hair) pic.

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  2. Love the message and pictures. You’ve got our prayers always. Just keep on keeping on.youre our inspiration.

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  3. You are thanking us? We are the ones who have benefited so much from your beautiful writing, descriptions, courage, and messages of hope and inspiration as we watched you face this huge challenge. Now, how wonderful it is to see the healing that is taking place! I wish you a joyous, Happy Easter, Mary. Love, Barb G.

  4. So happy for you, Mary!

  5. 💛💙💜💚❤️

  6. Mary, that’s what friends do for dear friends. No thanking us. If the tables were turned you would do the same thing. You are an incredible friend and I am so thankful for you in my life!
    Happy Easter friend!

  7. I agree with Barb. You did, and are still doing, so much for us !!

    The water wall is beautiful. Wish I had known about it when Tony lived in Texas. Any touring I did was in the Dallas area.

    Happy Easter.

  8. We are all stronger having traveled this road with you. You gave us a way to be by your side, to do what little we could do to help a friend we all love. Collectively you ignited the power to believe and allowed us the rare opportunity to experience a perfect, happy ending. I want to thank YOU!

  9. I’m so just so happy you’re feeling better,and that we have been able to share this journey,my dear friend.

  10. As usual, Mary, you make me smile and feel so grateful for what I have…you look fantastic and have such a wonderful attitude. Thank you. Happy Easter to you and Jerry

  11. Deirdre Christman

    Such a pleasure to look at you now and see how happy and, yes, healthy you look. Chinese food, hooray! Happy Easter – hope there’s a chocolate bunny or two in your basket!

  12. So wonderful to see you and Jerry out and about just enjoying life! Beautiful spot and you look great. So looking forward to spending time together upon your return home. Happy Easter!

  13. This is your resurrection this Easter..just like Jesus. Many blessings to you and a blessed Easter to you and Jerry!

  14. People watching and soaking in the sun is a great way to spend the afternoon. Your description of the running water brings another level of peacefulness to the scene. Isn’t it great to just slow down and take it all in?

  15. So happy to see you (almost) back to your old self. It’s been quite an odyssey for all of us. What a great way to celebrate Easter. Sending lots of love.


  17. Your gratitude is matched by my gratitude that you are in my world and getting stronger every day.
    Much love,

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