Too Beautiful for Words


What a gorgeous day…way too nice to stay inside.  Jerry and I went out to play the tourist in Houston.  First we went to the Rothko Chapel…fascinating place..incredibly peaceful and still.  I had never heard of Rothko until Anne and Clark showed us a couple of his pieces in their art museum book.  The place is perfect  In the entryway there were several books you could use… a Koran, a Bible, a Bhagavad Gita and several others I didn’t recognize.  Inside, there were a couple people sitting on pillows and meditating.  A few others were on chairs and Jerry and I sat on one of the benches.  The place had HUGE Rothkos…and I was surprised how right they were for this place even though I couldn’t imagine why anyone would call them art.  It’s a place of prayer and peace….a good place to be on Good Friday.

We went over to the Menil Art Museum next… Beautiful place but again, art that I just didn’t “get” and most of it was quite disturbing.  I really need to take a course on art appreciation (Tori?)  There was a Magritte collection which was a traveling exhibit.  Check him out and see if you like him.  I found one I liked but I really need someone to help me through these things.

We only made it through half of the Menil…we’ll go back another day.  I can only last just so long before my back starts to go…time to sit down (I have turned into an old lady)

Tomorrow is supposed to be equally gorgeous.  We’ll head out for another quick trip.  There’s a water wall that I saw years ago…artificial waterfall.  We planned to go there today but when I started fading we decided to plan that one for tomorrow.  We can go and hang out…there’s benches so I can sit.

Thinking about Good Friday…about dying and coming back to life.  In many ways, I suppose we all do that many times in our life…every time we learn and grow and change.  Obviously it’s a lot more dramatic when you go on a journey like I have the past six months.  I really do feel as if I died and came back to life…to the rest of my life.  I hope I can take the lessons I learned and really live them.  The quotes I put in these blogs are for me, my friends, not for you, you know.  I’ve been given another chance to “get it right”…We’re all given another chance every minute but, again, mine is a tad more dramatic (always did l love the drama…not)

Declan called to FaceTime with me last night.  The caterpillars had arrived and he wanted to know if he could have them in his room.  Mommy and Daddy had told him no, they were for all three kids but he wasn’t letting it go.  So Erin said, Go ahead, ask Nana (She told me later…you’re not sick any more so I’m back to letting you be the bad guy)  I told him no, they were for everyone.  They needed to be in the kitchen or family room.  He said, he would let the “dirls” (he can’t say the g sound) visit them every day if he could have them in his room.   I told him no and he was disgusted. The kids think I’m a pushover and usually I am…but not about this.  I suggested he bring them to school to show his friends.  He said, Okay but i want them in my room.  Sorry, says I, it’s not fair to the girls.  I’m hanging up, he threatened.  Talk to you later, I said.  And he hung up on me.

He called back today to tell me they were in the kitchen and did I want to see them moving around and to tell me he’s bringing them to school on Monday.   I watched the little critters crawl around the glass.  He’s named them…named one Pop because Jerry asked him to.  Kids are so resilient.

Even with the weird back, how can I not be so happy?  Life is so very, very good.




6 thoughts on “Too Beautiful for Words

  1. Delightful Good Friday reading, Mary. So cute to read about Declan – – we all need some wiggly caterpillars in our life to remind us of all things great and small. So glad you were able to enjoy this beautiful weather on this Good Friday. Take care – sleep well. Love, Barb G.

  2. So glad you’ve gotten this second (or really, third!) chance. You deserve as many as you get. Sounds like you had a perfect day. And Happy Easter!

  3. How thrilled I am for you, Mary. It’s wonderful that you are already out there embracing your life. You are such a fine example for us all. Not once did you play the “oh woe is me” card. Even on your worst days, there was something for which you were grateful and that’s the only way to live. May you and your loved ones have a most blessed and glorious Easter.

  4. Wendie Highsmith

    Sounds like you are experiencing the best of Houston. Jim lived and worked there for 6 years, and never cared for it. Love your quotes, especially this one, and yes, I understand they are for you, and you are just sharing them with us. Good night! Wendie


  5. The experience, logic, and reflections of the older coupled with the boundless energy and delightful wonder of the younger – Isn’t it a wonderful life? Enjoy your Easter Mary!

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