Nice Day

alannah 077

No idea how Lana’s picture ended up here.  I thought I clicked on one of my inspirational quotes.  But this is probably better. It makes me smile. That kid was always a happy little thing.  And never was a neat eater.

It just gets better every day.  I’m doing fine…sleeping well at night, enjoying walks in the courtyard during the day, reading, gabbing with family…and for the most part, pain free. or at least minimal pain that is easily controlled.  Jerry has the feeding and meds down to a regular routine and slowly I’m learning how to do it so I can take over some of the work.  Things are good.

Sean and Carly are leaving tomorrow.  I’ll be sad to see them go.  Sean was a huge help getting me home and getting me settled and it’s been such fun to have both of them around this weekend.  They’re out now…went to my nephew’s for dinner…Nice that the cousins can get together.  They went out to a Greek restaurant today with Jill and Anne.  I made them describe what they ate in detail.  I am living vicariously through everyone else these days.  At meal times, I go down to keep everyone company and just stare at the good food.  I complain that no one ever gives me a plate.  They ignore me.  So I pretend I’m having a great meal and thank the cook profusely for such good food.  (I am losing it, no question)

Still loving the heating pad for my back…still loving the Tramadol…still wishing I could just have a tall glass of ice water.  That day will come…maybe soon, probably this week!





13 thoughts on “Nice Day

  1. Wonderful reading about you tonight . . and I loved the cute picture of Lana. The quote was perfect – – each day a little better (sounds like a LOT better!) than the day before – and your charming wit in full bloom (“thanking the cook profusely!” Oh my). Such a trooper you are. So glad you are able to enjoy the walks, too and how wonderful that Jerry has the necessary routine under control. Love, Barb G.

  2. So glad to hear that each day gets better and better. How could it not when you have that cutie to look at?

  3. Keep on keeping on!! Love you are well on the mend.

    See you soon!


  4. Ahhh, this is the letter I hoped would come before long, that the pain is manageable. I know you’ve been surrounded with so much loving care and prayer. There was/is no way out but through, and you are doing it with honesty, grace, and humor. I do love the quote at the end, LOVE it. Gentle hugs to you.

  5. Nice days=blessed days!

  6. Karen Rafferty

    I would so do the same thing…..thanks for the yummy food – NOT-…pretty funny! I am sure your family loves it….
    The ice water will be delicious!
    Continue healing xoxoxo

    • Just as I imagined, a bit better each day. I too had tramadol and found it helped ease me back. Sounds like that is what you are doing too, easing yourself back to health. It won’t be long. It sure hasn’t hurt your sense of humor.

  7. Mare, love the humor. I must say it’s great to hear you have an appetite. It’s another sign that you must be feeling better. I can so relate to your desire for that tall glass of ice water. Ahhh… the things we take for granted. Hopefully you’ll get your wish very soon!!! Thinking of you, Mary

  8. I love the quote! Let me know when this book will be published. I would love to be the first in line to buy it- such positive thoughts through very difficult times.
    After surgery a couple of summers ago, I would have given a million dollars for ice chips. I know you will relish every sip you take when water comes your way. Enjoy each drop! Your nurses are incredible— and so are you!

  9. What a beautiful baby! So glad you have your family around you. We are looking forward to your homecoming,my friend!

  10. It’s ever do nice to take a break from the never -ending cleaning and cooking to read your blot. How wonderful to be in the loving midst of your ever -attentive family while recuperating and you seem to be moving to a better place with each day in their care. Everything appears positive. Yea and yea and yea.

    Life here in Israel is hustle bustle as the country (and we) prepare for passover. The house is spotless and should stay that way for five minutes (it’s a little hard with five kid’s). They do only one Seder here. We’ll all do some fun stuff together Wednesday and Thursday and on Friday we bought everyone tickets for the Harlem Globetrotters. The baby and I will stay behind because he’s too young. We return to the States on Sunday.

    Keep going, keep going, keep going

  11. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-What a cutie!! So glad you are feeling better and better! Enjoy the day! Wendie


  12. Lana’s little food smeared face is adorable and indicative of what’s soon to come for you, Mary. Soon you’ll be posting a picture of your own food smeared face!!! Can’t wait to see it! Keep on getting better and better dear Mary.

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