We’ll see how that Barium Swallow goes tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll know a lot more about when I can start eating, how long i’ll have the feeding tube, when I need to see the doctor again, etc. etc.

Busy day tomorrow…Looking forward to it.  Slow day today.  And silly me, I passed on the Tramadol today…figured I could manage without it. NOT. Live and learn.  I just wasn’t ready.  Ahhh…pride goeth before a fall.  Thank God, for heating pads.  And  I’ll have some  Tramadol before I go to bed tonight.

Thinking about Boston today.  My nephew, Jason, ran last year.  He finished before the bomb went off.  He’s running again on Monday.  And tomorrow is the anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting…It’s a hard day for my sister, Eileen, who was in the building next door while the shooting was going on.  Prayers for everyone , I guess.

My sister, Kim, sent me the quote i have up above.  Nice, isn’t it?

This is my hundredth post.  I guess I like to write.




16 thoughts on “Water?

  1. Keep writing! You are an inspiration to us all!! Lots going on here too! Hugs, hugs, hugs!


  2. Good luck tomorrow. I hope you’re able to begin drinking liquids, then on to soft solids, etc. very soon.

    We all think that we can do without the meds until we decide to eliminate them. Then we realize that we felt that way because we were taking the meds! Crazy isn’t it?

  3. Lucky for us that you DO like to write, Mary. Such a talent you have!!! I’m waiting for your book – we all are. My, a lot of really serious things on you mind, aside from the barium swallowing test tomorrow. Anniversaries of some sadness for many families, plus your nephew and your sister. Best of luck to you tomorrow. Love, Barb G.

  4. I’m sorry….didn’t I tell u to take any & all drugs! Interesting things going on in this time…Boston seems like I was there…love that town. Keep us posted.

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Good luck tomorrow, Mary. Don’t be in too much of a rush to dispose of the feeding tube. You need those calories and your body will probably want you to swallow just a little at a time. Enjoy those sips, then bites. Can’t wait for your 101st post! You always did like to write!!!

  6. I’m optimistic about your tests tomorrow. I also agree you should take your meds and perhaps wean slowly when you feel ready, but don’t miss a complete dose until a half dose or a bit longer time between meds is possible. I also think the nighttime dose should be the last to go as the efforts of the day build on the body and it’s time to rest and heal. That was my experience which lasted weeks (maybe a couple months), not days. We know you are brave and strong but that does not mean tolerating undue pain. You feel the pain of others as you remember Boston and Virginia Tech. Continue to nurture yourself.

  7. Linda Underwood

    I am looking forward to your 200th blog, but you will have to find a new topic by then! You are constantly introducing me to new things and I just looked up Tramadol as you have spoken so “fondly” of it. I thought it was interesting that it is a synthetic drug used all over the world on both humans and animals but they recently discovered it naturally in the roots of an African Pin Cushion tree. I think it so interesting that we make life so complicated some times and yet people in Africa have probably been using this naturally for centuries.

  8. Deirdre Christman

    Good luck tomorrow! I’ll be looking forward to the 101th post and the newest inspirational quote.

  9. What sad memories this day evokes. Sometimes chance seems to play the major role in life. So glad, my friend that you have shared your journey with us!

  10. We all learn that drug lesson the hard way – BUT only once! Fingers crossed for great barium swallow results – oh, water, water, here she comes! But if it’s not this week, it will be soon, it’s inevitable. Sooner though is better than later.
    All our hearts ache for our Boston; our hearts ache for all the hurt people, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora, everywhere…. but we’re ALL Boston Strong.
    You, my friend, are inspiring, smart, courageous, funny – and lucky for all of us that you’re such a terrific writer and that you share. xoxo

  11. I’ll be thinking of you with my fingers crossed that you Barium Swallow goes well. Keep on writing for you and us, will you? Snow on the ground this morning, but just a dusting.

  12. Wendie Highsmith

    Hope the swallow went smoothly, and the feeding tube is about to be history! Love, Wendie


  13. As usual, all of the above so better express what was on my mind. We not only know a great writer with a talent to share, but also some very skillful “Replyers” as well.

  14. You may already be finished with your tests now; I’m 3 hours behind you. Praying for healing results. Why not? You’ve been a great patient and have done it all right.
    God sits on your shoulder and sees you thru it! I hope I’d have 1/10 of your attitude if I were in your shoes. Now I’m waiting for your book to be published. Have a beautiful, pain free day, love, Jane

  15. Love today’s quote. Turns out the simple things aren’t always that simple. Hoping you have a good pain free day. I too enjoy your writing. What a wonderful gift!! Love, Mary

  16. Praying all goes well for you tomorrow! So sorry you are still in pain. Did you watch the Boston Strong ceremony yesterday on ESPN – evoked lots of tears. My nephew and his 1 1/2 year old daughter had just left before the explosion as one of his friends was running in the marathon. Thankfully that was a day off for Kevin and Christine since they both work downtown Boston. Sending you hugs and kisses. xx

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