This Is Getting Old


Oh this is so true.  I cannot imagine going through this without Jerry and Sean and Erin.

People ask how my pain level is.  Here’s what I’d describe it as (and it’s mostly a garden variety backache…not a big deal, usually)  I read somewhere …and I don’t know what the point of the exercise was originally but it fits for me right now….If you give someone a glass of water and ask them to hold it and then ask them if it’s heavy, they’ll most likely say “No, it’s just a little glass of water.”  However, if you ask them after an hour if it’s heavy, they might be a little more whiny.  And after a day, or two days or three or more…Well you get the point.  What is tolerable for a little while, for a day, for even a couple of days, begins to become intolerable.  The backache,the pains near the incision…all of them are just fine EXCEPT they’re hanging around too long.  So instead of dialing it down on the meds (I mostly had Tylenol in the hospital and gabapentin…a nerve blocker) I’m upping the meds…adding on tramadol which I told them in the hospital was way too much.  Besides, frankly, I don’t think any of the meds are touching the stupid backache…heating pad is the best thing for it.  But hope springs eternal…I just figure that maybe if I didn’t have the meds it might even be worse!

I’m thinking of checking out the Integrative Medicine Center …They have acupuncture and therapeutic massage.  That might help.  Don’t think I can lie on my stomach though.  I may have to wait on that.  I should talk to them.

Other than that, things are fine.  The weather is stunning…mid 70s, sunny, breezy…simply gorgeous.  Going out for a walk as soon as I finish “eating”.  My feeding pump is giving me food at a faster rate so I don’t need to be hooked up 24/7 any more.  Good news…can go out without my backpack full of formula and the tube hanging out for all to see.

Sean’s fiancé is coming in tonight.  We can’t wait to see her.  And Anne comes home tomorrow night. She’s been at the beach on Padre Island all week with her grandkids who are on spring break.  They’re been having the time of their lives.

In the meantime, I read, binge on Parenthood (up to Season 5) and write silly self-absorbed blogs.  Don’t forget, guys, I said from the very beginning the blogs weren’t for you.  They’re my therapy so I get to use them any way I want.  And you never, ever have to read them.  I’ll never know.



17 thoughts on “This Is Getting Old

  1. Mom, you did mean that you “CAN’T wait to see her,” right? Otherwise, Carly is going to start to think you don’t like her!

  2. I wouldn’t think about not reading your blogs. In fact, I look forward to them.

    Try to remember that you’re only a week into recovery and it sounds, except for the pain levels, that your doing remarkably well. 🙂

  3. Oopps….spelled you’re wrong at the end of my last sentence. That’s what I get for not proofreading!

  4. Think you should try anything & everything that might make you feel better.  Acupuncture is amazing…so is massage & you don’t have to lie on your stomach to get one….side, back…all are available and helpful means to relaxation.  Might just want to consider arm/leg/shoulder massage which they can do from a chair…just to relax those muscles and nerve endings.  I’m sure the hospital has therapists who are skilled in dealing with post-op problems.  Leave no stone unturned!  Beautiful day here as well…certainly makes you forget that summer is coming!

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “People are like bicycles.  They can keep their balance only as long as they keep moving.”  Albert Einstein

  5. Who you travel with – girlfriend, that is the truth! You’ve got quite an entourage here with the rest of us too, though we’re not so helpful from this distance. :/
    That unremitting pain is exactly like the water glass. Being unable to move away from it, just to take a break, is so exhausting. Tramadol is great and, as a bonus, isn’t addictive or scary. Hope that pain starts leaving skid marks real soon, …. um, now would be good!

    Thank you for the blogs, wouldn’t dream of not reading, often several times; I depend on them. Lots of love, heaps, bushels, and gobs, along with everyone else.

  6. Some parts of your entry today remind me of feelings Brad expressed in his blog – especially about the writing of the blog entries helping the writer! Blog away – – whatever gives you help, Mary. I am so sorry you are having the gosh darn pain and hope and pray that goes away soon. Love, Barb G.

  7. Keep in mind that the anaesthesiology drugs numbed or blocked some pain. They’ve worn off now so you’ll feel pain that was blocked post surgery. You were on your back on a hard surface throughout surgery. Sounds like you might be having muscle spasms which a heating pad relaxes. I hope it all clears soon. Maybe you could ask your doctor for muscle relaxants if the pain gets worse.

  8. Also want to say that your writing “self absorbed” blog posts is great! You should be self absorbed right now. I’m totally interested in what you’re experiencing, physically and emotionally. I love the honesty!

  9. Not sure exactly where your back pain is located (except of course in your back;) but as a life long back pain sufferer I can tell you some quick things that give me relief. First kneel down on all 4s and just let your back hang (sag) naturally. Also I alternate arching my back up and down in this position. Second I lie down on the couch (or bed or floor) so my back is flat and I put my legs either up the wall or over the back of the couch. Finally, if you side sleep out a thin
    pillow between your legs.
    Hope one of these ideas brings you at least a bit of relief!

  10. Mary, Your “self absorbed” blogs are inspirational and educational, a true reflection on you! Keep ’em coming!! So glad to hear that your are enjoying the sunshine, are able to take walks, and, most importantly, enjoying your family. Sending happy thoughts, as always!

  11. That pain really sounds frustrating. Really getting old,huh? Take the meds and explore the other options-a nice back massage perhaps? I’m glad you can get out and enjoy the warmth and the sunshine. Hugs to you, Jerry and Sean.

  12. Enjoy the sunshine and the company. Hopefully these pleasant distractions will spark your endorphins to deaden the pain. Nothing like welcome visitors to brighten a day. Wishing you every good thought. Love,Mary

  13. Just so you know I read all your blogs, look forward to them and do not delete them. That is one failing of our new technology. We aren’t face to face so one never really knows what happens to those gems we send out into space. BUT know yours are received and appreciated.

    • Love Charlie Brown….so true! I wouldn’t miss reading your blogs and finding out how your day was and more importantly how you are! Fan tasting news…cancer free…what a blessing! You just keep enjoying those delicious meals and they’ll make you stronger everyday! The massage sounds wonderful and may just be the answer! You’ve come a long way girl….keep it up…home stretch now! Pam G

  14. Getting better all the time!

  15. Read each one of them, and marvel at your optimistic, positive take on this. I also send each one on to Mary Brunelle, who is trying very hard to mimic your approach, and rarely complain! You’re inspiring many of us!

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