Quiet Day

Mom's Pics 007

Brent and Lana

Another oldie but goodie.  Think this father is nuts about his daughter?

We brought Sean and Carly to the airport this morning at 6:30.  I hated to see them go but was so grateful that they had come.  When Jerry came home from the hospital after bypass surgery, I remember how scared I was (and he was) that we wouldn’t know what to do.  And that time we had a visiting nurse popping in each day for awhile and I had nothing to do, really, except make sure he drank enough fluids, got some exercise, got some food and meds.

With me, it as a tad more complex (a tad??) and even though  Jerry was perfectly able to do it all, I didn’t want him stuck doing it all on his own.  God bless Sean for coming so they could rely on each other to remember everything because, let’s face it, I was no help at all in the beginning.  In the last two days, I’ve finally started asking Jerry what he’s doing and how he’s doing it so I can gradually take over some of the work.  Until now, I have had absolutely no interest in anything except sitting around helpless and  having people wait on me.

And I was so glad Carly came.  I know how busy she is.  Lawyers in New York do NOT have easy, laid back lives and I was so grateful she hopped on a plane to come see us.  Sean lucked out when he found that girl.  We are crazy about her.  They’re moving to Los Angeles, probably some time this summer.  Sean is going to get his MBA from UCLA and Carly will join a firm there.  She’s already had one offer..not exactly the one she wants but if the perfect job doesn’t come around, at least she has a job out there.

So now we’re on our own (and that’s fine).  Anne and Clark were here and left again to go to Memphis on business.  They’ll be back tomorrow until Friday…don’t know how they keep up the pace but they do.

My back is fine (but whether it’s fine without Tramadol I haven’t had the nerve to check yet)  My back wasn’t all that great in the middle of the night and so I was doing the cat and the cow on the bed around 2:00 when I felt a pop…oops.  I was kneeling on my feeding tube and when I moved, it pulled one section out. NOT out of me, thank God.  That would have been a minor crisis.  This was easy to put back together but I learned my lesson.  Note to self..no yoga while I’m hooked up to the feeding tube.

I’m trying to walk for an hour a day…in twenty minute segments …but I’ll probably not get to an hour today….way too lazy.  I had a lot of shopping to do today …What on earth did we do without Amazon? Lana desperately wants the Lego cruise ship and her birthday is coming.  She’s going to get it early so I can help her with it (I honestly do NOT love working on Lego things…way too much can go wrong and then you have to pull the whole thing apart and start all over..drives me nuts.  The things we do for our grandchildren)  I ordered the caterpillars from Insect Lore again this year.  It’s an amazing gift and I highly recommend it to anyone with kids or grandkids.  There is something so incredible about watching caterpillars get bigger and bigger and then form a chrysalis and emerge as butterflies.  I’m as enchanted by it as the kids are.

Call the Midwife is on tonight.  Love that show.  Perfect way to end a perfect day.




13 thoughts on “Quiet Day

  1. Life sounds good except for Sean and Carly leaving. That marks another milestone- you are gradually taking over some of your own care. Sean and Carly LA. – you know I visit there often. This will be another destination for you, in addition to Texas. You sound terrific – stronger and still positive.
    Love the picture today and yesterday! Sweet grandchildren are your medicine for sure- so is building the Lego cruise ship. Lana may just ask for a cruise to go along with the Lego set! Hope each day finds you stronger!

  2. Mary, enjoy being waited on for now. You deserve it after all you’ve gone through (and you know you would do the same for Jerry if it was the other way around). Carly sounds like a wonderful addition to an already lovely family. Have a great week and keep up those walks!

  3. Linda Underwood

    Great to hear you getting stronger and stronger everyday. Have “they” told you why your back is bothering you. I don’t understand why your surgery resulted in back pain? Linda

  4. Walking an hour a day so soon? Wow!y – – even though it’s in 20 minute segments, that’s terrific! So proud of all the great strides you are making – and also acknowledging the amazing nursing help (aka Jerry and Sean) along the way. 🙂 Love, Barb G.

  5. Isn’t a great feeling knowing your kids have picked such good people to share their lives with? For me that is so satisfying. One of my favorite things to do with my grand kids is making Lego structures. the boys are so much better an understanding those pictures than I am. I posted a comment on your last blog entry, but I see it isn’t there. So glad to hear that the yoga and meds are helping! You put me to shame with your walking. I think I’m doing great because I walk for a half hour a day. Good for you! Keep up the great work. I’ll be watching Call the Midwife too! Great show! Love you, Gina

  6. Deirdre Christman

    I know you’re thankful you have such a wonderful family and that Erin and Sean have picked such caring mates – but they wouldn’t be the terrific people they are if not for you and Jerry. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

    I’m so glad you’re doing as well as you are. Incredible! And I’m also glad you’re still writing your blog. I look forward to it every day.

  7. Note from a grammy to a nana: No cruise ship here. We have the Bat Cave and Joker’s Fun House.(Probably more up Declan’s ally??) I like doing legos with the kids but I sure do wish we had a more permanent lego staging area.
    Must say I loved store shopping until my knees went south on me. Now I am queen of the virtual shoppers. So much for that long ago promise that I would never risk using my credit card on line.
    Sad to say I am a complete convert.
    Mary Ginley shopping is another sign to me that you’re feeling better. I’m confident you’ll be in Flower Mound before we know it. Love, Mary

  8. Hi Mary, sounds as tho all is well..you certainly have a marvelous, caring nurse! I’ sure both you and Jerry are so thankful to Sean for his concern and nursing…you do have a wonderful family!
    Wow, quite a walking routine…good for you! Just take it slow and easy…I know you want to get better real fast but better safe than sorry (and that includes feeding tubes!) I too look forward to reading you progress each day. Shopping online is wonderful and no leaving the house…can’t beat it!
    Keep up the good work…we miss you! Pam G

  9. So glad to hear you’re
    doing well. You cerainly are blessed with a wonderful family- good looking,too!
    Try to be patient with your progress.

  10. Dear Mary,

    thanks for all the updates. I feel like I’m there with you, and it feels good. I should’ve known Call The Midwife would be one of your favorite shows because it’s also one of mine. With so many dark TV shows, this one is a breath of fresh air, full of humanity and hope. I love it.

    I’m at UT-Austin at the moment where tomorrow night I give the annual Américo Paredes Lecture. I feel honored to have been invited because I’m the first Puerto Rican they’ve invited to give this lecture, named after a renowned Mexican American educator and sponsored by the Mexican American Studies Center. Imagine that! I had dinner with some friends and some new people I met and now I’m ready for a nice rest. I left home very early this morning and had a long day. Unlike you, I haven’t been able to exercise – in fact, I wish *I *could’ve walked for an hour today!

    Sending my love,


  11. Do you know the cause of the back pain? Have you tried to get some back relief from a chiropractor? They don’t “bone crunch” like they used to. They use gentle pressure and ultrasound vibrations, for example. Might be worth a try.

  12. I am happy to hear that you sound like you are making good, solid progress! I have news. I filled out the papers for retirement!!! I cannot do another year of this!

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