Tramadol and the Cat and the Cow

Oh, my I am in heaven.  My backache is minimal.  First of all, thank you, Jackie Neiman, for suggesting some back exercises.  The first one she suggested was what we call at yoga “the cat and the cow.”  I should have thought of it myself.  I know when women have back labor the nurses often have them up on their hands and knees to relieve the pain.  So I got down on all fours, arched my back and then sagged, breathing in and out slowly.  Amazing what a difference it  made.

Then, when it came time for my tramadol, I told Jerry to double the dose.  It really wasn’t doubling…I had forgotten we had halved the dose when we came home because I hadn’t seemed to need it.  So what I found out was that if you don’t get a full dose, you may as well not get anything.  Five milliliters of tramadol…nothing.  Ten milliliters —a miracle.  And it lasted six hours.  For six hours I could put that cup of water down!  I had the best night’s sleep since surgery.  And when the tramadol wore off at 6:00 AM,  I did the cat and the cow, turned on the heating pad and lasted until 8:00 when Jerry was up to play nurse again.  Life is so good. (Jerry is really not playing nurse…he and Sean are the nurses)

Also, I forgot to say yesterday when I wrote about the biopsy results, that the doctor said that if they found no cancer cells in the samples from surgery, my odds for survival of at least five years would automatically go from 20% to 60%.  Gets better and better, huh?  I think I was in such pain yesterday that even though I was happy about the biopsy results it was like “Well that’s nice but my back is killing me at the moment.  I’ll celebrate later.”

So today was good…full doses of tramadol, two walks outside AND yoga…I used one of my DVDs from Venice and did what I could.  There’s lots I can’t do, there’s lots I didn’t do because I was being careful, but there also was plenty I could do or modify.  As I said, life is good.

We all went out to sit by the pool this afternoon and read.  Peaceful…beautiful… there were some annoying tiny little bugs that finally drove me inside but it still was just nice to be sitting by a pool.

I called Anderson to try to schedule acupuncture or a massage or both…first time I’ve seen them be inefficient.  You need a doctor’s order…called my doctor’s nurse who said she’d put it right in (yesterday) but as of 1:00 today, they didn’t have it.  Got busy and forgot to call the nurse to nag her…I know there are bigger concerns than mine that she’s dealing with and seeing as my back pain is under control at the moment, I let it go.  I’ll try again tomorrow or Monday because, obviously, my goal is wean myself off the magic meds as soon as I can (but believe me, I’m not rushing anything)

I know I used this quote before but I like it so you’re getting it again.




16 thoughts on “Tramadol and the Cat and the Cow

  1. Love your quote and glad you are getting a handle on the pain! Keep up the great work!

  2. Mary I am so glad you got some good sleep. Sleep is such a great healer. As usual you have everything under control. I feel as though you are always putting your far away friends at ease rather than the other way around. I am so so happy for you and me.. Keep up the good work. Love ya, Mary

  3. Fantastic!

  4. You have done all with such ease…. This is your bump in the road for now. You will travel over it well!!!!

  5. Soooooo glad your back is feeling better !!!!!!

  6. Great to know the exercises are helping and the right dosage for Tramadol is, too. H

  7. Whoops – hit a key too soon. Anyway, you continue to do very well – now you are getting needed sleep, too. Wonderful!! Love, Barb G.

  8. Hopefully, you’ve turned a corner!

  9. Another “Thank you!!!!” out to Jerry and Sean!

  10. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Well, who knew? Cats and cows, double the meds…and wa-la…major improvement. So glad there are ways to lessen your back pain. Sounds like you are in good hands there. Love, Wendie


  11. You r truly amazing and such an inspiration to us all. Looks like tramado lis your friend. Mine too. Only major pain med I can tolerate. Now that u have the pain under control, u can really heal. Yea!


  12. Don’t be afraid to use the pain killer, Mary. I am anxious every day until I hear from you. Thanks for being so up-beat when I KNOW what you are going through. Stay strong!

    • Good morning Mary! Well sounds like you’re on top of the pain good you’ve got many friends who give great suggestions….better than doctors sometimes huh? You have such a positive attitude and with the healing time you’ll be back on the beach in no time! All the bad stuff is over!
      I know you and Jerry are iPad experts now….a couple questions uf you don’t mind….
      Do I need to pick up a security protection for my iPad like McAfee or is it okay?
      I’m having a hard time synching my iPhone and pad for photos. The old ones on the pad won’t go to my phone. I have registered for the cloud on both but they won’t come over. Thanks
      Hope you have another good pain free day…keep up that exercise and med! Thoughts to you, Pam G

  13. So happy you’ve worked out a good combo – Cat and the Cow, heating pad and Tramadol. The path report is just hugely important and wonderful. It will last much, much longer than the pain. Your spirit, the love from you and surrounding you, your humor – those are what will long outlast the pain.

    I’m going to wallpaper with that saying!!

  14. Mary-Ellen Gartner

    Mary, As a Tramadol believer, especially for back pain, my advice would be not to wean yourself off it for a long, long time. Of course, check with your docs, but mine has said not to worry. It’s amazing stuff, and not a “scheduled” drug. Thrilled you’re able to sleep!


  15. Glad to hear things are getting somewhat better for you. Keep up with the cat and the cow. Love you,

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