This is SO Not Fun

Well, we survived our first night at home.  I never was all that annoyed when nurses woke me up in the middle of the night in the hospital to check my vital signs, give me meds or whatever.  They might have been a tad too perky for 3:00 AM  but I fell right back to sleep and knew I was still alive and doing fine.  At home..well no one was waking me up but I was awake…with a killer backache.  I hated to wake Jerry for pain meds…It was tolerable.  Then my dressing started leaking…figured out how to fix that with a towel.  But when the feeding tube pump started beeping at 3:45 it was time to wake the poor guy up. He promptly and cheerfully  fixed the pump issue, changed my dressing and gave me more pain meds…and thankfully went back to sleep.  How do people do this without a Jerry and Sean?

All’s well.  We both took naps this afternoon and I’m feeling SO much better.

Jerry got me a heating pad today…LOVE it.  Wish I could fall asleep with it but it says DO NOT SLEEP WITH HEATING PAD ON….Oh well, I still love it.  And as you can see below, we went out for a little walk.  It was 78 and sunny…God, do I love sunshine.  I can’t tell you how much I loved just soaking it all in.  It was total heaven.

I was reading my doctor’s report on the surgery today.  EVERYTHING is on my website…they are so transparent.  It described the surgery in minute detail and I understood about 1/10 of it….like I understood “the lady was positioned on her back.” and “her arms are tucked and padded” but the best one was at the end “the instrument and sponge count were correct”   I cracked up.  Glad I’m not walking around with an extra sponge in me.

This is not fun.  I told Jerry and Sean that if someone offered me the choice of fifty million dollars or turning the clock back and having none of this happen, I’d pass on the money and go for the none of this happened.  My sister, Eileen, suggested that maybe next week when I feel better I’ll reconsider the offer and take the money.  She’s probably right.  Next week, if I’m feeling good, I might be willing to go through this for a cool million. Who knows.

Sean and Mary out for a walk

Sean and Mary out for a walk


24 thoughts on “This is SO Not Fun

  1. carol connery

    Welcome being home and out of the hospital! Mary, you are so cute in the picture (and in real life of course!), but are you really that little or is Sean that tall? Hey, I think you deserve a billion bucks for all you’ be been through… Maybe writing a book in the near future?! Sending love and hugs to you (maybe you’d prefer some medical marijuana! Lol)

  2. You look great Mar!
    And I’ve slept with a heating pad in my bed lots of times despite the warnings. Fire hazard? Skin burns? I laugh in the face of those risks 😉

  3. So comforting to know they do the sponge count. Who knew??

  4. Mary, you look fantastic! I can’t believe all you’ve been through and you look this great. But I am wondering…are you having a visiting nurse to supervise your care? On the one hand, I’m thrilled to see you out of the hospital, but on the other, trained medical support would be helpful.

  5. OMG, not even a week since surgery and you’re out walking….you’re a BEASTIE!

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  6. You are so darned cute (and petite!!!!) beside that also “cute” guy you are walking beside. What a sweetheart you married doing the jobs in the middle of the night. I am so sorry your aches and pains still are around to remind you during the night you have actually been through quite an ordeal. Keep up the improving days – and nights. More healing time is continually positioning itself between you and the surgery. Yay. Love, B.

  7. I agree with Jackie, turn it low, the flames will wake Jerry!! Seriously, you look wonderful. It must have been great to actually get out in the sun on a warm day. Enjoy, and hoping the rest of the week goes as well!

  8. I wonder….if there was a random sponge left in you…would it soak up future fat cells, brain cells as they die off with age, therefore no damage, evil thoughts…? Mary you are looking fantastic!!! Keep it up.

  9. Keep taking those walks. Both you and Sean look great. Jackie has the right idea– turn the heating pad on low and sleep like a baby. It’s new and will be fine. If not, Jerry WILL notice! I could use a million, but would not choose to go through your ordeal. The big money will come when your book is published! Then we can all take out loans from you! Keep smiling!

