Just a quick one.  Just finished talking to Dr. Mehran’s nurse…biopsy results back.  All clear…everything fine…no cancer anywhere.  Yay.

Making appointment with Integrative Medicine .  They’ll decide whether a massage or acupuncture is the best route to follow at this point.



34 thoughts on “Again????

  1. Yay!!!!!!! So happy for you and yours.

  2. Excellent!

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  3. Great news !

  4. BEST. NEWS. EVER!!!

  5. Mary, Clear margins? Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be overjoyed. Too bad it takes so long to get results. That is the longest and slowest time to go through. I think you have back pain from blogging. it’s the new equivalent to thumb tendonitis for “texters” …too much action keyboarding. just kidding. They must have tossed you around in surgery while you were unconscious. Hope you find something that helps to relieve it.
    Do you remember the 60s poet Rod McKuen? In one of his poems he said, ” sometimes it is good to feel a little pain sometimes, it proves you are still alive.” Don’t ask me what brought that oldie, but goodie back, but 😜

  6. Exhale a little. Makes it all worth it.

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  7. As Tony the Tiger would say, “That’s Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!!!!!”

  8. Hooray – wonderful test results – – Oh my, I love to read that “no cancer anywhere” report. Glad you are looking into integrative medicine for help with the pain . . . a good massage (or acupuncture) might be just the thing! Love, Barb G.

  9. Fantastic news! Hope the therapy gives you the relief you need. Love, Mary

  10. YAY!!!! Fantastic news! You must be over the top happy to hear that you are cancer free, 🙂

  11. Applause!!! Good news right before Dining for Women meeting tonight. We will celebrate the news.

  12. YES!!!!!!!! Yay, God! Yay, Mary!! Yay, doctors and nurses and all support people!! Yay, everybody!!!

  13. The best words anyone can hear! Congratulations and hope the pain goes away quickly! Xoxo

  14. Laura O'Connor

    I am thrilled for you!!

  15. Mary, you can’t see this, but we are doing the happy dance :-))))))))

  16. Karen Rafferty


  17. I am too happy to put my thoughts into words! GREAT NEWS – again, thank you God and Mary, angels,
    doctors and nurses, hospital staff, MD Anderson,Jerry, Sean and Erin, Brent and children, Anne and husband, Carly, and friends!!!!! You are healed and will be yourself one of these days! Hang in there. All this good news must somehow lessen the severity of pain. May it be more bearable each day!
    Congratulations FOR A JOB WELL DONE!

  18. Alleluia alleluia alleluia


    Great news, Mary…the not cancer part, NOT the pain! Alleluia, alleluia!!!

  20. Cancer free now, pain free will be next.

  21. Wonderful news! By the way, I love reading your blogs.

  22. What more can I say? Hooray! I also think the alternatives for pain management are a great idea. I have read acupuncture can be VERY helpful. Give it a whirl. Be sure to tell Sean we ALL knew you meant to say you “can’t” wait to see Carly!! Funny though!

  23. Mary-Ellen Gartner



  24. We are so delighted for you! Great news!

  25. Alleluia again and again!

  26. Yahoo!!! Soooo Happy!

  27. AWESOME!!!!

  28. That was the best “Quicky” ever!

  29. Yahoooooooooooooooo!!! Made my day!

  30. Sooo very happy for you, Jerry and your family! You did it. Happy healing; take it slowly. Blessings, Jane

  31. Phew! Great news! Deep cleansing breath…

  32. Marie O'Connor

    That is wonderful news Mary.

  33. Prayers are being answered…LUL xx

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