It’s All Good

Barium swallow..The doctor was a riot.  He’s sitting behind a glass divider watching an X-ray as I swallow sugar water and then barium grinning and saying, “Good…good…beautiful..perfect.”  And then he came out and told me “Done!  Go have a milkshake.  Enjoy”.

Meeting with doctor…great.   He went over the report from surgery. He explained that the biopsy and CT scan and PET scan all showed no evidence of cancer. The surgery was to make sure it was all gone and it is. Really gone.  He said that although he’s seen others with Stage 3 esophageal cancer come through this completely cancer free, usually they find some residual cancer after surgery. So I am one very lucky (and blessed) lady.

Meeting with the nutritionist….good.  Time to start drinking and eating a little bit at a time.  Time to start weaning myself  off the feeding tube  which should be with me for another four weeks or so.   I can start eating little bits starting tonight.  I thought they’d tell me I could have water and clear liquids for a few days, try soft foods or smoothies next etc.  But no…go for it.  Little bits but start eating right away.  So tonight I had some crackers and cheese, egg drop soup and some rice.  Funny, I expected to go for the ice water right away but I was so cold at MD Anderson that all I wanted when I got back to Anne’s was a cup of hot tea (and then a glass of water!)

I need to come back in a month when, if all still looks good and I’ve progressed as expected,(maintained or gained weight)  they’ll most likely remove my feeding tube and port.  And then, finally, we’ll head home.  Best case scenario…we’ll be home by May 10 (a little later than we thought)

So it’s all good…so good.  I USED to have cancer.  But not any more.


44 thoughts on “It’s All Good

  1. Oh that last paragraph! Tears of joy, music to my ears, beautiful beautiful! You’ve done it, and with such style and courage. My admiration!

  2. Deirdre Christman

    Phenomenal! You USED to have cancer!

    And now time to treat yourself to some goodies. I think a chocolate milkshake is definitely in order. When you come home, I’ll have to make you a hot fudge sundae – with my own special fudge sauce. As you know, all I think about are food and books…

  3. You are definitely blessed and one hell of a fighter! I’m so happy for you! Hope to see you soon! Let me know when you are home and i can bring you some treats Xoxo

  4. Lovely words! Used to have…
    Couldn’t ask for better! And Florida will be getting too warm and you’ll love air conditioning!
    We had a great time in almost warm Cape San Blas , and returned to snow and flooding!
    Spring is almost here, they tell me!

  5. Linda Underwood

    Great, great news. Oh, for the day that someone says to me “Go and gain weight”!!!

  6. Sharon Cullinan

    Mary that is awesome! I had goose bumps reading it! Can’t wait for you to be home in FL :-$ u

  7. Terrific news!

  8. Best news ever!!

  9. Wendie Highsmith

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.!! I can’t think of any better news. Exhale! Wendie


  10. Great news!!!! Made me smile….:-)


    Holy week or not…AMEN AND ALLELUIA!!!!! NOW!!!! I hope your taste buds are ready for new life… I’d love to come down and cook you some tasteful stuff! Later on. Mary, so, SO glad. I sent your birthday card early, % Erin’s address. It came back in today’s mail, to send elsewhere…must be Anne’s address in Houston. Someone on the ball, although I figured Erin could hold on to it for you. Will re-envelope tomorrow, so it will still arrive in time. We are having a DC Easter with all butt Joseph. Did the Flahives on Sunday. Change is change. We all go forward, don”t we?! Love you, Marie

  12. You’ve made me very happy tonight, Mary!

  13. “You USED to have cancer” EXACTLY!!!!
    In the words of Pumba from Lion King “put your behind in your past”
    Now go and have that shake!!!!

  14. Fabulous–but knew heart of hearts that you were tossing off that old shroud. You’ve been wanting that egg drop soup for a while! So sorry it’s another month before you can head home, but think about how lovely it will be to enjoy the pleasure of well! Hurrah Mary! Beach ahead!


    FANTASTIC…prayers work!!

  16. Joyous words to read tonight. So proud of you and all you have been through and then to hear those magical words: “cancer free.” Oh my. Wonderful, Mary!!! Happy day . . . a chocolate milk shake is in your future! Oh my, to be told to gain weight. What fun! Love, Barb G.

  17. I’m delighted to hear such good news. Now go have fun planning and eating yummy mini meals!

  18. Wonderful news!

  19. I’m having a glass (or 3) of wine to celebrate!

    Sent from my iPad


  20. Happy News!

  21. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You, Jerry, Erin, Sean and all the rest of your family did it!! What great news! You must be feeling wonderful tonight, I know we all are! ENJOY!

  22. Crying right now..hallelujah ! Hallelujah ! Xxoo

  23. Dorothy Cresswell

    Wow—best series of doctors appointments in a l-o-n-g time!!! How good and sweet it is!!!

    • Dear Mary, I hardly know you and am crying tears of happiness! I know you do now and will enjoy every sunrise, sunset, every turtle, every friend and each family member forever. So, sooo grateful to God, love, Jane

  24. Best news of the day!!! Have a glass of wine, or two with the cheese and crackers!

  25. Love those words…. USED TO HAVE CANCER! This day must be right up there with the best days of your life. Now go get those recipe magazines and decide which meal you would really like to have. Congratulations to the whole crew.. All the treatment was worth it!


  27. So happy to hear such wonderful news!!!! I’m sitting here with Sara reading your blog and she told me that on the way home from college today, she and Nathan were talking about teachers from their past who had the greatest impact . I wasn’t surprised to hear that they BOTH said YOU!! Sara even said that she was luckier because she got to have you in second grade AND fith! I just had to share this with you. :). Xoxo

  28. Love that the past is PAST. Eat heartily, slowly, apreciatively and enjoy each morsel. Gain weight and confidence. The sun is shining fully on a new day. Life is definitely good.

  29. I couldn’t have heard better news! I’m so happy for you…. things are progressing according to plan.

    God is good !!

  30. Yes, I too have tears in my eyes! What wonderful words – cancer free. I’m thrilled for you my friend.

  31. Joyous Relief! Congratulations!

  32. Wonderful news, so happy for everyone!

  33. Thank you for that wonderful message!!! I have tears in my eyes. Good thing the kids are busy!!

  34. This is wonderful news! Now rest, relax, enjoy your family.

  35. Best news ever!! So happy for you, Mary!

  36. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! You did it (with help from a wonderful, supportive family). Best news ever. Prayers have been answered. Have a wonderful Easter – celebrate with a bit of chocolate.

  37. Congratulations, Mary!!! I am soooooooooo happy for you!

  38. Feels gone, doesn’t it? Jim’s feeding tube was in for 7 months! He finally got tired of it and had it taken out by his own order. I thought the oncologist was going to have a stroke, but he did fine. Go figure! It will get better, promise!

  39. I can’t stop smiling. It’s such wonderful news.

  40. I love it, the “used to have cancer” part. and now let’s celebrate you being cancer free-YAY!! I’m so happy for you. Since you are eating again, does it mean you can eat a chocolate Easter bunny? Happy Easter and Happy news!!

  41. Amazing news. Keep writing.

  42. OMG…I am so happy!!!!! Yah!!!!! I am hugging you so tightly. This is wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Love you ☺


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