  10. Thank God for those good nurses out there. Like good teachers they can make all the difference.
    Nights can be very long when you can’t sleep. No wonder you were so glad to see that beautiful sun today. Hopefully you’ll have a better night tonight. What a nice support to have Sean there with you.
    Wishing you sweet dreams, Mary

  11. I’ve slept with a heating pad, turned to low, zillions of times and hardly ever burst into flames. Martha’s right, Jerry will wake up :O
    Every hour you are healing. (yeah, but wouldn’t it be nice to be going over the speed limit now?) You have broken all the records so far, but I sure understand your impatience. Now, um…how do we find this guy giving out the fifty million so next week you can take him up on it?
    How wonderful to be walking outside in the sunshine with your adorable son, who’s obviously proud of his amazing mom. You are one hugely courageous family! love and hugs, Shirley

  12. Sean and you look so cute together. You are so lucky to have Jerry and Sean to look out for you now. Enjoy that beautiful sun. You certainly earned it. LOL

  13. Ha ha…the flames will wake Jerry…that’s the truth! I’m always afraid to “break the law”, too. When I was a very little girl, I started crying once when I saw my mother cutting the tag off our new bed…and it expressly forbade removing the tag! (Never quite understood that…) I also used to get upset when someone walked on the grass when the sign said not to!

    Try sleeping with one of those things you heat up in the microwave. At least you’ll be cozy as you drift off to sleep. 🙂

  14. Deirdre Christman

    Who would ever have believed you’d be out walking int he sunshine six days after surgery?!!! (Well, all your blog readers, that’s who.) Glad the day turned out well after all. And Sean is probably glad he’s getting a “vacation” from that dreary weather in the northeast.

    Instead of a hot water bottle when you sleep, what about those gel packs you put in the microwave? They won’t set anything on fire.

  15. I too have been a rebel when it comes to following correct heating pad protocol. I make sure there is a cover on the pad and keep at it’s lowest. It is how I survived many sleepless nights, and I live to tell the tale. Each night will feel easier and each day a bit stronger, soon this will be but a memory. Although I don’t anticipate a cool million would ever be enough.

  16. Dorothy Cresswell

    Dusty says use a hot water bottle! She uses one all the time. Fill with very hot tap water (they warn NOT boiling water) and secure cap. Under the covers it stays warm all night. No fires or electrocuting dangers…although a heating pad is quite a bit lighter…

  17. If you use a hot water bottle , I’ll knit youna cover!
    We have all come to love your family –such good people! Your son is quite a hunk!
    Wish this could all be easier, my good friend!

  18. If the heating pad helps, by all means, break the darned law and hope for the best without burning down the house! So glad you selected an amazing man and raised remarkable kids who take wonderful care of you. (I still don’t know how Sean grew to be a GIANT.) Keep plugging slowly, get stronger each day and breathe deeply, or as deeply as you can. Each day brings new and thrilling sights and sounds, enjoy.

  19. You are my hero, Mary!

  20. Hmmmmm, Mary, let’s see-Millions of dollars or to be able to say, cancer free? I’d take the cancer free choice any day. I know it is not fun, but the outcome is worth it. Hang in there, my friend. You doing an awesome job of recovery. Plus you have the best nurses in the world. Love, ya, G.

  21. Yeah… I agree with your first money and just have never let it happen , but then you WILL feel better. And that’s the best prize of all!
    Ps glad you have no extra sponges!

  22. Laura O'Connor

    You are surrounded by love. You have a wonderful family. Stay positive!

  23. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-I think this is normal to feel the way you do at this point. Chemo, proton, major surgery, long time under anesthesia, way too much for one body to endure, but you are. In several days,weeks, months, things will look and feel differently, but you could feel this way again and then again. I think it goes with the territory. You know why you are doing it, and that won’t change. Blessings, wendie


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