Thunder and Lightning

Outside it’s pretty wild here.  We were lucky and got out for a walk before it got nasty.  What a dark and dreary day.  Rain, wind, thunder, lightning…yuk.  So glad we didn’t have to go anywhere.

It’s fine, inside, though.  I’ve been putting off making the kids’ Spring Break photo book and today was the perfect day to get that done.  It isn’t all that hard, especially since I’ve made almost twenty of them.  I’m sure all the online photo companies are great but I got hooked on Shutterfly so that’s the one we use.  Nice project for a rainy day and I could do it sitting on the couch with my laptop.  And, I never pay full price.  They have so many “deals” that I when I make the books, if I don’t have a special offer, I just wait and within a week, something comes along.  This time it was a $30 book for $10.  By the time you take care of shipping and handling, it’s more like $20 but I love these books.

So most of my projects and shopping are done for now.  One more project…a music slide show for Lana’s First Communion.   Maybe I’ll tackle that tomorrow.  I’m going to need help with it.  Hopefully I’ll feel good enough to get to the Apple Store for help.  Jerry’s heading over there tomorrow to continue some work on Excel and see if they can help us with some weird little quirky stuff that’s come up on the iPad and MacBook.  I don’t quite have the energy for that yet.  Or maybe it’s the inclination.  Whatever…I’ll sit around and relax and he can take care of everything.  (What else is new?)

On Wednesday I have a Barium Swallow over at Anderson.  If that goes well, I may get that tall drink of water and begin to start drinking and eating again.  I wonder if I even REMEMBER how to swallow.  I’ve got lots of questions for the doctor….what can I eat? how do we decide when to ease up on the feeding tube? How do we quit the feeding tube?  WHEN do we quit the feeding tube?  (Can you tell I’m getting anxious to get on with my life?)

Life is good.  Pain is easily controlled by meds.  I’m sleeping well.  I’m walking an hour a day (20 minutes each time I get going)  I’m certainly not setting the world on fire but I’m feeling pretty human these days.  Where’s that guy with the millions?  I might take him up on his offer???



17 thoughts on “Thunder and Lightning

  1. Keep up the good work. The worst is behind you and there ain’t no lookin’ back!!


  2. Wendie Highsmith

    Human is good-You’re getting there. Here we were in Colorado on Saturday-70 degrees. Late that day the sky got dark, the wind picked up, then it rained. Sunday morning, it rained, then snowed 2-3 ” here and much more in the mountains. Spring has been teasing us, but then it was winter again. No problem–the sun is shining, but it is only going to be in the 50s and low 60s this week. They say this is typical for April. Helps the flowers grow. Hope tomorrow will be sunny and warm! Wendie


  3. Barium Swallow? Tall drink of water? How ’bout you put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up…?
    Here’s your musical selection of the day:

  4. So glad all continues to go well. Just focus on rest and recovery and you’ll be home before you know it! Sure the barium swallow will yield positive results. Can’t believe you are already able to walk an hour per day! Sending positive thoughts your way every day. “Hi!” to Jerry.

  5. Mary it’s so good to hear you talk about your projects and your plans. I wish I was as ambitious as you. I hope your tests go well. It would be great to have a little snack as you check off that substantial to do list. Love, Mary

  6. You are totally awesome.

  7. So good to hear positive news, my friend! Did you enjoy MIDWIFE?

  8. So happy that things are going well…good luck with the barium swallow.

  9. What do you need a million for? You have it all already.

  10. Life does sound good! These past few months only made you stronger- in all ways! Walking an hour a day! Hooray for you! Your mental attitude has also grown – in all ways. Now, there is less questioning and doubt and more, “O.K., let’s get on with it!”
    So glad you wrote on your blog…. I was going to email and ask where the light was????? Good luck tomorrow with your barium swallow test. Can’t wait to hear the wonderful results…. Jerry will be off to the grocery store, I bet! Keep us posted.

  11. This is wonderful news yet again. Can’t wait to hear the news and have a toast to your health.

  12. Glad to hear you know how to make the best of a rainy drizzly day. Same dismal weather here – dropped from 78º on Sat to 27º tomorrow. But YOU are the one who knows what to do when weather doesn’t beckon you outside – the spring break books you make sound wonderful. Lucky grandchildren to have you! Good luck tomorrow with the swallowing . . . we’ll be thinking about you. Love, Barb G.

  13. Deirdre Christman

    Great mind think alike. I never pay full price at Shutterfly either. I always finish the project and let it sit until I like the current deal. I just did my photo book for France and got 40% off – but not as good a deal as yours!

    Music slide show for first communion, great idea! Will’s first communion is in two weeks. We should introduce our grandchildren!

    Glad you are doing so well. I don’t know how you’ve made it so long looking at others eat and not eating yourself. Finally, you’ll get your chance, sooner rather than later, I hope.

    Miss you! Deirdre

  14. Yes, stay busy with those photobook deals. I got one for 99% off! Couldn’t pass that one up!

  15. Life seems to be moving along st a perfect pace. I love your projects but more importantly, the fact that you can think about them and plan to execute them. Life is indeed good.
    In the almost five weeks we’he been here, bog one drop of rain!

  16. That sounds like WAY too much work! Ongoing guests still here, looking at 13 for Easter! Pray for me. Trevina & Paul head to Ga then NC to see daughters. That leaves me & Susie in charge of Jim…think we can handle it!

    Sent from my iPad


  17. Love you.

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